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Stepping out of the VIP lounge in Rehab, finesse was evident in every fibre of the white custom fitted linen outfit Lana was wearing as he walked towards his car. Good looking and very intelligent he was every woman’s ideal man, charming in person and always sporting a smile.

This wasn’t his typical hangout but a friend was having a small bash for one of his too-numerous-to count babes.

He was a proper ladies man, tall with an imposing muscular frame, broad shoulders and not so dark, his body was the type that had the ladies drooling. He had chilled alone at the VIP lounge sipping the most expensive champagne available in the club; of course, he could swear that more than half the women had to have been checking him out.

Even the ones with their boyfriends were stealing glances.

Checking the time his brown leather vintage Rolex was telling, he unconsciously patted his pockets feeling for his Barclays and Bank of America credit cards. The GT bank card was in the other pocket with a couple of thousands of dollars.

With a baldhead that had started developing some years after his graduation from University of Port Harcourt, he hadn’t always been so good-looking. However the kind of money he had access to now had transformed him into a complete fine boy.

His current baby was a 2010 Range rover sport bought in the U.K and shipped to the East coast Customs, United States for advanced options. Without trying to show off, when it came to Lana’s baby MTV’s pimp my ride had nothing on his choice of custom options. He had the full interior of the car fitted in a simple black, except the speedometer, which was chrome, the whole exterior bulletproofed, and low profile tires and nothing short of all black rims.

The logo chromed into the dark centre of the steering wheel and his plate number read simply “LANA”.

He had special lights of dark grey installed into different places making it look like the TRON movie, a dark grey as the outline making it look very dark. One punch of a button changed the passenger seat into a comfy slim sized bed and the already tinted glasses, windscreen and rearview became totally black.

As he made his way out, a half-caste chic walked up to him introducing herself.

“Hi Lana” He paused, looking back and replying with a smile “Hi”

“Have we met before?” he asked.

“My name is Nikky” she replied.

“We’ve have been watching you for a while, a few years actually. We’ve been monitoring your progress from the days of vandalizing pipeline into 50ltr containers to stealing with drums, your oil loot from Takwa bay on the boat speeding in and out at night.” she continued

Moving closer Lana asked her “Are you with the JTF? What exactly do you want from me?”

She smiled and replied “I am not with the Law Enforcement, not at all. I am here to offer you the big league. Alhaji Hassim has an interest in you, he wants to meet you.”

Repeating the name silently to himself, He took a moment to process it.

Alhaji Hassim was currently the richest Nigerian, off the record of course.

No one can tell you specifically where he is, in fact people who have met say they met him on his new 2011 113ft Sunseeker Predator 115 that docked at Benin Republic.

You can only see him if he has asked to see you.

You don’t know who Alhaji Hassim is, because he was invisible. You only heard his name mentioned in privileged circles. Some people say the man is a myth.

He sure those exist, in fact he was the Lord in our field.

He recently bought a huge stake in Chelsea FC, second only to the Billionaire Roman Abrahamovich, he’s got another Hausa man fronting for him on Chelsea board”.

I had always wanted to join the big leagues. No one in our field of work was poor, ever!

Alhaji Hassim is sitting at the top of the big league pyramid. With business dynasties and hotel chains all over the world, he toppled governments and ran Africa from his 14kt gold plated table on his yacht.

It amazes me how he manages to be anonymous, some people say his name is an alias for some rich politican.

“Alhaji Hassim would like to speak with you?” Lana brought himself back to reality.

Nikky walked to the passenger side of Lana’s car.

As Lana sped off, a black 2010 Toyota corolla with 3 hefty looking men, trailed him giving him just enough gap not to suspect anything.

Chike was sitting in the middle row of the conference room, a cozy room with about 15 other JTF agents. The conference room was in a hotel in a high brow area of Abuja.

The JTF had just received the mandate by the President to investigate Oil bunkery activities in the whole federation.

The Projector was displaying a slide with the information about the depth of the scourge while the facilitator was pacing around the front of the projector, giving in depth information about the menace. He seemed knowledgeable about this, Chike thought to himself;






Chike was assigned to the JTF from the army; he was the leader of the Special Forces re-drafted to the JTF.

He had a long distinguished career in the ARMY, Chike was in charge of Strategy for about 5 troops further subdivided into 100 men per troop in Darfur, Sierra Leone, Liberia and several other war torn African countries.

He did a couple of consultancy jobs for the U.N.

No one would believe that the 37-year-old Chike, with an imposing frame of over 6ft tall, ruggedly handsome look with a baritone voice was the one with this reputable and impeccable record, Chike joined the NDA immediately after secondary school, his uncle who became a guardian after his father died when he was just 9 years old became his only family.

Chike’s uncle could spot how intelligent little Chike was; he was always very coordinated and calculated, a troubled soul at a very young age. Chike was always in one trouble or the other in his younger years. In retaliation for his stubbornness, his uncle registered him for the NDA exams, so he could go and express his anger in the Army.

Chike became an instant hit at the academy excelling in tactics and well as intelligence work, he was top of his class, only second to Hamza Mustapha’s record at the NDA.

At the end of his school, he was sent abroad with a couple of other brilliant soldiers to Israel, Germany, France and Latvia for different advanced combat tactics and war strategy courses.

His first official assignment was at peacekeeping in Sierra Leone, he led an effective and organized squad that was awarded as the best troop. He got offers from the C.I.A and the F.B.I to be a consultant but turned it down for patriotic agenda moreover the Nigerian Army would never allow him do that.

This conference would be over in 20 minutes time he said to himself, as he looked at his G-Shock wristwatch, he was having an internal battle caused by the hunger that was eating away his tummy.

He was saying to himself;

“I have led men to covert operations, got Medals of Honor from U.N, won the soldier of the year award several times, and I’m being disgraced by hunger???”

He laughed to himself as the conference was dismissed; he was about to leave when an envelope of his new assignment was handed to him. He collected it, opened it up as he walked to the cafeteria, he found a couple of keys that seemed to include office keys, car keys and other unknown ones. He also found his office address, his team members, his chief commanding officer, he flipped the page to view the profiles of his team members and finally got to the last page that had the picture of a guy with the name Lana Reis underneath it.

Before heading to the cafeteria, he went to the car park to see what car was assigned to him, he pressed the remote control attached to the key, a car at the back of the lot beeped, he walked slowly to the car with enthusiasm, he pressed the button on the remote again and it was a black 2010 Volkswagen Passat.

He opened the car, opened the glove compartment, dumped the envelope into it, and closed it back. He ran his hand underneath the passenger seat beside the driver and found the casing for a silver 9mm handgun. He pushed it back and proceeded to the cafeteria.

Chike continued dwelling on the new assignment as he walked to the Cafeteria, the new assignment specified Lagos, which will mean he will have to check on his uncle. Chike knew checking on his uncle would be horrible for him but not checking again isn’t an option, after dedicating his life to the military, his uncle’s family was the only family he has.

The question of when he would get married will come up, who he was settling down with and all, he didn’t have an answer now but he would have to think up something.

Another thought of the Lana Reis guy came up in his mind, asking himself how best to approach the new assignment.

45 minutes later, Chike was heading back to his hotel room at the Transcorp Hilton, as soon as he got off Ahmadu Bello, driving the newly assigned car, Chike was moving slowly at 60km/hr trying to enjoy the beautiful engineering of the Volkswagen Passat.

Chike was cruising while also enjoying the scenery of the Abuja road, when all of a sudden a car came out of nowhere, bashed him in a head to head collision, totally writing off the front of the Volkswagen Passat. The car that bashed him was a grey 2008 Toyota Camry; from the collision Chike guessed the other car was probably doing about 140km/hr.

The front of the car was horribly damaged; the bonnet of the Camry had folded up almost into the windshield.

Chike was feeling horrible even though the airbags deployed, his own windshield broke, the car was beeping some kind of sound, he looked up out of the broken windshield, he saw 3 huge guys step out of the car, wearing black face masks also carrying guns.

They wanted to find out the position of the driver, if he was dead or if they would need to finish him off with the handguns and silencer in their hands. The road was deserted at this time, it was almost midnight.

Chike while been hurt, stylishly took out his 9mm from the passenger seat beside him, he put his head on the deployed airbag facing his own door, the 3 guys moved closer to him.

Chike’s head was already covered in blood, he was badly wounded. There was a sharp pain in his neck. One of the guys opened the Audi while the rest stayed a bit away; they stayed at the front of their own car.

As the first guy opened the door, Chike had the 9mm on his laps with his hand on the trigger, he was faking unconsciousness.

He shot the guy right in the chest as he bent in his head to confirm if Chike was dead or not. Chike pulled the guy in after he shot him, using the guy as a body cover.

The 2 other guys immediately started sporadic shooting at the car but Chike already used the first guy as body cover, Chike was calm underneath the dead body, counting the bullets as they shot at his car, shots hit the fender, broke the headlights. Chike been aware that it was 2 shooters, he was counting for 2 guns.

The shots stopped, either they were out of bullets or they wanted to check if he was dead or not. Chike knew one of them was out of bullets and he didn’t hear anyone reloading just yet.

Chike lay flat to the passenger’s side of the car; his body cover was still on top of him. They stopped shooting as one of the guys ordered the last guy to go confirm if the target was dead.

The third guy’s arm was firm on the trigger trying to be fast incase anything came up, he was moving slowly towards the Audi, walking in small steps carefully.

He got to the driver’s side of the car with the door open; the killer was paralysed with fear. He looked into the car, he saw his friend lying dead, with several bullet holes on his body.

The fear in him didn’t allow him see that there was another body underneath his friend’s body, due to the frame of dead assassin; Chike could easily hide underneath him.

Being a sharp shooter, Chike slid out a bit, underneath the dead body, fired a bullet into the forehead of the second assassin. At this point, the third assassin lost for options decided to make a run.

Chike was hearing faint sounds of foot stomp in a fast motion. Chike pushed off the dead body he was hiding underneath, came out of the car.

Chike’s cloth was soaked with blood, he had a few cuts himself but majority of the blood was from the guy he used as body cover, his strength was depleted. He was feeling very weak.

He struggled out of the car, he saw the third guy fleeing away, took a direct shot at the hand with the gun, the assassin screamed still running, Chike brought his hand down and targeted his leg, fired another shot into his leg.

The third assassin fell in his stride; he was trying to make a turn into an adjoining street, dragging himself on the ground, still trying to make a run.

Chike walked towards where the assassin fell, he was in serious pain, he  didn’t know which one to touch to stop the bleeding either his leg or his hand, as Chike walked towards the last assassin, he noticed his left leg was aching him, he saw blood stain, something from the Audi must have cut his leg. He knelt beside the assassin, looked at the assassin, and removed the face mask off him.

He saw a young man of roughly about 29 year’s old, huge frame, about 6’5 with rugged looks. Chike knew he would die; he looked all over the last assassin from head to toe and then saw a gold Rolex on his left hand.

He didn’t know what to think anymore….an assasin with gold Rolex, as he turned his body frame to the other side to remove the wristwatch, a bullet hit the third assassin in the right part of his chest. Chike knew the bullet was for him, he narrowly dodged death. He looked around; saw someone fleeing from the top of a building on the same street.

Chike didn’t bother himself, he moved removed the Rolex wristwatch and made for the Assassin’s phone, took the both of them, he noticed a custom message at the back of the wristwatch that said “Happy Birthday Sesan ”

Chike knew there were no other people plotting to kill him rather than those involved in the new assignment he just got less than 3 hours ago, he had a lot of questions to ask;


Iyana Ipaja Area

Yusuf wasn’t new at this however he was tensed.

They haven’t done any stealing as much as this before, the thought of 8 tankers been loaded tonight was making Yusuf uncomfortable.The Police wasn’t the problem, Lana had them in his pocket; Yusuf was wondering when he started growing a conscience. He lost all hope in Nigeria when his father died in service and they never received his gratuity for another 5 years.

He was waiting outside the fenced area; the building inside the fence was a gigantic warehouse structure. The warehouse however is empty, no goods inside.Yusuf was feeling a bit uneasy; he smokes anytime he feels tensed, puffing out the smoke in the cold night. Seun came out of the gate; Yusuf was standing outside the gate to pose as security. Seun came out and saw Yusuf smoking beside gate.

Yusuf asked in anxiety “Seun, how far na, when una go finish na”

Seun replied “Ogbeni, calm down jo, na today we don do dey this thing?”

Yusuf replied “I know jo, but not 8 tankers”

Seun replied “Yusuf, na the same way we dey do the others jo, just chill abeg”

Yusuf replied “Make una sha do quick”

Seun went back into the warehouse and 15 minutes later, ran out to help Yusuf open the gate of the warehouse.

8 Oil tankers drove out of the warehouse;

Yusuf and Seun and 4 other guys got into an SUV and disappeared into the night.

Seun brought out his phone and sent a text to Lana “All the trucks are loaded and we’re heading to Benin.”

Lana bought this land some years back due to the information he heard and also verified that the NNPC pipeline pass through the land, he and his other partners have vandalized the pipeline to steal several barrels of Nigeria’s Oil.

The trucks were driving off into the dark of the night.

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