February 5, 2023

Vixen Banks: The Amazingly Talented, Weird but Devious Couple [Finale] (18+)

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Vixen Banks: The Amazingly Talented, Weird but Devious Couple [Finale] (18+)

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This became my routine. I had a different role as a wife and employee and a different role as slut.

As a wife and mother, I was chaste and a perfect example of a wife any man would want and a loving and morally upright mother to my two children. I was a perfect example as I was a worker in my local assembly and a member of several committees in church. 

My Pastor and the elders used me as an example when preaching to ‘so-called’ wayward women in church. I was that perfect.

As an employee, I was also perfect in every sense of the word. Always corporately dressed, punctual and with very sound work ethic. My boss used to hold me up as an example to other staff members, especially ladies who believed in using what they have to advance. I used my brains and skills and would never flaunt any of my natural physical assets.

But this was just a front! This was just my public face. I had another that was only revealed on the dark world of Twitter to my hundreds of thousands of followers who only knew me as Missy Erotica, the erotic writer of steamy sex stories. I was also known as a slut to the few people in faraway places who had access to this other me.

The slut side of me was wilder than wild. The slut side of me was ready to do any depraved thing to get sexual satisfaction, anything at all. But it was a secret side known to only a very few select people who did not know of my other existence. Or so it was until three years ago.

I had successfully kept my two lives very apart. I would go to the seediest places and hotels ever for my trysts especially when out of town on official assignments either with my boss or alone. 

My routine was to always lodge in the seediest part of town and pick guys I knew would never ever cross my path in life after our encounter. If I was in the Northern part of the country, I would invite Aboki to organise guys for my stay. Our agreement is that he should never bring the same guy twice, and that’s how it has always been.

I specifically enjoyed my time outside the country as I could be as slutty as I wanted without fear of being caught. If I was lacking guys then I would disguise my appearance like a call girl and walk the street to be picked up by guys.

My life turned around again three years ago as a new guy who was employed in Kano was posted to my branch after finishing his training. I wasn’t in HR and so I knew nothing about this until about three months after his arrival.

I had just submitted a brief that I had been working on for about three weeks to my boss and was sitting in my chair glad that the pressure was off my neck and lost in thought about how to celebrate the peace when I heard a sound that brought my world tumbling down around me.

‘Hello missy’

‘who….’ I stammered as I looked up shocked and surprised that I didn’t even hear the sound of the door opening. Lo and behold it was one of my sex partners from the North!

‘how, what are you doing here?’ I asked nonplused

‘I work here’ he replied as he sat on my desk and stared at my heaving boobs

‘since when? I asked

”Since about five months now. Why the interrogation missy? Aren’t you pleased to see me?’ he asked ‘I have been asking after you from Aboki but he kept saying you weren’t in town. So this is where you are hiding’

I was lost for words. My two worlds merged in most of unlikely places and I didn’t know what to do. 

‘I’m in Finance’ he continued when I didn’t reply ‘Last week I was in your section and saw you, I wasn’t too sure it was you until two days ago when I saw you again. I’ve been wanting to see you since last time you know’

‘Please, keep both worlds separate’ I pleaded ‘You know I’m married right?

‘yes, but it doesn’t matter. I still want you. I can’t stop thinking of you’ He replied

‘No, you can’t want me! How can you want someone you fucked along with three other guys at the same time’ I retorted

‘More reason why I want you’ he said as he grabbed my boobs through my suit.

‘Please’ I begged ‘anywhere but here’

‘Okay, as long as you give me your number and come whenever I call, your secret is safe with me’ he replied 

So I gave him my number and that was how my world entered another phase.

Usman, as he is called first fucked me in the restroom of my workplace one late evening after everyone had gone and I had to work late to complete a brief for submission the next day. This was about a week after making himself known to me. 

My phone rang and on picking it turned out to be him

‘Where are you’ he asked without any preambles

‘My office’ I replied

‘Ok….. I’ll be there shortly, don’t leave’ he commanded and then hung up

I sighed in frustration and lamented what my unholy appetite had landed me into. I nervously waited for him as I continued working until I was so immersed in my work that I had forgotten entirely when my office door opened and he strolled in.

‘Hi missy’ he greeted as he walked over and leaning across my table grabbed my head and kissed me fully on the lips! I made to struggle out of his grip but he was too strong for me and the kiss too intense!

Soon I became lost in the kiss and totally surrendered myself to him. He noticed my surrender and then moved his hands and cupped my boobs, pinching my nipples through the fabric.

‘stop please, someone may come in’ I made to stop him

‘No one is coming in. we are the only ones in the entire building. I made sure of that before coming’ he replied ‘I’m going to fuck you all night long missy, you made me miss you for too long so now its time to make up for it’.

‘Please, what do I tell my husband’ I begged

‘I don’t care. So better think of something right away’ he snapped

This was past 8pm already and getting to my house would take me almost two hours! So I picked up my phone and sent a text message to my husband that I would be sleeping in the office to complete an assignment. It was the first time, so he believed me.

Usman by now had his clothes off and was already unzipping my skirt. Soon I was divested of all clothes too.

Usman is your typical stereotype of a Hausa-Fulani: tall slim with a long thick cock. 

He didn’t even waste any time as he just pushed me across my desk and used his legs to push my knees apart exposing my pussy mound. He pressed my chest on the desk and positioned his cock at the entrance of my gapping pussy and with one thrust was all the way in me bare. I let out a muffled scream as my face was pressed on the papers on my desk as he began to fuck me hard and fast while spewing obscenities.

‘fucking married slut’ he shouted and I felt a heavy slap on my upturned ass causing me yelp in pain

‘Ashawo’ he called me again and again as he slapped my ass. The pains had by now turned to moans of pleasure from the heavy fucking and spanking he was giving me. My ass thrust back at him as my hands gripped the side of the desk.

‘Yessssssssss, I’m a slut, fuck me harder’ I moaned 

‘argggggggggggg’ I heard and felt Usman deposit his load deep inside my pussy before I could cum! I was so frustrated that I started shouting at him

‘Oh, I didn’t cum’ I nagged

‘shut up slut’ he snapped as he pulled out of me and pulled me up by my hair, turning me round to face him and pushing me down on my knee! I instinctively knew what he wanted and didn’t waste time as I took the still-dripping cock coming from my pussy into my mouth and started licking our combined juices off it greedily. 

I snaked one hand into my pussy and started fingering myself as I sucked him.

‘Don’t touch yourself’ he commanded, leaning down and pulling my fingers off my drenched pussy.

I reluctantly returned to sucking him and in no time he was hard again. Then he stood up and made me get on my hands and knees on the floor. He got behind me and started playing with me. He was licking my pussy and my asshole at the same time.

I moaned as he began ramming his fingers in and out of my asshole, thrusting in and out as if it was a dick in it. He started with one finger but in a short while had three fingers inside my asshole while his tongue licked my pussy. Then he stood up and positioned the head of his cock on my ass and holding me by the waist, he pushed his cock into my ass.

I screamed as the head made it past my sphincter muscle. Then the pain turned to pleasure at the relentless thrusting and I began to thrust back at him. 

He worked a hand into my pussy and was pulling and rolling my clit on his thumb and forefinger as he thrust hard and fast in my ass.

Need to say that Usman fucked me in all sorts of positions throughout the night. He was like a machine as he kept on and on until around 12 when my body could no longer bear up to the onslaught of being continuously slammed into. My ass and pussy was dripping cum in copious amount as he had fucked me raw without a care for my marital status.

I had a brief stint of sleep but was woken up around two with cock nudging my pussy open!. He fucked me again and again till past 5 when he left my office.

Thank goodness that I keep a pair of clothes to change into in the office. I quickly used my skirt to clean the cum splattered floor and desk so as not to arouse the suspicion of the cleaner. I sprayed my perfume in my sex-stinking office and cleaned myself up as much as I could in the rest room and ran to the cafeteria. I remained in the cafeteria till the cleaner finished cleaning my office because I wonder what she would think if she saw me.

That became my usual pattern with Usman. He would call, fuck me whenever and wherever the fancy took him that I became scared for my reputation until I noticed that he would so time it that we would be the only ones around.

There was no sacred place for us to fuck! Restroom, my office and one time even in my boss’s office.

One time Usman commanded me to come spend the weekend with him in Kano. I had no choice (and I actually wanted to) but to cock a story for my husband and head to Kano only to discover that Usman had arranged a gangbang for me! I was mercilessly fucked in all of my holes by Usman and three of his Hausa friends! All bareback!

About nine months later when I had my second child, I knew right away Usman was the father! 

This is another skeleton I don’t know if my husband is aware of. None of my kids are his!

The End

Written by Vixen Banks

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