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Lana’s plan was to meet up with Nikky at the Civic Center, get on a boat to the location to their meeting with Karim.

However, Lana ran into a little hitch that had to entail getting money from the Bank personally.

Lana’s operational account was with EcoBank, due to the amount he needed, he went to the headquarters on Ahmadu Bello way.

His account officer had made some calls already before Lana got to the Bank HQ, he was warmly received at the entrance of the architectural edifice.  He was greeted by Anna, a petite amiable lady.

She continued “Good morning, Mr. Reis, my name is Anna. Your branch has contacted us”

Lana replied “Morning Anna, please I would appreciate it if you drop the Mister, Call my Lana or Reis, which ever floats your boat”

She replied him with a smile and led him to her office on the second floor, a tastefully furnished office. Anna’s pictures were on the table. He sat on the guest side and she made her way to the other side of the table.

Anna started another conversation, wishing to thank him for using their bank but Lana wasn’t in the mood for her patronage. He brought out the cheque leaflet already filled and signed, pushed it to her over the desk. Anna picked up the cheque, picked her reading glasses from the table, held it out and read it to herself.

It was at this time that Lana noticed her cleavage that was almost spilling out of her black tight fitting dress. Her color tone was chocolate, very pretty face. If he didn’t have the pressure Nikky was heaping on him maybe he could score this girl, all he had to do was call Alexandro to send him some custom diamond necklace with Anna engraved in it.

That move worked most times but he couldn’t be bothered to do that now, Nikky’s pressure was already telling on him. She had called him about 5 times within the last few minutes he had been in the Bank.

Lana  bellowed to her “Please Anna, can you hasten this for me ”

Anna replied “Sure, what drink would you like or how would you like to be entertained. It might take a while in the banking hall”

Anna followed her response with a flirty smile.

Lana would have enjoyed all the flirting bulk she was throwing at him but not today.

He replied “I have less than 30 minutes, I don’t need any form of entertainment”

His reply was firm.

As she left her office, Lana was tempted to look as she walked past him, he noticed the ass on her, cute he said to himself. His thoughts were interrupted by Nikky’s call. He picked the call

“Hello Nikky” Lana said

“How long will you be in the bank for? We need to meet up for about 6pm. We need to discuss some issues before we meet with Karim” Nikky replied

“No problem, I just need to get out of this bank as soon as I can, it isn’t by mouth to cash a cheque at 5:30pm” Lana boasted

Nikky replied “Call me when you get out, and for the records, I have cashed a cheque at 7pm before so don’t flatter yourself”

Lana responded “I know someone who cashed a N49 Million cheque during the strike…not weekend…during the strike…”

The boast was getting more interesting at this point but Nikky had a way of ending things as she said the last one.

“Lana, there is someone I will like you to meet, when he signs a cheque, the bank will bounce “ Nikky replied and ended the call.

Lana smiled and made a cocky remark to himself. A few minutes later, Anna walks into the office with 2 brown paper bags; she drops it on the table and says

“Here is your N15 Million, Lana”

Lana gets up, she tries to make eye contact but Lana doesn’t seem interested but he thought about it again. He picked up her pen and a paper on her desk and nicely scribbled his number unto the paper and wrote LR underneath the number then handed it to her.

He looked at her and said “Its better you give me a call next week, this week is clogged for me”

He walked out of her office and he could sense that if he turned back he would probably catch her moon walking to show her excitement that he finally noticed her efforts to seduce him. As he walked to his car, he thought about how ladies throw themselves at him just because they know he’s rich and good-looking, none of them knew how hard he worked for his money, only interested in having their own share of the Reis cake.

He nicely arranged the paper bags in the car and drove off.

The time was 8pm, Nikky was heading to the Civic Center, already spoke with Lana, who was also heading there as well.

Nikky was the first to arrive at the venue, Lana parked his car and walked towards the boat, he could spot Nikky in the dashing evening wear she was putting on. He wondered to himself if Nikky was going there to seduce the man or talk business. Lana was put on a simple white native with little or no embroidery on it, custom fit by the way.

Nikky’s boobs were a distraction for Lana, anytime he saw those fun bags, he always tried to image how red her areolas would be.

Lana asked “Are we going there to seduce the man or talk business?”

Nikky replied “Actually, we’re doing the both, these guys fight dirty, I can assure you of that, you might as well bring out everything in your arsenal”

They were still there, laughing and talking waiting for the Karim’s luxury boat to come when Lana saw a canoe with guys wearing masks approached them, the whole part of what was to come played in slow motion to him as they guys brought out AK47 and started spraying whatever and everything at the dock.

Lana and Nikky ran to hide behind the fence as the most difficult 60 seconds of their lives passed them by. They were both panting from the race for their lives, coming out after everything, smoke was everywhere, the light blue cruiser was bullet ridden, so many people at the dock were injured. As Nikky was walking through, she saw a young boy who led her to a sitting area earlier on laying dead in the pool of his own blood as a bullet lodged in his neck, she helped him close his eyes.  Lana received a text from an unknown number saying

“Karim was killed earlier on today by a car bomb” Lana kept the information to himself

Nikky started pacing over the place, trying to put 2 and 2 together, she looked up and said

“Lana, this is an assassination attempt, who did you tell about this meeting”

Lana replied “Who would I tell? 2 assasination attempts in a day ????? ” asking himself

Nikky continued talking to herself “Karim is the only person who knew we will meet here, and I haven’t even heard from him yet”

Nikky’s phone began to ring

She walked down to receive the call and 10 seconds later, she was back to inform Lana that Karim was dead and whoever killed him was after them.

Lana took the news like he was just hearing it for the first time, meanwhile he was first to hear but he didn’t want to arouse any suspicion with Nikky.

Nikky continued by saying “Lana, if we don’t find whoever wanted to kill us, he might get us soon”

Nikky found a blank stare on Lana’s face.



The JTF deep cover building was one of the oldest buildings in Abuja, but it served its purpose which is to house secret agents and information.

The first & Second floor of the 8 storey building is used for Ministry of Agriculture secretariat; the 2 and 3rd floors were used by the JTF as records room. It preceded the days of Computers, the information gotten were stored in folders and then shelved accordingly.

Some of these files include the earliest of the investigation that if dug into properly could give the real identity of Alhaji Hassim. The files of oil bunkery had been documented from the lates 80s’ when a myth created a new movement, which is today the biggest underworld criminal gang in Sub-saharan Africa.

He had been subject of many Interpol investigations, each time the case was brought up; it’s always been dropped due to lack of evidence. He was deep into many African economies; taking down Alhaji Hassim was close to destroying the economy of about 40% of Africa, that’s how deep his influence was.

However, Chike was a different sort of investigator, his news of redeployment had travelled through all the floors of the JTF building. This new investigation rumor has it that they’re disregarding every other investigation done in the past.

Mohammed was a senior officer in the state CID before he was redrafted to JTF, he had in the early 90s’ investigated the Alhaji Hassim story but it didn’t end in anything concrete, it was said then that the man was a ghost. The investigations hit a brick wall because Alhaji Hassim bought Mohammed’s loyalty. Mohammed who was a skinny man while he was with the Police was now Obese, closer in appearance to the Michellin man. He keeps rolling around the department, getting into gossip with the secretaries, rumour has it that he even sleeps with some of the secretaries and junior female officers.

The files that could implicate Alhaji Hassim, Mohammed claimed to have destroyed, but the shit was about to hit the fan with the new investigation, Mohammed knew if Chike and his people dig well, they will soon need to check that file and then find that information where it is hidden. Mohammed had the perfect plan, it had been done before, and it could be done again.

Everyone knew Mohammed closed late, on Tuesday evening, Mohammed went to the Records room, flirted  with the secretary a bit and then disappeared into the records room, made a photo copy of the document, folded into into his baba riga and went down the hall to the door that had been sealed for years, greased the lock and opened it after a few stuggles with the door, meanwhile earlier that day on the 4th floor, he had done the same operation.

After making the copies, he took some documents from an abandoned investigation and exited the storage room. He made his way back to the 4th floor where his office was, more of his colleagues were in the office discussing who is better in C. Ronaldo & Lionel Messi. Mohammed joined in the praises for the little Argentine wonder, and then he left with the rest of the office. They all entered their individual cars and left that night.

It was early morning breaking news that the Ministry of Agriculture building was burning, the fire started in the 3rd floor and has since burnt the 3rd, 4th and climbing into 5th floor. Mohammed was sitting in the living room watching the news on tv, smiling to himself. He had done exactly what Alhaji wanted and also saved himself a copy of secret as an insurance policy for himself.

He thought to himself; now let’s see how Chike will know the real identity of Alhaji Hassim.



Colonel Weyinmi knew the meeting with the President wasn’t going to turn out well. The President wanted answers that he couldn’t give just yet.

To make matters worse, he invited him to the meeting with the Minister of Defence, Interior and 4 other ministers, it seemed like a baptism of fire but he wasn’t a colonel for nothing.

Colonel had already started greeting some of the friends including the Minister of Defence, the minister continued

“Weyinmi, how are you and the family”

Colonel replied “We’re fine; we thank God for his mercies”

The Minister continued “Do we have any progress with this oil bunkery story; it is eating away the fabric of our nation, we lose trillions of Naira yearly to that.”

Colonel replied “This scourge didn’t start in one day, it can’t go away in one day as well, my people are working round the clock to cut down this tree but the biggest tree has to be cut down with all our strength”

Minister replied “Not this story of Alhaji Hassim story again? Every child, man & woman knows that name but no one can come put to prove their theory”

Colonel replied “That is our own work, and things are looking up. I believe we’re at the right tree ever since we started this investigation, many of my agents have escaping assassination on daily basis”

As the discussion between the Minister & Colonel Weyinmi continued, the President entered the room, everyone ended their discussions.

The Minister replied “That is a dangerous territory; I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit”

The President started “Good morning everyone.  Today, I don’t have time for small talks; I need updates on every security issue in our nation. We lose more than N1 trillion a year to Oil Bunkery. Security situation in the northern part of the country. I need answers, people”

Everyone in the room adjusted in their seat as the President has poured out some of the contents of his heart.

The President continued “Colonel, what progress have we made with your new assignment”

Colonel rose up and walked to the giant monitor, opposite of the president and greeted everyone and proceeded by saying

“Your Excellency Mr. President, we’ve started a new operation, we’ve been able to identify some of this people involved in this act. Some of them have been dying at an alarming rate of recent but all this can be explained sir.


From the intelligence we’ve been able to gather, Alhaji Hassim is about to recruit new associates for his operations and those bunkers who have been dying had to do with this position but I can assure you Mr. President that we have allies in this circle and very soon we will be able to unmask the tyrant.”

The President replied “Colonel, that was a good presentation but I need more urgent answers to his question, we need to move faster, I heard some part of your building was burnt down”

Colonel Weyinmi replied “Sir, it was a fire that was started by electrical malfunction but I can assure you that we’re investigating the cause.”

The President scanned round the room for the IG of Police, he didn’t find him anywhere, he asked

“Where is the IG of Police?”

Minister of Defence answered “He’s almost here, Sir”

The President replied “Ok, tell him he’s fired and the next 3 people in line behind are also dismissed. Appoint the 4th guy on the line and ask him to meet me next week Monday 8AM prompt.

People are dying in the north, he can’t apprehend anyone, his officers are killing people over bribe and he’s still late for this meeting?

With that, the President exited the meeting room, everyone in the room took a deep breath as the President left the room.

As the President left, the Minister of Defence followed and brought out his phone, and made a call, very short call, the conversation was one-sided, all the talking was done by the Minister of Defence and it went thus

“They’re unto you big time, this time its serious.”

The line went dead, no response from the other side of the phone.



Jibola Balogun was sitting in his lavishly furnished living room listening to the news on the fire that burnt some part of the Ministry of Agriculture building. He thought to himself that the government always want to fool people. He thought to himself that people will think it’s the Agriculture building not knowing it’s the where government stores all of its secrets.

There is a reason for that building going down. It’s not an accident.

JB knew he had to re-arrange his tactics as Karim was blown beyond recognition earlier on. At this point, Jibola was more interested in who Alhaji Kasim was than in destroying his business. The ultimate revenge right now would be stealing back the same business Alhaji Hassim stole decades ago.

The only person with this privilege information was Mohammed as he gathered while throwing money around the Police. All his money could get him was that Mohammed was one of the earliest Policemen to investigate him. He learnt that Mohammed was on his tail while he was  still climbing the ladder of Mysteriousness.

He brought out the paper with Mohammed’s phone number and dialed, the phone rang and Mohammed picked.

Jibola continued in his husky voice

“Good morning Mohammed, I don’t think it’s coincidental that the JTF office got burnt when Alhaji Hassim’s investigation was re-opened. I think you were trying to burn whatever is left of the evidences against him”

Mohammed cut in “Who are you? You shouldn’t be making accusations without proof.”

Jibola continued “I have N100 Million that says you know who Alhaji Hassim is.”

Mohammed went silent, no response.

Jibola continued “I will give you time to think about this and I will call you back soon.”

Mohammed still didn’t have anything to say, Alhaji Hassim had stopped bribing him since the investigation had been silent. Moreover, all he gave him was N5 Million. A million thoughts were running through Mohammed’s head.

He was already planning how he and his family will escape to a new place with fresh identity, all this were going on his head all in seconds, and his thoughts were cut short when Jibola’s voice came back on the phone.

Jibola continued “By the way, my name is Jibola Balogun, and things are changing in Oil Bunkery in Nigeria, you should change parties for your sake and your family’s.

Talk to you soon.”

The line went dead, he looked at the called I.D and all he saw was Private line.

Jibola picked up another scrambled phone and texted Chike the following

“The fire that burnt your building isn’t coincidental with the Alhaji Hassim investigation.

You might wanna chat with the Obese Hausa dectective.

~Anonymous ”


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