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THE ADJACENT : Season Finale

Welcome back,

Big shout-out to everyone who read this story from the beginning, who recommended it for others, liked it and commented on it either on twitter or on the blog . Its an honour to have you here for the final. At the inception of this story, some of the characters i picked from twitter.

For instance, Nikky was inspired by @nikkymandy, Jibola Balogun by @jibolaL, Lana Reis was inspired by @ekwem, Chike by @cumical and Lanre by @sirkastiq. The Minister of Defence was inspired by @Oluwanababa

Without further ado, lets get it started


Lana had not heard from Chike for a couple of days, Nikky also seemed to have veered off the planet. It seemed like both of them had shifted base into Oblivion and Lana was worried about everything since Chike had notified him to stop all of the bunkery activities.

Well, sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.

Lana had tonnes of money in his account but was  worried that he had been left out of the loop and that Nikky also wasn’t picking her calls.

For a minute, Lana thought he was being set up by Nikky but hurriedly brushed the thought off his mind because he knew he was co-operating with JTF on their investigations and  that was enough to buy him some goodwill.

Lana dialled Chike’s number which he didn’t pick until he finally did on the third dial.

“Hi Lana, you’re quite persistent” Chike answered

“Funny thing, I have been calling you and you’ve refused to pick or call me back” Lana replied

“Yes, I apologise about that, I’m currently enroute Benin Republic, Porto Novo to be exact” Chike said

“Whats happening down there?” Lana inquired

“It’s this Alhaji Hassim business; we’re hoping to intercept him at his yacht” Chike said

“Okay, isn’t he anonymous? Have you seen his picture? How do you hope to achieve this” Lana inquired

“Dont worry,we have our few little secrets, one of them is that he wears a Patek Phillipe World Time wristwatch with code written behind it, the code is for his Swiss Bank safety deposit box. All the secrets are locked in there, that is just one of the many things we’ll use to identify him” Chike explained

“Just that? You people think you have it figured out, right?” Lana asked

“So, what are you folks going to do with him when you catch him” Lana continued

“Why am I even telling you all of this, why are you calling?” Chike responded

“I just wanted to know what’s happening with the investigation, haven’t heard from you or Nikky in days” Lana said

“Now, you know; Is there anything else?” Chike was hurriedly trying to get off the phone

“I’ll be out of the country for a while.” Lana said

“Just roam your line, I might need to confirm some things with you” Chike said

As soon as Lana got off the call, He started packing while making a call to his travel agent to book him a one way business class ticket to London.

Alhaji Hassim arrived first at his yacht, saw his crew but the Sailor wasn’t around as he went to Cotonou. Alhaji went into his office and began to shred all the incriminating documents.


Lanre managed to squeeze himself past the customs and immigrations officers at the Seme border, bribing anyone and everyone who stopped him. He drove through the Nigerian border, scanning left and right. On his right he could see the empty space of mud land, people coming and going about their business.

He saw some people shouting at each other because they refused to give up their bag to be searched. Today at the border was very busy, he had to drive at a snail’s speed. As it was his first time in this country, he continued to drive slowly until he got to an highway that led into a town. He stopped his car and as soon as the people around the round-about saw him park his car, they ran to his car, each to sell him something, he pointed at a particular one and the rest left.

The official language of Benin Republic is French, but it’s common knowledge that a lot of Beninese speak Yoruba and Fon. He summoned the boy he chose over, wound down his glass and tried to speak with him. He began the conversation, also using his hands as sign language.

“Sogbo Yoruba?” (Do you understand Yoruba) Lanre said, using hand signs to drive home his point

The boy nodded his head in agreement, Lanre was happy that the rest of the journey wouldn’t be as hard as he thought.

“Ona ibo ni Port Novo, Apa otun abi Osi” ( What direction is Porto Novo, Right or Left) Lanre asked

The boy replied “Otun” and also pointed to the right of the juction. Lanre had one more questions before they began their journey into the city

“Somo ibi ti oko oju omi nla ma wa ni be” (Do you know where the big boats dock) Lanre asked as slowly as possible

The boy replied “Beeni, mo mo e be, e be ni a ngbe” (Yes, i know the place, that’s where we live)

“Mu mi lo si ibe” (Take me there) Lanre said counting out N10,000  and handing it to the boy.

As the car drove off, there was a sound in the car of someone hitting the boot of the car, he knew it was the thug from Apapa he locked in the boot of his car, he looked the boy dead in the eye and smiled.



Jibola Balogun had just arrived the Office of a friend in Nigerian Customs & Excise Office in Seme border. Jibola has never been in a rush worse than this. Jibola couldn’t sit down, he was pacing around and few minutes later the man he was waiting for came in. A fragile looking man greeted Jibola but he wasn’t in a mood for pleasantries.

“Good afternoon, Mr Balogun” He said

“Afternoon Officer, we don’t have time to talk, all the talk we’ll be doing can be done in the car on our way” Jibola said, hurrying the officer up.

The Officer led the way.  “How many soldiers do you want me to bring” The Officer said

“Two armed officers will do, this operation is off the books” Jibola said

They all got into a Toyota Prado and rode into the neighbouring country.


Nikky was one of the first to track Alhaji Hassim to Porto Novo. She was already waiting, walking around the dock in a cool outfit, wearing a jean with a colourful shirt, she walked back and forth. She could already see his boat as it was flamboyant all over.

There was little activity around the yacht as it was preparing to leave the dock. The service boys were moving loads in. Carefully carrying them to make sure none of the items were broken.

She saw a glimpse of Alhaji Hassim as he came out to hurry the boys up.


Rooney and his entourage of personal soldiers rode into Seme border going straight ahead to the dock yard. Driving through in 2 SUVs tinted glasses. Their drive-through looked like a government  motorcade.


A man with the same look as Alhaji Hassim got down from Abuja to Lagos earlier in the afternoon; unknown to him was another man trailing him on the same flight. The similarity between this Alhaji Hassim & the one in Benin Republic was unbelievable; they could pass for identical twin only they aren’t.

Alhaji Hassim needed to pick up one more thing before going on his self exile. The most important part of the Alhaji Hassim charade.

He walked out of the arrival departure and took a cab to Dolphin Estate.

The old man who was trailing Alhaji also got into a cab and asked the cab to follow him.

As soon as Alhaji Hassim got to Dolphin House, he went into the kitchen, everything looked compartmentalized. He walked over to the gas cooker, a GE Dual Fuel Slide-In Range, he slid it out and tore out the wallpaper on the wall.

Beneath the wallpaper was a wooden compartment that he brought out, his face shone bright as he brought out his prized possession, the wristwatch that stored all of his fortunes.

He brought out the Patek Phillipe World Time wristwatch, the gold plated edge was still shining bright even after spending many years in the wall of the kitchen.

As he stood up to move, the man who was trailing him entered into the kitchen, and he couldn’t believe he was seeing his long time friend, the Minister of Defence.

“Idris, what are you doing here?” Alhaji Hassim called him out by his first name

“Nothing really, I’m just following you around, what are you doing here” The Minister replied sarcastically.

The Minister entered into the kitchen and saw the cooker out of its place, the wallpaper off the wall, the space dug into the wall, the wooden compartment on the floor, the minister knew Alhaji was here to pick up something.

“You know it’s actually quite ingenious what you did with the Alhaji Hassim brand, how you killed the man who taught you the business, Gen. Ishaya, how you almost wiped out his entire family.”

He kept talking while pacing around the kitchen, he continued

“Yes, about his family that you nearly wiped out. You left someone out of it, his last daughter. Do you know how unbelievable this world is? She married a junior oil bunker and also inherited the billions of dollars you couldn’t find in the raid in his house. His name is Jibola Balogun, he’s on his way to kill your body double at Porto Novo. I really give it to you with your plans and everything

You’re very clever, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m talking to you like this, wondering if I have lost my mind but then again as a man that you’re, you must guess that your whole charade is coming to an end.

And yes, I’m working with Jibola Balogun, how else do you think they would have been able to raid your safe-house at Bourdillon?

Dont worry no one will notice you’re gone, a collision is about to happen at Porto Novo that will make news headlines everywhere. I had a problem with your recent operations about 2 years downward, your boys killing each other, the presidency set up a serious team to track you down.

Well, I’m proud of what you’ve accomplished for yourself, Aliu.

” The Minister went on

“Wont you say anything? ” The minister asked’

“Of course, I will respond to you. it just seem like you had rehearsed this for a while, so I wanted you to finish with your epistle. ”  Alhaji clearly and distinctively said, maintaining his awesome calmness.

Idris had caught up with his vices but he dint spend 25 years on the throne of been Alhaji Hassim for nothing, his contingency plan was in double folds that this retard didn’t know anything about.

“Well, I have always wanted to give you a piece of my mind but then the time never came but Jibola has just made it available for me. I didn’t want to sell you out in the first place but on second thought why not? Your whereabouts’ came very expensive, don’t worry” Minister replied

“How much exactly did he pay you to betray me” Alhaji Hassim asked him

“It wasn’t really about the money, it was more about being tired of you, and he paid $15m” The Minister said

“Can you see why am up for regime change for the Alhaji Hassim franchise?? Those young boys spend money, good money at that. I was also particularly mad at the way your double handled the Rooney case, he didn’t deserve to die like that…..Wait a minute, he isn’t dead!” The Minister continued.

“Idris, I really need to get on a plane very soon, I can’t deal with you and your betrayal right now” Alhaji Hassim said

The Minister of Defence started laughing as Alhaji Hassim tried to leave the kitchen, the minister pushed him backwards

“Only one person leaves this house, it’s either me or you and lastly, I told Rooney about that wristwatch with your bank codes, so either ways, Rooney will come and look for it” The Minister of Defence said

Alhaji instantly lost his temper and a fight broke out in the kitchen, 2 old men fighting, battling for their lives.  Idris had the upper hand early enough, been able to rain down more punches down Alhaji’s face until Alhaji was able to send his knee into Idris’s rib cage, making him lose the grip on Alhaji’s neck.

As soon as Alhaji broke free from the grip, he grabbed a knife and drove it into the Minister’s neck, twisting the knife as he saw life leave the body of his long time friend and associate, the Minister went down slowly, trying to use his hand to stop the blood from flowing but his attempt was futile. He died in the pool of his own blood.

The blood had also stained Alhaji’s outfit as well but not so much. He got out of the kitchen went to bedroom to see if he can get something for himself.

He saw a change of outfit there and left the house, heading straight to the airport, wondering and hoping he can still catch his flight for that evening.


Chike took a team of 5 men along with him to Porto Novo, 2 men were outside scanning the neighbouring docks for any sense of trouble. Chike was still waiting for his Beninese police he was promised as back-up. They hadn’t shown up yet.

Chike gathered his men into a circle to instruct them on how to proceed, specifically giving them orders to keep it as civil as possible, he said

“Team Alpha & Beta, the first team will consist of 2 guys, you will both stay outside and guide the perimeter” Pointing to the agents to stay outside and the location where they will stay.

They braced themselves as they were about to proceed to the yacht, some of Alhaji’s boys noticed the armed men coming towards the yacht.

The boat-boy ran inside to inform Alhaji who was already done with the shredding.

Chike took a deep breath as he was about to enter the yacht, he looked from top to bottom at the gigantic masterpiece, nothing short of beautiful.

As they boarded,  A young man came up to them to ask them if they wanted to see Modibbo Graham Missah. Before the young man could answer, Alhaji came out and invited him into the boat.

Chike tried not to notice the class and the finesse of the yacht, so beautifully decorated and unbelievably simple. Chike couldn’t ignore the billionaire’s edifice.

He led them into a tastefully furnished room, his office. With a large table, with gold trimming on the edge with an executive chair on the other side. Alhaji took a seat on the other side while signifying for Chike to sit down while the other agents stood behind Chike.

Seeing the mystery man sitting before you totally takes away all the preparation you’ve had in your head. Chike was trying hard to maintain composure. Alhaji Hassim was beaming with confidence, he didn’t look like he would leave the yacht arrested or in any way.

Chike was still wondering how the transformation of the gateman who was begging for his boss turned into this fearless billionaire, it was rather astounding to Chike.

“You’re Alhaji Modibbo Graham Missah?”  Chike asked

“Yes, I am. Is there a problem?” Alhaji replied confidently

“You’re a fantastic actor, Alhaji” Chike said, smiling as he crossed his legs over eachother

“Few hours ago, you were a gateman begging for the life of your boss, and now you’re the head of the famous oil theft ring.” Chike continued

“I am, A certain school of thought believes that the best place to hide anything is in plain sight” Alhaji started

“I was right there in front of you at Bourdillon, you didn’t notice a thing, if you had taken me there, it would have been the end but here! There is only one outcome and I have checked every other possibility and its still the same, you all die here, your bodies will be thrown to the sharks in international waters” Alhaji said

Chike looked at his wristwatch and looked back at Alhaji waiting for him to continue with his speech

“You will die and all of this will go back to normal, put a pin on that. Take this outcome as well, by some weird occurrence, I will die but that wouldn’t be the end of our smuggling ring. Another one will come up.  That reminds me, I hope you’re well armed because you might have more company showing up.” Alhaji explained

“How do you mean your death won’t be the end of the smuggling ring?” Chike questioned

“Firstly, I’m sure you don’t know what you’re dealing with, you keep following the trail to see where it leads you. Alhaji Hassim is a firm believer or follower of the Adolf Hitler system. Let me give you an hint, Adolf Hitler was the first person to use a body double.

So, you can understand how things can get complex from here on.

I’m Alhaji’s body double; the real Alhaji Hassim is somewhere far far away, so my death won’t exactly do anything.” He said

Chike maintained his composure as the fake Alhaji was reeling out revelations of why Alhaji Hassim had never been caught.

Sporadic shooting started on the dock, Chike moved close to the window to check what was happening outside.

Chike left 2 soldiers with Alhaji and moved out with one other soldier, by the time Chike got outside, the shooting had stopped, he could see the bodies of the agents he left outside the perimeter on the floor and the bodies of the Beninese soldiers as well.

Looking ahead, he could see a small army  making its way towards the yacht, there is someone on a wheelchair, another tall lanky guy walking with his own mercenaries behind him, unfortunately Nigerian customs officer.

They were moving towards him, full of purpose, and in the front of the fight was Lanre Jimoh, looking rugged and holding a 9mm gun.

In Chike’s head, they were heading to him in slow motion.

As soon Chike came out of the yacht, the mercenaries  pointed their guns at Chike. Lanre made a hand gesture and the mercenaries put their guns at ease.

Lanre asked them to stop and proceeded forward to meet with Chike half-way. It was getting darker for everyone to see.

“Chike, this isn’t your fight” Lanre said

“But you know I can’t stay out of this, it’s my job remember” Chike said

“You’re in over your head as you can see, you’re out-manned and out-gunned” Lanre reiterated

“I know what the situation is, you will not spell this out to me” Chike lashed back

“Then I’m sorry, old friend” Lanre said

Chike was trying to decipher what Lanre was talking about as Lanre moved swiftly to his back to applied the Vulcan nerve pinch exactly at the back of his neck. Chike fell to the ground, going into a mini-coma.

Lanre signalled for his one soldier out of his own unit to stand guard watching the rest of the JTF team as they went into yacht.

Alhaji Hassim wasn’t sure of how to play but he was sure calm would do the magic, He was sure that would have murdered all of his bodyguards.

For some weird reasons, all the staff of the yacht lined up to one side as they entered into yacht, with the dead bodies of the bodyguard in front of them as a reminder for them not to misbehave. One of the mercenaries rolled in Rooney’s wheel chair, as he rolled past a certain stewardess, he had a tingly feeling that they had met before but the image was too far for him to remember so he moved past.

They all assembled into Alhaji’s office, Alhaji sat down still maintaining his 100% composure. Rooney was the first person to speak up.

An uneasy silence filled the room, as all the major players were in the same room, Alhaji Hassim was sitting behind his majestic table while Jibola Balogun, Rooney and their entourage were all standing, watching the throne.

Rooney spoke up

“You never thought you would see me again, did you?” Rooney asked

“Technically, I knew I would see you again.” Alhaji’s answer was witty and sharp

“How is that?” Rooney asked tilting his head to the left

“I knew about your escape, how you faked your own death, the complication that landed you in the wheel chair as well. Your greed killed you” Alhaji calmly lashed back at Rooney.

Rooney removed a handgun from a holster on his wheel chair and pumped hot lead into Alhaji Hassim. Rooney took a direct shot at his forehead, his neck and his heart. The shots were clinical.

Everyone remained silent, held spell bound, no one could believe what just happened.

“Get his wristwatch”, Jibola told one of the custom officers with him.

The custom officer went and removed the wristwatch, handing it over to Jibola.

Jibola checked the wristwatch, dissatisfied with what he was seeing. He began lamenting

“This isn’t the Alhaji Hassim wristwatch, its supposed to be a Patek Phillipe not a Rolex”

“There are no numbers scribbled at the back, there is something wrong” Jibola continued lamenting.

Jibola’s brain began working in hyper mode, he remembered the Minister also told him that Alhaji Hassim had been a birth mark at the back of his arm, a black mole. He hurried went to the dead carcass of Alhaji Hassim, tore out the shirt with a table knife, turned him on his stomach, he couldn’t find the birth mark.

He screamed out, his mood was beyond pissed, he closed his eyes and spoke firmly in a gentle tone

“We’ve got the wrong Alhaji Hassim” Everyone in the room was lost as no one understood what Jibola was talking about.

“My source for Alhaji Hassim’s whereabout is a close confidant of Alhaji, he would know where he is which means Rooney just killed the fake one” Jibola continued

“Break this down now! Who is here now? Does Alhaji have a clone?” Rooney demanded

“Not a clone, this is Alhaji’s body double, The man you killed is just someone who looks very much like Alhaji Hassim and has been trained to act like him” Jibola explained

“So, the real Alhaji Hassim is still out there?” Rooney asked

“We all need to find him now” Rooney continued as he rolled his wheelchair out.

Jibola brought out his gun and shot him in the head and said “this time you’re dead for real.”

Jibola moved forward a bit with the gun in his hand, and said

“I know some of you worked for him, you now work for me. He was too sentimental, we need to be business oriented, we will make loads of money. I am ready to pay you whatever you want but I want the real Alhaji Hassim” He said determined and full of promise in his eyes

“We will work day and night, tirelessly until i have that wristwatch with Alhaji Hassim. That wristwatch will give us the kingdom, we will have everything we want.” He continued

“Finally, we need to move into international waters, so who is the sailor amongst us” Jibola asked

No one answered, then he said,

“Nikky, the only reason I haven’t killed you yet is because you’re the only person who can get us into International waters” Jibola said

Nikky walked into Alhaji’s office peacefully, taking off her disguises and looked Jibola in the eye.

Jibola replied “We’ve got scores to settle but not today”

Lanre nodded at Chike, signifying support for the new regime


The flight to Heathrow was boarding at the departure wing of Muritala Muhammed International Airport. Lana made his way to the Business class section. He met an elderly man already occupying a window seat which rightfully belonged to him according to his ticket stub but he let it go thinking maybe its one of the oldman’s dying wishes.

Lana settled into his seat, waited a few more minutes before the flight took off, it would surely be a long journey as he brought out a novel to keep him company. A classic one at that, Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon, this was the fourth time he was reading it but each time he picked up the book, it was as if there was something new he was discovering about the book, he was picking new lessons about how to run a dynasty.

The old man beside him also minded his own business as well but after about 2 hours, the old man tried to initiate a conversation with Lana.

“I’m sorry I took your seat” The old man apologized

“It’s no problem, it’s probably a fetish you have anytime you fly” Lana replied respectfully flipping over to the next page of his novel

“I just love the windows seat, My name is Alhaji Graham Moddibo Missah” Alhaji introduced himself

“Lana Reis” Lana replied

“You know its really funny how Nigerians pay the highest air fare in the whole world, I mean the whole world” Alhaji tried to start up a conversation

“Well, There are regulatory bodies who should handle that. I’m not sure why they are not doing anything about that” Lana finally gave into the conversation with the old man not knowing he was discussing with Alhaji Hassim

“The whole country is corrupt, everyone is looking for a flaw in the system, scheming up ways of piling up the most cash their generations would not be able to finish spending” Alhaji continues lamenting about the deplorable state of the country

“The most I can say about this whole corruption thing is that it’s in all of us, every single Nigerian is a thief, given the right condition” Lana said

Alhaji was taken aback by this statement.

“You mean to tell me when you get into government you will also steal?” Alhaji asked

“To be truthful to you, I will but I will leave behind something good that our own people will say we’ve progressed” Lana said

“Please continue” Alhaji said

“Personally, I think our administrators do not give a hoot about us, the roads are still deathtraps, our schools are still not equipped, there is no constant electricity, everything is a mess. Meanwhile, in every budget, funds are assigned to do this and nothing gets done.

Each governor comes in, does a major road, leaves the inner city road, rehabilitates one school block in every 2 local governments and already feels like an hero.

That’s not what this nation wants, we need people who want to make a difference and don’t even get me started on the Oil Subsidy issue.” Lana explained

“and why exactly don’t you want to discuss the oil subsidy matter?” Alhaji inquired

“Because its a scam, same oil storage facility used by 3 or more companies. They’re just feasting on our natural resources. Some organizations get paid twice for a single import they’ve done. Its daylight robbery down there” Lana said

“I’ll tell you something I heard, it’s been happening for about 30 years or so. Whenever these so-called foreign exploration companies drill, they report fake figures, for example if they drill 15 barrels, they can report they drilled 5 barrels. Meanwhile, some of our own representatives from the NNPC will take this result to their headquarters for payment to the NNPC.

These so-called officials drafted to go abroad to submit this documents are pampered silly with cash rewards that they go into town and buy themselves all sorts of things forgetting their primary assignment abroad. The truth is that our own people are short-changing us” Alhaji explained

“I couldn’t agree more, Sir” Lana said

“And then also, there is the case of Oil bunkering, that only takes away obscene amount from the nation” Alhaji intercepted

“Well, I call that one, wealth redistribution except that the dividends only circulate amongst a certain group of people” Lana replied

“Your reasoning is quite different, the country is bleeding from that sore wound everytime” Alhaji replied

“Politicians can steal money, the people are taking charge of their own future by taking whats rightfully theirs” Lana said

“Rightfully theirs? They are stealing” Alhaji said

“It’s a natural resource, if you know where to dig, you can find it there, no human being put it there” Lana fought back.

“Let me ask you this, what do you do for a living?” Alhaji asked

“I’m a businessman, importing, exporting, merchandizing, the whole 9 yards. Why did you ask?” Lana replied

“Nothing really, I’m just so curious with the way you were defending the oil bunkers, it sounded like it’s what you do” Alhaji replied

Lana laughed and replied “I’m not one of them; I just get passionate about thieving politicians and civil servants”

Alhaji laughed and said to him  “By the way, this was an interview and you passed”

Lana replied “An interview? Interview for what?”

Alhaji opened up his diary, flipped to the back pages, brought out his pen, put the diary where Lana could see it and scribbled down his name


And then underneath it, he wrote


Lana read the second line for about 15 times in the space of 3 seconds. His heart pounded violently against  his chest, not sure of what to say. Alhaji broke the silence

“Dont worry about how this meeting was arranged, you heard about the new associate I was looking for? ” Alhaji asked

Lana not fully regained his speech faculty nodded like a 5 year old.

“The advertisement was wrong because I’m not looking for an associate, I’m looking for a replacement. I want someone else in my place, i want to retire and settle in a different place far far away from the shores of Africa.

I have had you in sight for quite a while now,you’re the new Alhaji Hassim” Alhaji said

“The Alhaji Hassim life comes with a lot of treachery, sabotage and any other ruthless evil vice you can imagine but I believe you have the wits to survive it. Many would have died in Porto Novo today while new alliances would have been formed to come and get you.

The only thing you need to be Alhaji Hassim is this wristwatch I’m about to give to you. It consists of a code that has all the operational files, our clients, our processes and our charities.

We donate anonymous to an NGO whose sole aim is to eradicate poverty in Nigeria, an anonymous donation of N10 million every 2 months goes to them. I know its small but the ball is in your court now.”

Lana Reis was digesting every tiny little detail Alhaji Hassim was giving him.

Alhaji removed the Patek Phillipe wristwatch and gave it to Lana, Lana took it and carefully examined it, he could see the code inscription Alhaji told him about.

Alhaji brought out another pair of Patek Phillipe and strapped it on, and said

“If you have any question, you have till we land to ask, from then on I will be able to contact you, you wont be able to contact me. I will contact on further instructions of how to crack the code.” Alhaji said

Alhaji relaxed back into his seat, yawned and smiled as he closed his eyes to take a nap.

A confused look still on Lana’s face.


Chike was woken up sound of his surrounding; the last thing he could remember was Lanre telling him

“I’m sorry, Old friend”

The noise around his surrounding was much, it was like he slept in the middle of a market, he could hear bus conductors screaming their destinations, petty traders hawking their wares, most importantly more noise about clothes.

Chike wiped sweat off his forehead, he opened his eyes to the dark surrounding he was, he was inside a bus, laying on a heap of clothes. He looked more closely and realized he was in a vanagon bus, mostly used to smuggle second hand clothes into Nigeria from Benin Republic.

He wasn’t sure how long he was out for, Lanre used the nerve pinch on him. He opened the door of the vanagon and the 12 noon sun hit his face, the curtains of the vanagon had shielded him from the mid day soon.

He looked left, right, back and forth and realised he was in the middle of Aswani market.

So many questions to ask.

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