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April 20, 2021

Uniform Pleasure (18+)
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Uniform Pleasure (18+)

Written by M (writer wishes to be anonymous)
The guys were in a jolly mood as they walked out of my tent, its not every day your general’s daughter tells you, there is a largely free day tomorrow since the General is going for a meeting with the president to brief him on our work so far against the insurgents.
Not really free, the free day to them meant they can chill a bit, but the strategy sessions with my dad’s deputies are way easier than usual, the mercs(mercenaries) were a bit overbearing but with him gone, the day would be lighter, hence makes it seem like a free day.
They all left the tent, as I watched how hunky dudes left my tent, wondering how big their dick were…the things my head harbours will get me in trouble soon.Its always  a joy to watch some of these elite force guys, very tall and extra built, how I wish one of them would fuck me over the table, holding me with the hard hands, and shoving the hard dick down my pussy or mouth, I like it rough, Mr. Soldier, take no pity on me.
My mind drifted back and forth, as I was about to retire to my make-shift bed in my dad’s tent, I noticed one of the guys in the tent, it was Hakeem, the cutest of them. I got to know him my first day at the camp when I accidentally stepped on him, he had light brown eyes, fair a bit and the sexiest smile that would make any lady wet on the spot. Why is he a soldier, he should be selling his awesomeness in fitness magazine, or something more fun but then again what is sexier than an handsome hunk of a soldier, so he is in the right place.
He was still in the tent and when I was about to ask him why he waited behind I saw the little bulge in his trousers, a part of me knew what was about to happen and I wanted to scream rape but I hadn’t been fucked thoroughly since I arrived this camp 3months ago so I pretended as though I didn’t see his member getting hard. In my own right, I think I defeated Jide, Chidi and Ifeanyi, they didn’t defend the rough soldier sex I always imagined
I also am responsible for this, my dad(the general) had been skeptical about me being at home, while my siblings were in school and my mum out of town on business for about 3 weeks. He dint trust me with the boys in our neighbourhood, someone once spread a rumour of me sleeping with 5 boys in our building, shameless guys that I dint sleep with snitched, no video/picture proof sha. It was just 3 guys I did it with, too much alcohol and weed leads to things especially orgy with 3 boys in the same building complex, I seriously hate to lose a dare game.
Its not totally my fault, I have this Angelina Jolie kind of lips with double D  breast and a Nicki Minaj kind of ass, my bbm name is Ms. Boobilicious Minaj, now you know why.
He drew me near and squeeze my soft huge ass, I thought it was gonna burst, he stood there staring into my eyes, then he leaned into my right ear and said “You had better scream now because I’m about to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked”, that only made me wet the more.
Oh! did I mention Hakeem is 6ft 7 with an super toned muscular body which I was about to ravage. My plan was to make him beg for my pussy but he also came prepared.
He yanked off my top, a tight black shirt pressing against my breasts. He did it with so much strength that the shirt tore at once and I wasn’t wearing a bra…lucky bastard.I did that on purpose, just to tease the soldiers, see if they can resist my twins.
My nipples were hard and he sucked them one at a time whilst exploring my ass with his hands, just as I let out a little moan, he took me to my desk and bent me over and aggressively removed my trousers.
I didn’t look back because I wanted him to get a good look at the ass that was about to devour his cock. He walked over to my desk already naked, I let out a loud ‘FUCK!!!’ when I saw his dick, it was definitely 9inches and it was averagely fat, he removed handcuffs from the drawer(how did he know it was there?) he flipped me over and cuffed my hands round the pole holding my tent just behind my desk, then he rubbed his dick on my pussy and then put it in my ass hole WTF!!! he started fucking my ass hole slowly then he increased his speed.
I wasn’t a virgin anally but it wasn’t the first place I thought he would go, the pounding continued on my asshole as though it was my pussy, it was painful but I enjoyed it.
He pounded me continuously while I was screaming fuck! fuck! fuck!, I didn’t care if anyone came in. He pounded until he hit a wall like thing then he reduced his pace.
He removed his dick and put it in my pussy, went in the whole nine yards.
Suddenly he removed it and came to the side of the desk where my head was and told me to suck, No! I said, he commanded me to suck his dick again. I was sure he wanted to fuck every hole on my body, will need to hide my nose and ear from him.
The whole scenario was fucking amazing, I was enjoying every minute of it, though painful, I liked how he ordered me, I enjoy playing slave. I took the cock in my mouth and sucked. As I sucked, he held my head and started fucking my mouth, I knew soldiers liked rough sex but this was more like 50 shades of grey in real life. He fucked my mouth I thought I was gonna choke then he removed it.
He went back to my honey pot and started pummeling, with strength, precision and damn was I screaming. He took it to my asshole again and this time i started crying like a baby,  he didn’t stop this time and i cried and told him to stop but he said he wanted me to cry and scream his name. I screamed for him to stop but I wanted more, I knew I would be sore for days but I will remember this as the best dick I have ever had.
I heard him grunt and I could tell he was either tired or was about to cum, he ejected his dick and with tears flowing down my cheek, I could see the tip of that monster, it was big and shiny.
He put it in my pussy and started pounding, so hard, so fast, so precise. The sound from his waist and my ass made a loud pam! pam! pam! when he hit me. I could feel his dick harden a bit more then he fucked faster with his beast, he held my legs up and fucked. Boy! Did he fuck and I kept screaming like someone was torturing me…it was torture now, ass and pussy HABA!.
The pain and pleasure at this point almost equal.
He removed his dick and stroked, bursting out a huge amount of cum on me, then he laid on the desk and said “Don’t get angry for what I’m about to say but the boys and I had a bet and i said I would fuck you without kissing you” WTF!! I exclaimed, I was a bet and moreover he actually fucked my brains out without kissing me, it must be Musa who put him up for this because I told him all I could do was suck him and kiss him…Damn you, Musa!
He continued and said “But I didn’t do it for them, I actually had eyes on you from the day you arrived and I wanted you so bad thinking about you made me masturbate and I also wanted revenge for the days you made me hard without noticing”.
Well, that made me forget about being a bet and it also marked the beginning of our FWB(friendship with benefits). We fucked everytime we were alone and sometimes my nymph friends would join. I didn’t force her, she and I have had little sexcapades  so its only fair we share this one too.
I have found a dick with whom I am well pleased.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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