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July 10, 2020
Unspoken Desires : Jennifer’s Story II (18+)

Unspoken Desires : Jennifer’s Story II (18+)

(The real identities of the authors have been changed to protect the writer but the stories are real)

I wasn’t prepared at all for what Hannah was about to do to me. She parted my panties quickly and had her tongue inside my pussy. I was backed up against a wall but I felt my knees weaken and thought I was going to collapse from the excitement.

Hannah used her tongue so well on me that I felt tears roll down my cheeks. I had wanted this for so long and here was somebody who was giving me what wanted. She sucked hard on my swollen pussy lips and licked my clit hard while I used one hand to grab her hair and the other grabbing the edge of the wall to keep myself from losing my feet. Hannah had surely done what she was doing before and I could tell.

I suddenly wanted to rip the clothes of her and grab at her boobs, her ass. I wanted to stick my fingers into her pussy, wanted to kiss her all over her body. I wanted to do all these things at the same time but I couldn’t because soon we heard laughter from some students not far away – probably another couple looking for a secluded place to do their own thing – and Hannah quickly jumped out from beneath my skirt, grabbed my arm and we ran away from the place giggling.

I and Hannah played with each other intimately at every time we could. Sometimes she would run her fingers up my legs and guide them under my skirt of my school uniform while we were learning about balancing equations in Chemistry class or about Aguiyi Ironsi in Government class.

I would giggle slightly and try to make her stop and we would attract a little attention but nobody knew what was really happening. We had gotten so close that we were almost inseparable. I was enjoying our friendship till Hannah told me one day that she loved me and wanted us to be best friends and lovers forever. I liked girls then but not as much as I do now and wasn’t sure about a future where I wouldn’t be married to a man. It was a bit confusing for me but Hannah told me not to worry about it.

There I was thinking what I had with Hannah was the best thing that had happened to me until the day I found her between another girl’s thighs. She’d asked me if I would be going for our usual night reading sessions but I had preferred to read in the dormitory. I later began to miss her and decided to go join her at our usual secluded reading spot where we did a few forbidden things to each other only to get there and find her doing to someone else something that she should’ve been doing to me. I felt so weak. I cried all week. After she’d told me she loved me and wanted us to be friends and lovers forever. It felt real painful but I managed to put myself together and focus on getting good grades in my exams. I was never close to Hannah again after that. She tried to apologize and I told her I’d forgiven her but we couldn’t even be friends, talk less, be lovers.

In SS3, I decided to see what all the fuss about guys and their dicks were about. There was no week I didn’t get an advance from some SS3 or brave SS2 boy who thought I was calm and coolheaded enough to approach. I was still technically a virgin because according to popular gossip amongst girls you were still a virgin until a guy’s penis is forced into your vagina and you experience the pain and pleasure and a small amount of blood comes out of you. I had gotten to an age in my life were I decided to be a little adventurous just so I could say I’d tasted both girls and guys so I could decide which I really wanted. I never planned to give my heart to a boy like I’d done to Hannah so I was never expecting to get hurt.

Christian was one of the very few guys I was close with in SS3. He was an intelligent guy because he was the math, chemistry and physics teachers’ favourite student. He would have been the male Head Student but he declined the offer for reasons he would later explain to me. He never dressed like those other guys who sagged their trousers and wore belts with different kind of buckle heads. He was so simple and yet so sophisticated for a boy of 16. I was older than him but I never told him that. Sometimes he sounded so wise that people would think he was older than the rest of his peers when he was amongst the three youngest students in the class.

Christian began to want to talk to me a lot about so many different things and it happened that we both shared an interest in espionage novels by Ludlum and Le Carre. We would sit for long periods talking about characters from different books. He made me laugh so hard a few times that I felt embarrassed but in a good way. I later realized that I’d developed a fondness for him, and he, for me.

One day, when Christian asked me why I was no longer hanging out with Hannah. I was shocked. I wondered how he of all people would’ve noticed such a thing. I asked him why he asked. He then leaked to me a secret conversation amongst the boys that Hannah was a lesbian and had been corrupting so many girls since she came into the school at JS2. He also told me that Hannah had been reported to the principal more than once but had only received stern warnings and light punishments because her father was a close friend to the directress and one of the school’s top donators. i told him that I stopped hanging out with Hannah because I didn’t want her to corrupt me too. Immediately I told him that his eyes lightened up and he smiled from one ear to the other. It occurred to me then that he really liked me but had probably been skeptical about letting me know because he thought I was only into girls. I had just given him the green light.

Long story short, Christian finally told me how he felt about me. I liked him as a friend and didn’t want to put the burden of rejection upon his young, intelligent mind so I told him to let me think about it. that was when his beautifully crafted love letters began to be passed to me. I would read them and giggle at the words that were so funny to me. I was now a complete secondary school girl who received love letters from a boy just as I had been hearing other girls do. I finally sent Christian a reply that I accepted to be his girlfriend. He was so happy that he used the lunch money he’d been saving to buy me a watch.  He took me to that secluded area I’d gone to with Hannah so many times and gave it to me. I showed him my appreciation by hugging him and kissing him. He was a bit taller than me but I didn’t have to be on my toes to kiss him. He wasn’t sure what to do so I took his hands and placed them on my butt. He hesitated for a moment before he squeezed my butt. I laughed. He felt embarrassed, I asked him if that was the first time he’d ever been kissed. He said no, but this was the first time his hands were grabbing a girl’s butt. We both laughed.

After that day we became even closer than before and sneaked out to parts of the school were a boy and a girl shouldn’t be by themselves just so Christian could kiss me and grab my butt as much as he liked until it got to the day when I decided that I’d heard enough from Biodun, the health prefect.

She liked to suck dick, and talk about how she’d sucked her boyfriend’s dick during the holidays till his cum filled her mouth. Most girls considered it gross while others couldn’t wait to try it with boys. I had a boy and was being adventurous so I decided to give Christian such a treat and see how he would react. While we lay on the dry grass at the farthest end of the football field one night, kissing and groping each other, I reached for his fly and undid his zip.

He wasn’t sure what was happening as we had not done that before. His dick was impressive for someone who really didn’t look like he had ever needed to use it before. I had it in my hand, stroking it and suddenly I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Christian didn’t even care what I did with it. He closed his eyes and hissed. The fact that his penis was in a girl’s hand already felt like heaven to him. Biodun’s words came back to me and I could remember her talking about how her boyfriend liked it when she licked the tip of his dick. I took a deep breath before bringing my tongue to taste Christian’s dick. It tasted salty. I spat immediately. I wasn’t quite sure I could do it, what if he came immediately I put his dick in my mouth.

He was practically a virgin waiting to explode. I looked at him again and his eyes were still closed. He probably never thought this evening would get to the part where a girl would suck his dick. Would he boast of it to his other friends? Christian certainly wouldn’t. The fact that he was so smart made other girls rush after him but he’d chosen me out of all of them.

He deserved getting his dick sucked, and I did. Without thinking I put his hard dick inside my mouth and sucked on it. He nearly screamed. I would’ve laughed at him if I didn’t have his dick in my mouth. I slowly bobbed my head as I stroked with my fingers and used my tongue to swirl over his dick. Christian couldn’t contain his excitement. His hips had already began to jerk and his moans got a bit louder.

I sucked him harder and faster, slurping on his penis just as Biodun had explained and I could see that she wasn’t lying about the effect it had on boys. Christian began jerking his waist faster than usual and I could sense that he was about to cum. Before I could decide whether he should cum in my mouth or not Christian disengaged from me and used his hand to stroke his dick so fast until his cum spurted out from it. After he came, he sat there… dick in hand, breathing hard. I used my skirt to wipe my lips and watched him, as he sat there and tried to regain his senses.

SS3 came to an end with me getting very good grades in my WAEC and NECO exams. The UME/JAMB exams were not as good as I’d hoped but I did well enough in my Post UME exams and got admission into the university to study Industrial Chemistry.

Christian ‘smashed’ all his papers, of course, and decided to study Petroleum Engineering in the same university. We planned it. He told me he was getting an apartment and I could visit him any time I wanted to. He obviously couldn’t wait till the day we would lie together in the same bed so he could do to me all the things he had wanted to. But unfortunately, he couldn’t because in the second week of my first year in University… I met Susan. and she made me feel so wet between my thighs.

to be ccontinued

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