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June 5, 2020
Unspoken Desires: Peju’s Night Out V (18+)

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Unspoken Desires: Peju’s Night Out V (18+)

I was a very good kid for most of the time I lived with my parents. As an only child, I got spoilt. My Dad is a wealthy man. I always got what I wanted. And he bought me so many toys. Until the day I asked for a camcorder. It took a while but he finally did get me that camcorder. I loved it with all my heart. I recorded everything with it. I used it until it could no longer work. I still had some of the tapes stacked somewhere. Then when I began to buy my own stuff, I got a canon camera.

I loved it even more, I still continued to record everything… but never sex. Then one night, some wild girl I fucked told me to record our sessions. I was scared of it leaking at first but later I got comfortable enough. I made sure she never left with the videos. I kept them all in an encrypted folder. I hadn’t used the camera in a while. It had stayed, unused, deep in one of my boxes, until that night.

Peju didn’t understand me when I told her that night was going to be her first night to have a threesome. She thought I was probably about to call some other girl or a guy to join us. I was only interested in making a video. I’d had enough sex with the weird girl for the night. We had a conversation about what we’d discussed in the bathroom. She was prepared to do something that wasn’t so crazy if I would be willing to pay a good amount of money. I promised her that nothing so crazy was happening. I told her to wait in my bedroom.

I went to Dayo and Mide’s room amidst their exuberant banter about the activities of the night and I calmed them down before asking…

“You guys actually came home empty handed. What happened?”

“Man, most of those girls are runs girls, and they’re fucking expensive.” Dayo said

“I don’t even care if they’re runs girls. I have brought one home before. But that club? The girls there are mad. The last one I talked to said 30k for a night. When my father is not Dangote.”

“So Mide if your father is Dangote this is how you’ll be wasting his money?” I asked.

They both laughed.

“So why did you leave us there so early, Wale? I thought you brought a girl home? Or has she left?” Mide asked

“That’s why I’m here actually.” I told them everything that had happened that night, only leaving out the part about the anal sex and told them what I planned to do.

They were both quiet for a bit then Dayo asked “Wale. Are you sure about this?”

“Like I told you. She asked for it.”

A few minutes later, Peju, Mide and Dayo were all in the sitting room and I had already positioned the camera somewhere. It wasn’t hidden but it couldn’t be easily spotted. I hadn’t told Peju about it but Dayo and Mide knew. They didn’t mind as long as I kept it safe.

When I told Peju about fucking Dayo and Mide she gasped at first, looking at me like I’d told her to do the craziest thing in the world. But when I mentioned how much I would be willing to pay if she could do it, her frown disappeared and she considered it for a bit. She finally agreed and asked me why I wasn’t joining in. I told her not to bother about that.

Peju sat on the couch with my t-shirt on. She was having a conversation with the guys and I knew they were very good with women. They made her laugh long enough for her to get comfortable.

She’d asked for a drink and Mide had popped open a bottle of Red Label. They mixed it with Orange juice and sipped from their cups. Dayo took his straight. In minutes they’d gone halfway into the Red Label and Dayo had gotten close enough to her that he began to rub her thighs.

Mide took the cue and reached inside of the t-shirt to caress and squeeze her boobs. Peju moaned when Dayo’s fingers travelled up to her crotch and touched her pussy. Dayo was kissing her already. Mide was more interested in squeezing breasts. He had taken the t-shirt off and began sucking on her round mounds. Licking her nipples and making her excitement to increase. I could hear her fast breathing already. Dayo’s fingers had begun fucking her already and Peju’s hips moved in a familiar rhythm.

“I want to suck your dick” she blurted to Dayo.

He quickly took off his clothes and brandished his heavy tool. I had seen it once before but even then it didn’t look as big. Dayo sat down on the couch. Peju got on her knees as she bent down to suck on his dick while Mide, getting Peju’s ass placed right in his face, went ahead to eat her out. He buried his face right between her asscheeks and slurped on her pussy.

He ate her pussy with such passion that I wondered if he was the one getting pleasure from it. Peju moaned as she deepthroated Dayo. How she could take the whole of him into his mouth was amazing. Dayo’s had his eyes shut and his head resting on the couch. He groaned as he enjoyed her warm and slippery blow job.

She stroked him hard with her hands, Dayo’s hips moved involuntarily with each of her strokes. Peju cried out as Mide stuck a finger inside her pussy while still slurping on it. She pushed back into him and I feared for Mide’s neck. He was in an awkward position just behind her but he seemed to be enjoying it even more. Suddenly, Peju asked Mide to fuck her.

Mide didn’t need telling twice, he jumped up, got rid of his shorts, tore one of the rubbers I’d placed on the table and put it over his dick. He gave Peju’s pussy one more last lick before putting his lengthy dick inside her. Peju yelped. She reached behind her and held on to Mide’s arm while the other hand continued to stroke Dayo’s dick.

Mide held her hand but didn’t stop fucking her, his thrusts were steady and calm at first then after he knew she had gotten used to his length, he grabbed her hips with both hands and slammed hard into her with such speed that I feared for her womb. Even with Dayo’s dick in her mouth, she still moaned.

I sat where I was, observing the whole thing. It felt so weird watching it and not being part of it. But I had made up my mind to not join in. I stood up and picked up the camera from where it had sat all through. It was time to get a more closer shot of the action.

I went straight to where Mide was fucking her pussy without mercy from behind. He had such a look of concentration on his face that I wondered if he put in the same interest in his studies. Peju’s juices oozed from her pussy and the rubber glistened with it.

Stooping there and recording, the squishy sound of Mide’s dick driving all the way into Peju’s wet pussy was doing enough to turn me on. I felt my dick begin to harden. Mide’s thrusts went all the way in and with each coming out, his dick glistened even more with her juice, I loved the smell of her juice as it filled my nostrils.

I slowly moved away from where Mide was steady pummeling her and directed the camera towards her face. She had her eyes shut as she continued to suck on Dayo’s dick. I remained there, not moving. Recording every movement of her lips, her moans and every stroke of her fingers then Peju opened her eyes and saw me.

The look of horror on her face was magnificent.

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