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Zoe’s Scribbles : Intro

Hi. My name is Zoe.

I’m a hot business executive who takes no prisoners & doesn’t tolerate bullshit. Ok, that’s not entirely true. I’m just an ordinary P.A. whose job has taken me to more countries than I care to count. I’m a cute little girl. Your typical Nigerian sweetheart. You know, girl next door, take home to mama kinda girl.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten the point now…

The fact that I love sex and I’m a closet freak doesn’t matter. I mean, we all gotta have at least two vices, right? I never used to be like this you know. I didn’t hate sex, but I wasn’t freaked out about it either. You see, a time comes when you discover yourself and the great heights you can achieve only if you allow yourself? Yeah, that’s what happened to me.

It was in my 3rd year in the university. I was alone in my room when a strange sensation started coursing through me, . It started from the pit of my stomach down to the pleasure pot in between my legs. I just realized I became wet & my legs were shaking. Frankly, I was so scared, but then I didn’t know it was called ‘being horny’.

Mind you, the weather wasn’t cold and I wasn’t watching, reading or imagining any pornography.I was intrigued & wanted to discover why body was springing up this new development, I took my hand down there. I was so wet, it was amazing. I put the liquid in my mouth ‘Hmmm… It doesn’t taste half bad’, I thought.

oh Yes, I tasted my own cum if you’re here to judge, you can move on to the other sections of the blog else continue reading :).

I started using my fore finger to search for where the liquid was being secreted. I realised that certain places I touched got me shaking in excitement. I gently played with my pussy and finger fucked myself till I came. And that was when my floodgates were opened. I read about everything I could about my experience on the internet. The G-Spot, orgasm, oral sex and how I could give myself immense pleasure using vibrators, clitoris stimulators and dildos. It was indeed an exhilarating experience for me.

I figured I could go the extra mile and use a human being when the artificial proof not to be enough for me. I started having wild sex. The kind of sex where the guy grabs me and slams my pussy with his dick while he’s slapping my ass and pulling my hair. He fucks my mouth and tongue fucks my pussy, leaving me sweating and gasping for air by the time he’s done. I also realised I’m flexible. It’s amazing the different positions that exist under the sun asides missionary, which is boring by the way when it’s a constant. I had sex everywhere, both private and public. The thrill was having sex in a place you know you’d get caught. It was super exciting.

I’ll be sharing a little of my stories from past and current events (thanks to Deolu) and they will be in no particular order (stand down critics *straight face*). Maybe, just maybe, those of you with boring sex lives could learn a thing or too. I’d be glad to have been of help.

My first story will come up tomorrow and every other thursday. Be sure to come back tomorrow


‘Deolu here, after reading all of this, you’ll feel like you’re about to read about how a superhero who discovered his/her secret powers and used it for the greater good *sighs*

Good God, what is this world turning into? *looks to the sky*

Moving on, come back tomorrow for the pilot episode.

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