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April 20, 2021

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The Lonely Road (18+)


The salutation is depending on the time you’re reading this….

If you know Osisiye, you’ll know his style of writing, however this is an erotica he wrote. Let me know your thoughts.



He was walking down a road, muddy path; he skipped a puddle as night takes over from day. Illumination reduces as the night is near. Finally, the amber streetlight throws its glow on a wooden signpost

His heart leaps; finally Drive Three. Alas! Its’ a church’s post-‘House Fellowship’ it reads

Some steps away, He almost steps into the dull green post that reads ‘Drive Three’, pointing the way towards a long street flanked by cottage apartments, bulbs glowing brightly on their verandas

As he walks slowly, peering at the house markers; someone steps out in a distance-tall, hips tapering, a bag strung sexily across her torso-crossing her handful boobs and finally resting on her hip.

He keeps peering at the plaque markers, looking for House 41c-the promised house.

The ‘someone’ in the distance comes closer and he notices it’s her; fair complexioned glory-in a strapless red blouse, wearing one of those leggings that show off her long legs to perfection. Those wonderful legs seem to go on forever, uber erotic to look at especially when she crosses them over each other, using his imagination to unwrap them moving for a kiss with her pussy lips. Brought back to reality with her smile, soul searching and mind decrypting gaze.

They hug and his hands brush her bare back carelessly, noting how smooth it is to the touch

They walk down the road talking about sweet nothings. At the close of the road, they turn around and sit in front of a vacant house. There with the flower’s hedges and square of carpet grass behind, they chatter. She talks about her big brother, sister, dad and camp experience. He notices her spotless shoulders, fullness of her lower lip, tinker of her laughter and feel of her shoulder.

Time strolls on.

Night eventually takes over bringing darkness everywhere, the watchman’s snore rises higher than his transistor radio. She has just finished talking about her sister’s trip to Paris and is on her sister’s shoe collection. He just finished staring at her back’s creamy expanse, her color tone got him hooked, thinking of how light complexioned her boobs would be, her red her areolas will be, dirty thoughts invaded his mind as he listened to her talk , as they continued talking, her bust leans ever so slightly on his arm.

In a moment, he crosses the divide as he embraces her in a kiss, she freezes for a moment, smiles into the kiss and ever so hesitatingly kisses back slightly; in small licks.

Lust was in the air, his phallus was rising in his jeans, the reason they met at this lonely place was for them to have a quiet time together before she leaves for Europe. Her boyfriend is a nosy one while his girlfriend is reckless nag; their partners are a bit of overbearing folks.

Who would believe that she was enjoying romance in a silent street hidden far away from home with her boyfriend’s best friend, unadulterated case of lust.

He continues passionately, tugging at her lower lip and she finally responds with superior ardour. Kissing deeply, slurping, discovering new enclaves and his hand at her back is grinding her cleavage to him. Pressing her bosom into his chest, his arms go into her bra, bringing out one full breast and teasing its nipple with his fingers, rubbing his rough palm over her areola, squeezing the liquid fullness and finally dipping his head to swallow that toffee of a nipple, slipping his hands down, dwelling on the smooth expanse of her stomach and the sexy depression of her navel. Then further down, teasing the light fabric of her leggings, feeling her warmth.

He pulled her up from her seat, her legs loosely around his hips and he wants to experience what she would taste like.

The surrounding,  silent as a graveyard.

He drags her up and they lean on the NEPA pole, he kisses her neck, ear lobe, sticks his tongue into her ear and goes down again. In one fluid motion, her leggings are pulled down and he plunges his finger in, tickling her clit, softly flipping it like a bean. He kisses her neck same time and she throws her head back moaning softly, grasping at his fly and pressing his hardness through the denim.

He crouches, parts her endless legs further and merges his head with her member-softly kissing its outer lips, sticking his tongue in, sticking the entire length in and loving the taste and firmness of her.

He squeezes her bum as his need to pleasure her increases and knows his erection would touch the earth if not for the jean. He loves to kiss her there, she smells so good, her thighs cradling his face feel so good and he would love to keep going at it changing his head’s position to achieve different depths but he wants more; possession, a union. He rises up, kisses her briefly and steers her around with her shoulder.

The sight of her fair bum is arousing and he appreciates it for a brief moment, before he places his hand on her waist and nudges her down. She crouches low, her waist depressed, her bum jutting forward and he slides in, enjoying every length of the ride in, then he’s going in and they engage in a sensual dance, leaning away and into the pole, the music-her soft moans as she keeps her hands on the concrete pole the whole time. They continue like this for pleasurable moments, his member sheathed wholly by hers. Their sex became rhythmic as their bodies became one giant machine of pleasure, he was tugging and pummelling her from the back as she pushed her ass back to him to encourage him, while leaning and holding onto the pole.

His dick was just the right size for her pussy as he continued making love to her from behind, alternating between slow and fast, she was weeping from the pain and pleasure as her head was sunken. They forgot they were outside, the calmness of the area was uncommon, no car was coming neither going out. They were fairly hidden but movements would intercept their love-making.

His grunts, her moans increase for a moment and they lean dangerously into the pole as they come.

Pleasure was killing the both of them as they made love against the NEPA pole, he pulled out of her, still as hard as steel, she turned to face him, plunging her tongue deep into his mouth, hoping to repay his sexual kindness with soft and wet kisses.

They disengaged, she grabbed his dick, stroked it lovingly as they stared into each other’s eyes, she wanted to bend and take his dick in her mouth but he stopped her, pulled her back up. He put her back against the pole and urged her to put her legs by his sides. He held up her legs beside him and slowly penetrated while holding her thighs against her, positioned between her inner thighs. He began to jerk into her, fucking her slow.

Her facial expression was expressed in a  shut eye, she was still clothed, her leggings rolled down, one boob outside, an erotic sight. The sight of seeing her boob and nipple sent him spiral, intensifying his strokes into her pussy, fucking her more and more. Her mouth was slightly ajar and pleasure flooded her loins. He pressed her further into the pole as his strokes became harder, her hands useless by her side. He began to moan as his climax overcame him, he blasted his seed into her pussy, pressing her harder against the pole as his cum took control of his brain.

He put her down, they both dressed up and sat down. The night air blows smoothly, bathing them, she sat silently for a brief moment smiling, he kissing her neck and they whisper affectionately buoyed by the satisfaction of their discovery.


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