Written by Vixen Banks

We dozed off for a few minutes and then he said he wanted to get us drinks from the bar, I told him to call room service but he gave an excuse that he needed to use the ATM machine across the street. I shrugged and told him not to stay too long cos the body was getting supercharged again.

He winked and we both laughed while he went out the door to do his business. I then lay down and decided to watch T.V, Nickelodeon (I’m one big baby, a sucker for animated pictures). This I was engrossed in and didn’t check the time. He then returned with a flourish followed by a maid carrying a tray laden with drinks. It was then I noticed that he had spent over an hour away. On asking why it took him so long after the maid had left, he replied that there was no service and he had to go further down the street to get one in another bank to use. Poor me, I swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

On looking at the drink laden table, I saw that he had bought about six bottles of Smirnoff ice and the similar number of bottles of Gulder. Now, I don’t drink anything but Smirnoff ice and Gordon Spark and I try not to drink more than two bottles of these because they make me HORNY as hell. So having as much as six bottles would be disastrous as I would lose all inhibitions and just let go.

This I told him and he said I shouldn’t be bothered about that after all I was with him and our intentions were not entirely holy, we were there to get laid and anything that would add to the pleasure should be welcome. Well, I thought his reasoning had logic and I’m a sucker for pleasure, so I gave in and started guzzling Smirnoff Ice.

Two bottles into the strove, I was already on heat and had started exhibiting my sluttiness by touching him all over or touching myself if he was too far for me to reach. He took advantage of the situation by making sure I had access to all of him as often as I wanted and in no time I had his cock in my mouth sucking away without a care in the world.

He withdrew from me, gently pushing me away with the excuse that he didn’t want to spill his load in my mouth and that we should finish our drinks so that there won’t be any interruptions afterward. I reluctantly agreed and he started filling and refilling my glass and one thing about this drink is that it doesn’t really taste alcoholic so there is a tendency to guzzle away which I did. In no time I had taken four and was on my fifth when I could no longer bear the itching in my pussy but wanted it filled.

He obliged, taking my boobs in his mouth and sucking like a baby while I moaned like a kitten, I was in heaven, his tongue sending tingles down my spine. I writhed in lust, the drink having circulated through my body and heightening whatever pleasure I was experiencing. He gathered both of my boobs together and sucked both nipples at the same time. God, I so love that! He moved his hands down my body and found his way to my HQ, the seat of all pleasure.

I moaned loudly, opening my legs wide for him to have full access, nipping at his hands, arms, anything my mouth could touch! He pushed one finger into my soaking wet pussy, rubbing on my erect clit with his thumb, then increased the finger to two and three until he was finger fucking me very faster and I was raising my hips to meet his finger thrust. The sound in the room was animalistic as I moaned and groaned out my pleasure for all to hear.

After minutes of this treatment, I spilled my load and splashed cum all over his hand and face that was staring at my grabbing pussy.

He didn’t let me get down from my high before turning me over on the bed and asking me to go on my hands and knees while he quickly wore a raincoat and with one mighty shove he pushed his cock into my flooded pussy like knife sliding into butter, I groaned loudly, burying my face in the sheets, raising my ass higher and arching my waist for him to go in further.

He understood my wants and made sure to give it to me by slamming into me as deep and as fast as he could. I just love being fucked doggie! It allows for deeper reach! Very soon, the sound of two bodies slapping into each other pervaded the room and the bed even started making creaking noises from the force of his thrusts into me.

I pushed back on his thrusting cock begging him to go deeper and harder and to spank me and he obliged! Spanking me at first lightly and then harder when I asked for it until my butt cheeks were red but the pleasure was exquisite, pain mixed with pleasure!

This was kept up for minutes on end and I was in mount Olympus having reached climax earlier but unable to get down as I was hit by one orgasm after the other! I was speaking gibberish, just saying anything that came to my head. My entire body was one nerve of pleasure. Smirnoff ice and my slutty self, a mix of gunpowder and dynamite.

After stoking the fire in my pussy and boobs for what seemed like hours but in actual fact was about twenty-five minutes, his thrusts increased in speed and depth and he started howling like a hyena, grabbing my swinging boobs and shouting he was cumming, he was cumming. Then with one mighty thrust, he spilled his load and collapsed unto my back in exhaustion.

But I was still ready to go! In fact, it was as if I had not done anything yet. I pushed him off me and he lay on his back, panting from the exertion he had just had. I removed the filled rubber from his rapidly deflating cock and took it in my mouth. He groaned and asked me to wait but I wouldn’t take any of that as I started sucking and licking his balls and cock with all the skills of cock sucking I’ve gathered over the years.

Mr. Cock couldn’t resist as it was at attention and ready for action in very little time. When I noticed it pulsing in my mouth, I brought it out, clothed it and straddled him. He groaned as his cock slide into my softness and I started moving on him, slowly at first but increased the pace when the fire burning inside me couldn’t take it anymore.

My boobs were bouncing up and down as I went up and down on him and the sight must have aroused him greatly as he reached up and took them in his hands, fondling them and rubbing on the already rock hard nipples, sending me over the edge into another earth-shattering climax. I moaned aloud as I came and my movement slowed. He grabbed my butt cheeks and began thrusting up into me like one demented demon. Climax after climax rocked my body and I was one quivering mass of cum. He didn’t stop, it was like he couldn’t stop and me I just loved the attention my pussy was relieving.

He wrapped his arms around me and turned me over and he was on top, missionary style, all the while continuing to shove that rock hard cock of his into my ever wet pussy. I just moaned as I was banged silly! He didn’t let go. Then he pulled out, removed the rubber and inserted another one. Then he pushed my legs back until they were pressing down on my boobs. My pussy was exposed to his assault and he shoved back in, to the balls, started pounding into me.

I felt like his cock was touching the back of my throat! It went in so deep and the feeling of fullness in my pussy was so intense. I was on quivering wretch as he fucked for all he was worth in that position, then through the side and finally having me sit on him on the chair facing away from him. This position I so so much love! And I did justice to it. We were at it for over two hours changing CDs about four times before he finally spilled his load.

I had cum uncountable number of times! We both fell down on the carpet, with him exhausted and I sated for a while, though the fire was still burning inside me. We looked at each other and burst into laughter. We have just rutted like dogs in heat, he said and I concurred.

We dozed off right there on the floor only for me to be woken up by a cock being shoved into my wet and still hungry pussy and another in my mouth. I opened my eyes and came face to face with four other guys in the room with us!


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