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June 5, 2020
Unspoken Desires: Peju’s Night Out III (18+)

Unspoken Desires: Peju’s Night Out III (18+)

I shifted away from her a bit and stared at her with a look of disgust on my face when she asked that question. It was the last thing I was expecting to be asked. Peju saw the way I was looking at her and giggled while holding the duvet tightly over her body. I waited for her to stop her giggling before I asked

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No. I wasn’t. Have you?”

“What kind of a question is that? Do I look like a guy who does that?”

“Stop acting like it’s the most disgusting thing in the world. People do it everyday.”

I didn’t say anything. I just looked at her and wondered if she was alright mentally. She was confusing the shit outta me and I had no idea what to do next. I’d already prepared my mind that I was fucking her that night and I didn’t expect anything to be stopping me but there was a very slim chance that things could go south between us and I’d lose any interest I had.

“Wale… I’m not asking you to fuck me in the ass. I just asked a question. You can just say yes or no. You don’t have to give yourself a headache about it.”

She was right. It was just a simple answer with a simple question and I had no idea why I’d taken so long to answer it.

“Yes. I have. Once. Long time ago, though.”

Peju smiled and then she got rid of the duvet, throwing it off her body to reveal her nudity. She wasn’t wearing the bra or the panties. She was entirely nude, with one leg crossed over the other to hide her pleasure mound.

She had full, pretty boobs with nipples that had jutted out, dark and alert. I could feel my body begin to stir as I imagined those nipples in my mouth just as my hand went over her body and my fingers went into her pussy. But I waited. It was time for me to ask my own question.

“The only other person that knows about that asides me is the girl I did it with. Are you friends with Folake?”

“No. I am not. I don’t even know her. I was just being curious. Don’t worry about that anymore Wale. Let’s fuck.”

Let’s fuck? What kind of a girl talks like that?

“Peju. I don’t believe you. Tell me the truth.”

“The only truth I can tell you right now is that I’m horny and I want your dick inside me.”

After saying that she got up from where she waslying and came towards me, dragging me to the center of the bed and making me lie on it as she planted kisses on my body. Her lips were tender on my skin and I could hear her moan as the erection within my boxers found the mound between her legs. She rubbed her mound against my erection at the same time still kissing and licking my body.

I wasn’t responding to her advances, yet, as inside my head I still wondered why Peju asked that question out of the blue. She saw that I wasn’t responding and knew that the best way to get my attention was to suck my dick and she had already taken off my boxers, letting my 9 inch to stand erect as it got accustomed to the cool night air.

She moaned again as she took me into her mouth, looking at me while I looked at her. The warmth of her mouth felt so good on my dick and I soon my thoughts drifted to Folake and that night I fucked her in the ass.

It was during the second semester of my first year. Folake was a girl I met at a beach party. I had also gotten dragged out of the house that evening by Dayo and Mide who wanted me to go out and have real fun instead of playing my beloved PS3.

Dayo had introduced Mide and I to two of his female friends. Bola and Fola. Bola was a very slim girl and I knew that was Mide’s spec because I’d seen him with one many times but Folake was chubbier with more ass than boobs. She wasn’t so pretty but she looked like a girl with a nice personality.

She studied Geology and was in her 2nd year. That day she did all she could to make me drink but I refused to allow her. Until she convinced me to accompany her to a hotel room her and her friend, Bola had rented which wasn’t far from the beach.

Bola had probably gone back to the house with Mide so I knew Folake and I would be having the hotel room to ourselves that night. But my only problem was that I didn’t have a condom on me. I didn’t tell Folake about that until she’d managed to sneak in a shot of some alcoholic drink into a glass of juice she offered me.

I immediately knew I’d been deceived when I smelled it but I drank it anyway. She gave me two more glasses like that and I drank everything.  In minutes I’d become tipsy and Folake became the prettiest girl in the word to me that night. I kissed her while we lay there on the bed, rubed my hands all over her body as we both got undressed while still kissing and my fingers already found her pussy as I played with it. I had never given a girl head before that night but with the alcohol in me, I did.

I knew I had no idea what I was doing but Folake seemed to enjoy it as she twisted and turned on the bed while I licked her pussy. Then she pleaded that I fuck her in the pussy and I told er that I didn’t have a condom. She didn’t have one too and I asked if I could go outside to buy one. She said no. then she reached inside of her bag and got a very small cup of some sweet-smelling lubricant.

She applied a generous quantity to my dick then she turned around and applied it around her butthole. While she did that I stared in astonishment. I’d never done it before. But I was too tipsy and too horny to care and she told me to be gentle. I tried to be gentle, and it felt wonderful. That was the best sex I’d had all my life and I wondered if I could have anything better.


Peju moaned even deeply as she sucked my dick, stroking me at the same time as her tongue caressed my shaft and it brought me back to reality. I could feel my loins stirring as my climax approached. Peju bobbed her head, up and down on my dick, my pre-cum missing with her saliva as she licked up my dick from the base up to the tip and took everything deep inside her mouth again until I could feel my tip in her throat. I would’ve wondered how she knew how to suck so well but my hips had begun to move as I fucked her mouth and I felt my orgasm approaching.

I yelled like an idiot and Peju moaned as my cum shut into her mouth. I raised my hips in the air but Peju still had me inside her mouth as I shot everything inside there. She licked her lips and then licked up my dick once more as it began to shrivel. When she was done she crawled forward and lay on my belly.

“Are you still thinking about what I asked?”

I looked at her and saw the mischief in her eyes. She continued to play with my dick, awaiting its second erection while she toyed with my mind.

“How do you know Folake?” I asked again,

“Are you going to fuck me or you’re going to keep asking me questions I don’t have answers to?”

“Who are you really? You’re not the same girl I met at the club earlier.”

Peju laughed. “You think I went into the bathroom and transformed into my real self?” she asked playfully “Maybe. Or maybe you’re just thinking too much.”

My dick had achieved semi hardness and Peju put it in her mouth again. I reached into one of the pillow cases and got out my stash. I gave one of them to her and she eyed me while tearing it and wore the rubber over my dick. She crawled forward once more until her lips were almost touching mine and my dick found its entrance into her pussy.

She closed her eyes, her body still on mine with her waist oscillating on top of me. I felt her walls tighten on my dick and I knew she was enjoying this. Just lying on me and fucking me at her own pace. She wasn’t my girlfriend and she wasn’t answering my questions truthfully.

I wasn’t going to let her enjoy it. I turned her around and in an instant she was lying face down on the bed. I placed my body over hers to hold her down while I brought my lips to her ears and whispered these words…

“Since you’ve  refused to tell me how you knew I once fucked a girl in the ass… I’m going to be doing the same to you right now”

Peju screamed.

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