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September 3, 2020

The Bride & The Goons II (18+)

The Bride & The Goons II (18+)


On their wedding night, Ada and her husband are having a swell time but things are about to get freaky.

“Hi babe,” he said as she walked up and gave him a long kiss. “I really need to use the bathroom in our room, my stomach is upset and it‚Äôs too hard to use the bathrooms in here in this dress.”

“Ok” he said, “I‚Äôll go with you.”

“Its fine.” she said, “I don’t need help I just don’t want to ruin the dress, I’ll call you if I need you. Stay with our guests.”

“Ok,” he said, as she gave him a long kiss. He kissed her back passionately, his hand resting on the small of her back. As she walked away, he made sure to slide his hand down and lightly squeeze her ass as she headed for the hotel room.

Ada was doing her best not to fall in her heels, the drinks thoroughly affecting her senses at that point. The conversation she had just had echoing through her intoxicated mind.

It took serious balls for two men to hit on a married woman, especially one that was wearing her wedding dress, but that’s exactly what happened as the men complimented her, and even invited her to stop by a party at their room later if she wanted.

They had invited her husband to come along too, but she could tell they didn’t really mean it.

The bride didn’t even know what she was doing, the men’s room number was on the same floor as the suite she and her husband were staying. She would have to pass by there on the way to her room. What was she doing? She thought to herself.

She felt fine, she didn’t need to go to her room, but she just couldn’t stop the urge to walk past the room of the men, to see if they were serious. Her curiosity had overcome her and she had to see if they really thought her beautiful and sexy, or if they were just being nice.

Ada walked down the hall, heart beating a mile a minute, her head spinning.

“Hello.” She snapped to attention, standing in the doorway of the room to her left was Musa from the bar, his friend, Koko? Toko? She couldn’t remember. “Where is your husband? Who would let such a sexy bride wander around unescorted?”

“I’m just heading to our room for a minute to… um, I just have to stop by my room.”

“I never got you a drink.” Musa said, “If you want, I could get you one, what’s your favorite.” She made her choice, Musa headed into the room to get the drink. Ada stumbled in behind. She looked around the room.

‘It’s ok if I’m not alone with him’ She thought, ‘They were so nice, I’ll have one drink and be back at the party in no time.’ She walked into the room, noting their ‘party’ consisted of just Musa and his friend.

“To the best-looking woman in the hotel,” Musa said, shutting the hotel room door and handing her a drink.

” let’s see that dress again babe.” Musa said, “turn around.” Ada wobbled to her feet, the alcohol really starting to affect her. She turned in a circle.

When she was facing away from them, she looked over her shoulder and could see the obvious lust in the men’s eyes as they looked her over, lingering on her ass. Her heart was beating like crazy as she felt her body flush with sexual energy.

She realized that both these guys would fuck her if she gave them the chance. She decided to give them a little treat and playfully pulled down on the dress exposing just a hint of her nipple.

The two men knew what to do, they had succeeded in this situation many times before. Musa took the lead, stepping up to steady Ada as she started to topple off her heels. His hand resting on the top of her breast, the other on the small off her back, “watch out beautiful” he said.

Her hand brushed the obvious bulge in his pants. Her breathing picked up.

“Really?” she teased, looking in his eyes.

“really.” Musa said, squeezing her tit slightly, “I would be lucky to fuck a beautiful bride like you.” With that statement, he learned in and kissed her. Ada returned the kiss, her hand reaching for Musa’s as she let his tongue slip into her mouth.

Okon watched Musa and the drunk bride from his seat on the bed intently, his dick fully hard in his pants. He and Okon usually took turns being the wingman, but Musa was always better picking up the married women, so he had taken the lead on this slut.

It looked like his friend had a guaranteed lay with the bride they had met, but he intended on staying around to see what happened and maybe get in on the action. So far neither the bride our Musa had given him the hint he should leave.

Okon decided to push his luck. He walked over to Musa and the bride. They were kissing passionately and he noticed Musa’s belt was undone. He stepped behind the bride and placed his hands on her breasts, still inside the dress.

She breathed in sharply, but then relaxed some as Okon began exploring her body with his hands.

Ada was getting overwhelmed, she was trying not the let on how turned on she was. The rush of what was happening was almost overwhelming. She remembered vaguely through the alcohol that people were waiting for her.

She turned to leave, losing her balance and spilling her drink on Musa, and toppling to the floor herself, pulling his trousers down to the floor accidentally as she fell. She was now on the floor, staring directly at the head of Musa’s dick, which was sticking out above the top of his underwear. “Did I do that?” she asked.

“Of course,” he replied, lowering his underwear and stepping toward her. “would you like to see?”


Musa exposed the full length if his now fully erect shaft to her. The lust was obvious in the whore bride’s eyes, she sat on her knees, reached up and grabbed the shaft with both hands. She instinctively began stroking the length of his shaft with her hands.

Musa had known since his first real girlfriend that he had been blessed with a larger than average dick, and had spent much of his adult life sharing it with as many women as possible.

By now, Ada was acting purely on instinct. She was too drunk to remember the man she had just promised herself to was waiting downstairs. She was facing a dick that she knew she wanted to have, and her deep sexual instincts had kicked in.

She had a job to do and she knew what she needed to do. She licked her lips and leaned forward. She had a small mouth but she would have to find a way to fit the dick inside her. It was her duty as a woman to do what she could to satisfy him.

Okon sat on the bed, now stroking his own dick as he watched the drunken bride jerking off his friend’s dick. he watched as she leaned in, and wrapped her lips around his friend’s big dick. Toms dick was long enough for both her hands to wrap around the shaft, and her lips surrounded the swollen head.

She struggled to get her lips around the whole thing but she was clearly eager to make it fit.

He watched her start hungrily licking and sucking his friend’s dick, Musa standing in front of her, her sitting on her knees with her bridal gown flowing out around her. This was a girl who was not unfamiliar with how to suck a good dick. He was eager for his turn, as the possibility of that was seeming very likely.

He continued stroking himself as he pulled out his cell phone to take some vids and pics.

Ada continued sucking Musa’s massive dick, her lips having relaxed some, she was able to slide it in and out of her mouth easier, and each time she went down she got closer to the base, the massive dick filling her mouth more than she was used to.

She wanted more, she removed her hands from the dick and grabbed Musa hips, pulling him towards her with each stroke of her mouth, signaling to Musa to move his hips.

Musa watched the bride sucking his dick, pulling him towards her and started thrusting in time with her. He could feel her trying to get the length of his dick into her mouth, drool starting to run down the shaft. Very few women that Musa had been with were able to do that.

Most could get only about halfway down, those that did get more in often ended up gagging and giving up. Musa could tell the bride wanted the whole thing but was struggling to get more than halfway down. He was now determined that he would get this bride, whose clueless husband he had met earlier, to take the full length of his shaft before he was done with her.

He pulled his dick out of her eager mouth.

“Your turn. Help her on the bed.” He said to Okon. Okon and Musa lifted the drunk bride and sat her on the edge of the bed. The two men sat down on either side of her, both fully erect. Ada grabbed one dick in each hand and started stroking.

Musa leaned in to kiss her again and soon both tongues were exploring each other’s mouth. Okon found the zipper on the back of the wedding dress and unzipped it enough to be able to free her breasts.

Okon, being a breast man, was in heaven. He was getting his dick stroked by a beautiful bride, her hair done up for the wedding, her dress fitting her wonderfully, and he had just managed to free her breasts from the top.

They looked lovely to him. sitting perched atop the form-fitting top. he put one in his hand and caressed it, she seemed to respond so he tried giving the nipple a gentle pinch and she responded with a soft moan.

By this time Ada was fully committed to satisfying the two cocks presented to her. She was so eager that she had completely forgotten that there were people waiting for her, that might start wondering where she was. She could think of nothing but satisfaction.

The fact that she had just been married and had a husband waiting for her was not even a thought in her head at this time. She loved the feeling of the man now nibbling on her breasts.

Barely able to control herself, the way her breasts were being licked, and the tongue exploring her mouth, made her feel like she needed to cum, and she started to thrust her hips forward reflexively, looking for satisfaction.

Recognizing the signals coming from the bride’s body, Musa broke free of the kiss and kneeled on the floor in front of the bride. She instinctively laid back on the bed.

Musa lifted her dress, bunching the material near her waist, and looked at what should have been her husband’s prize. She had clearly spent some time and effort preparing for her new husband. Musa reached forward and slid the now wet skimpy, white, bridal underwear to the side and felt her wet pussy.

She lifted her hips toward his hand. He was able to slide a finger into her cunt without even licking it, her natural juices providing plenty of lubrication.

Okon watching in amazement as Musa was fingering the slut bride, her wedding night underwear soaked with the lust from her pussy. She was thrusting upward to meet his had with each stroke, her breathing heavy, moaning with pleasure.

Her hand was frantically jerking on Okon’s dick, as he leaned in and began sucking her breasts again.

Musa continued to pump his fingers into the bride, feeling her trying to take him in. He could hear her moans of pleasure, and he had a great view of Okon getting his dick jerked as he sucked her breasts. Musa added another finger, he was at three so far.

He enjoyed fingering women, he found that with the gift of a large dick, he needed to take extra time to prepare a woman to take the whole thing, and now got a lot of pleasure-seeking just how many fingers of his, a woman could take.

He removed his fingers, and she desperately thrust her hips upward, looking to be filled. He slowly shoved all four fingers into her soaked cunt, slowly sliding past the knuckle, until he was able to start rubbing her clit with his thumb.

He felt her pussy tighten momentarily, then release and pulse and her body shook with an orgasm. He helped his hand inside her, feeling the pulsing subside.

Ada felt her pussy relaxing after the orgasm, she looked up through the drunken haze at the dick of the man between her legs.

“Put it in me.” She said simply. She laid her head back down, already getting excited again by the work of the man biting and pulling on her breasts. To her disappointment, he let go, as Musa climbed on the bed and positioned his body above her.

She felt a pressure against her lips, then she then starts spreading apart, farther than she was used to. It was bigger than she was used to, right before she felt like her lips couldn’t stretch anymore, she felt the head slide in.

She wrapped her arms around the man, his breathing in her ear. “ooh…” She felt him sliding the rest of his dick into her, sliding farther into than she had felt with anything but her dildos she kept for herself. His dick was now in as far as it would go. It felt like it was impossibly deep.

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