August 12, 2022

#WastedBodyCount: His Pencil was my nightmare, shift lemme faint

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#WastedBodyCount: His Pencil was my nightmare, shift lemme faint


We met online, and because of COVID we couldn’t meet, but when we did, I think I just want to forget about it and move on. Weeps!

I have been chatting with this guy on Twitter for a while, it all started about a week before the pandemic, so when the pandemic got serious and the whole lockdown, we had time to chat often.

He stays and works in Abuja, while I stay in Calabar but schooled in Abuja. Over time we got really close, we spoke every day, video call, text, and tag ourselves on tweets. We were already using all the sweet names and I got comfortable talking to him about anything.

We decided to see as the relaxation of the lockdown began. Due to the rush of my school, I planned to spend a night at his place and come back as often as I can to visit him. I got to his house, we went out for drinks and got back late.

I haven’t seen or felt a physical dick in almost a year and I just couldn’t wait to get hold of him, we have spoken about how he will make this night the best night to remember after such a long time of been untouched if only I knew.

We got kissing and cuddling, he’s a good kisser with those soft lips, I led his hands to my boobs that was my first mistake, this guy starts vigorously pressing my boobs as if he wanted to milk them.

He had just his boxer on, so I started rubbing his dick, like very small something, I am not sure I can even call it a dick, the more I rub it hoping it will enlarge, become bigger the more, it was just there, only for him to pull down he boxer and direct my head to his dick. I was like

“Errhm.. It’s still small na”, he replied
“It gets harder and bigger when you play with it.

I kid you not, I was giving this guy head for almost 20 minutes and it became harder, but it was slim like a pencil, I just wanted to cry, he then told me to lay on the bed for him to give me

“Zaddy style”, that’s how I was there, he was in me and I couldn’t feel anything, it was a horrible experience and to top it all up this guy was moaning louder than the music he was playing, like what the actual FUCK!

That was the last time he ever saw me, I blocked him everywhere and made sure not to experience such horrendousness ever again.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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