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March 6, 2021

Unspoken Desires: Peju’s Night Out II
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Unspoken Desires: Peju’s Night Out II

Peju got into the passenger seat and I got into the driver seat beside her and started the engine.

I couldn’t find Dayo or Mide so I sent whatsapp messages to both their phones that I was heading back to the house. I told them to get a cab when they were ready to come back. The streets were so free and empty at that time of night and I was grateful to the powers that be that I hadn’t taken any alcohol so speeding wasn’t a problem for me.

I was in the street that led to my apartment in less than ten minutes and Peju had already began to doze off because of the cool breeze and sweet music playing from the radio. She woke when I braked to a stop at my gate and went down to get the security guard, deep in his slumber, to get it open for me. We drove in and I walked around to open her door, offering my hand to her as she stepped out.

“Thank you” she said. “I’m feeling so woozy. I didn’t even drink too much”

“You’re just going to have a shower and you’ll be fine.”

She seemed like she wasn’t even aware of her surroundings. I took her inside and made her sit on the couch. She immediately began to take her shoes off and tried to undo the zip on her gown, already getting ready for the shower.

Fortunately there was power so I went into my bathroom and switched on the water heater. Letting the water run for a while till it became warm. Peju followed the sound of the shower and then appeared in the doorway wearing a flowery bra and lace purple panties.

I stood there gaping at her beautiful body. She had a tummy so flat that I became ashamed just thinking of the pouch hidden beneath my shirt. Her boobs looked stuffed inside that bra and were probably begging to be released and just before my eyes could appreciate the gloriousness of her thighs, she grabbed the towel and tied it around her body.

“Is it warm yet?”

“Yes, It is. Will you be fine by yourself?”

She smiled. “Naughty you” she said while giving me a side eye “I’ll be fine.” then she walked into the tub and waited for me to walk out and close the door behind me.

I stood in the bedroom wondering what kind of girl Peju was. How could she even trust a guy she barely knew so much that she’d even undress and get into his bathroom without fearing that he’d do something bad to her. Was it the alcohol? I’d heard that it could take away the inhibitions from people. Shy and usually reserved guys or girls after drinking it become more courageous and daring. I wondered if she’d regret doing any of this when the effects of the drinks she took had worn off.

I checked my condom stash to make sure I still had enough of it and I was satisfied. I didn’t expect that we’d be spending all night having sex. I wasn’t even sure if we would. Peju could just get out of the shower and decide to sleep till the next day. It wouldn’t be the first time a girl had done that to me. I went into the sitting room and picked up her shoes, dress and the purse she’d left there.

Her Nokia Lumia fell to the floor and I picked it up quickly with hopes of preventing a crack on the screen. I turned it around to check and was relieved. The phone was unlocked, I wondered if I could go through it without her knowing that I did. I’d never been the type to go through a girl’s phone, because I didn’t usually care. If a girl I liked had other boys she was chatting with or sexting with, it wasn’t my business.

Never been the type to believe a girl I wasn’t married to belonged to me but I went through Peju’s phone and looked at her recent messages on Whatsapp, BBM and Facebook chat. There was a lot of girly talk and some departmental conversations with coursemates. It was when I finally checked her default messages that I saw the message that caught my eye.

“hey b. Rmbr dt guy I ws tellng u abt? I saw him at d club nd went hom wit him. He’s a nice guy. I’ll tell u everytin tomrw. Tkcr”

The message was sent to Bidemi. Hmm. I thought to myself. So she really had been keeping an eye on me. How did she know I’d be at the club that night? I suddenly felt there was more to the chance meeting we’d had at the bar. And the way she suggested we come to my place so easily, the way she undressed and got into the bathroom while I was inside like we’d been dating for a while. I couldn’t shake off the thought that something was going on.

I considered going into the bedroom with her stuff but decided to just arrange it in a neat pile on the couch, dropping the phone beside the cloth while still wondering about that text to Bidemi. I walked back to the bedroom and found out Peju was already lying in bed with the duvet covering her body.

“How are you feeling now?” I asked, trying not to sound like I knew anything of the text.

“I’m feeling better, although still woozy a little bit. The water was nice. Thanks for making me use your bathroom.”

“Naah. It was nothing.”

“Nothing? Really? So you allow total strangers use your bathroom regularly?” she asked with a sly smile.

“Haha. No. But you’re not stranger anymore. I know a bit about you even if it’s just half a page worth of knowledge. It’s something.”

“Uhmm… Forgive me, I can’t remember your name again. Segun, right?”

She couldn’t remember my name? Someone who had been keeping tabs on me? She would’ve asked around. She would’ve ensured that it was etched into her memory. Or was this just a ploy? To make me believe that she really was just knowing more about me for the first time? It had to be a ploy.

“No. It’s Wale.”

“Yesss. Wale. I won’t forget again. So why are you standing over there and looking at me like I have an infectious disease? Aren’t you going to get undressed and get into bed?”

I frowned. She was inviting me to join her in my own bed. Quite strange. What was her play? I’d never met this girl before last night and here she was probably totally naked in my bed and inviting me to join her in it like we’d even had a conversation that gave her this audacity.

But even after thinking all of that, I got undressed and got into bed. I’d already put three condoms inside one of the pillow cases and they weren’t going back into the main stash. Naah. Once a condom came out of the main stash it knew it was getting used that day or night. I got into bed with nothing but my black banana republic elastic boxers. I lay on my side and looked at her, waiting for her to tell me what next to do. And these were her next words…

“Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass before?”

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