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September 2, 2020

The Koeke Residence II (18+)

The Koeke Residence II (18+)

Written by Lizzy Isis

As if Mr. Kooke had suddenly gone deaf and blind from seeing Fifi plastered naked on a bed he shared with his WIFE, Fifi stood up to walk towards him.

He scolded himself for not turning around then, he should’ve walked or fired her on the spot… He knew, but he didn’t. She approached swiftly and bent before him on her knees. She inhaled deeply at the print of his dick before softly caressing the material covering it.

His blood rushed to his cock almost making him dizzy. He felt so lightheaded, he was convinced he’d suffer cerebral anoxia because he’d held his breathe so long. Where her fingers trailed over the thin material of his track pant, a stiffening cock was growing. He held the sides of the door to keep from loosing his balance.

She looked up at him waiting for any semblance of a protest, a facial expression “no” maybe?… Nothing. He just stood there looking down at her, but she saw all the approval she needed was in the stiffening that was happening behind the thin material of his pant.

He needn’t ask say any more. She pulled down at his pant and a semi hard beige colored cock weakly sprung free. She wasn’t turned off by a semi stiff, she knew a little mouth work is all he needed to come right.

She took in his cock in the warm wet hug of her mouth. For the first time since he walked in on this trap, he let out a breathe. He mouth was surprisingly warm.

On her knees Fifi sucked on Mr. Kooke taking him in until his cock head was poking at her throat, nearly making her gag. She sucked and spat relentlessly on his cock as if she’d be paid to milk him of every last drop of cum in his suspended scrotum.

He held the back of her head and thank God Fifi had dreadlocks because he tugged on them as if they were horse whips using them to fuck her face. At times he’d hold her head still and fuck her face mercilessly to the point of nearly gagging and breathlessness then he’d alternate and let her suck him off at her own pace.

Then he pulled her up by her hair and thrown her bent over the king sized bed he’d fucked his wife countless times on. The sight of her beautifully spread big ass was nothing like he’d seen in the ebony porn videos.

He’d stroked his cock countless times to videos of busty black ebony babes, but none of them could’ve prepared him for the creamy slick opening of a black pussy before him. His veiny cock throbbed to penetrate that pink opening but not before he would put his face between her cheeks and taste it.

Fifi moaned when he licked all the way up and down her waiting slit. Her legs involuntarily spread wider to give him room. He licked all the way up and down before focusing his attention on her clit and flicking his tongue there before he’d occasionally drive the pointed tip of his tongue into her cunt.

She’d cry out not only because he was meticulously tonguing every nook and cranny of her cunt, but at a grown white man between her legs. The though alone sent her into overdrive.

She dared to reach for the back of his head and push him deeper into her cunt and she’d moan more. He got the message, when she shoved her head deeper he would wiggle and thrash his tongue in her pink hole. She dripped and creamed his tongue and she moaned and screamed even more and the whole thing would snowball until she was a shaking mess.

Then when she had cum and he’d made sure she’d come undone, he got up from his knees and penetrated her deep in her pussy in one swift stroke. He groaned at the warm deep canal that was tightly surrounding his cock. He had to take a moment to appreciate this sweet juicy pussy.

“God Fifi.” Then he’d pull out, run his cock tip on her slick clit before driving his vein shaft deep into her warm canal again. They’d both moan and Fifi would reach around to squeeze his arm in appreciation. That gesture made him feel good – that HE was handling a big black ass.

He looked to God and quickly thanked him for the food he was receiving then he viciously got to pounding her pussy.

God her pussy is fucking delicious!!! He’d thought to himself. He shoved her head into the bed sheets, held her arms behind her back and pounded her pussy stroke for stroke.

When she had cum and cum undone he pulled out and lay on his back, legs hanging off the side of the bed, beside her and told her to come get in his dick.

Fifi was compelled to oblige. He was fucking her so good she’d serve him her pussy however he so desired. She opted to mount the cock poking into the air anti cowgirl style.

A crowd pleaser that, it never failed her and she was good at it. She got on her knees, speared herself with his cock balancing herself with his knees. Her spread ass and pussy in full untainted view of him. 

He’d tried to get his wife countless times to do the woman on top position right but to no avail. And here was this gorgeous beau riding him to death without fail.

He reached around her waist to play with her clit like he’d seen on the ebony porn videos. That sent her into overdrive, it was her next favorite thing after Johnny Sin’s existence on earth!

“Ooooh good daddy YES!!” She dug her nails into his thighs, twerking her ass on his cock as a raging orgasm was working its way up her spine threatening to engulf every atom of her existence.

He didn’t sieze in his attack on both her pussy hole and her clit. He gyrated his hips upwards to meet her twerks and his finger pressed into her swollen clit.

He was pleased with how hard she was coming and dripping down his balls. He was close to a raging orgasm himself, he wouldn’t hold out much longer and her pussy walls pulsating around his dick wasn’t helping him either.

“Daddy, oooh yeeeeessss I’m going to come on your dick daddy YES!” She was begging him not to stop, nails dug deeper into his skin she nearly drew blood.
He wrapped his arms around her waist tight and viciously, with everything in his body pounded her pulsating cunt that milked him of every last drop of cum in his body.

They came. HARD. And they came undone before they collapsed in a heap of gasps, sweat and cum. They lay besides each other motionless and panting.

“if I didn’t know better I’d swear you’ve been wanting to fuck me for a long time. That performance was impressive!” she beamed and glowed in between gasps. Indeed he did think about fucking her sometimes.

Her touted ass taunted him when she’d bend over to clean or pick up something. On one incident she brushed her ass against his thigh when she passed him in a doorway.

In hindsight now he realized that she’d been doing this on purpose. He smiled… What a smart bitch. I’m keeping this one.¬†

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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