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It was early October 1984, A cool evening Breeze blowing in the Barracks.

General Ishaya was close to retirement, having served his country for well over 35 years, a close ally to Gen. Babangida. Those were times when the nation was strict and properly regulated. Not so many people were into oil bunkery, some of the biggest thieves then were a couple of corrupt Army Generals.

General Ishaya limped his way to his car with the aid of his walking stick, limp from an injury he sustained in the Civil war, his old age made the limp more evident. Nobody could retire the General unless the Head of state makes mention of this, even at that it has to be done honourably due to the huge part he played in the Civil war years ago.
The General left Dodan Barracks to visit his friend at the Apapa port, The Senior Customs officer had spent virtually the same amount of years the General had spent in the Army.

Walking into his office, the General noticed he was talking keenly with a junior officer.

However, he noticed that the conversation wasn’t like that of a senior officer to a junior officer rather it was more relaxed and laidback, it sounded more like there were gisting to General Ishaya.The General broke off the conversation his friend was having by making a joke at his friend’s potbelly with his walking stick.

He dismissed the young officer, they both greeted each other in Hausa, as they walked and talked about family and about the General’s son upcoming wedding. The General was however interested in the officer his friend was conversing with earlier on.

General asked “Jerry, who is that young man you were talking to earlier on”

He replied “He’s very intelligent and full of promises; he could be DG of Customs if he plays his politics well”
General asked “How can you make such statement about him, he looks so young, who is he?”

He replied “He is ASC-II Aliu Momoh, he graduated from the University of Benin, studied Business Administration, one of the best in his class”

General replied “Hmmm”

He continued “Also a very smooth operator”

General hit back sarcastically “I knew he had to be special to you, more than him just being good in school work, he supplies you girls abi, i must tell Maureen about this, Jerry! Jerry!! Jerry!!!”

The General joked as he pointed to him as he mentioned his name.

Jerry replied “Look at this, old man. It’s not what you think it is, he helps me with bookkeeping with my small side business o”

General replied “Are you sure, or are you just hiding behind that excuse”

Jerry replied “If it was that one, i would have informed you; those young girls are good for the blood, you shameless crippled old bastard”

They both laughed.

Jerry continued “Why are you asking about this young man anyway.”

General replied “I know the kind of person you’re; a strict disciplinarian, I know for sure you don’t mix with your subordinates. I’m just wondering why you would stoop so low for that boy.”

Jerry replied “I have told you, he seems trustworthy and he’s been running a few errands for me and am very satisfied with his overall performance”

General responded; “its okay then, but i would like to know him, any young friend of yours is a friend of mine. We need this young men more than they need us”

Jerry replied “I can get him for you now if you would like to meet him as we speak”

General cut him short and responded “No need to see him now, send him to my office by Friday”

Jerry replied “Okay, let’s not forget about your son’s wedding”

General replied “All that has been taken care of, he would bring her to greet you and Maureen tomorrow evening, his wife is from Kaduna state, she’s even royalty”

Jerry replied “No wonder you never spoke against it, we all know how meticulous you’re about your children’s marital lives especially your first son”

General replied laughing “what is your point exactly, Jerry?”

Jerry replied “My point is that if her family was a nobody, you probably won’t give them your blessing, so cut the bullshit”

General laughed “Well, i need to make sure that this family fortune i have built doesn’t get into the wrong hands. The only way is to make sure that our children marry into the right family so we can both move forward, not marry into a family that will take us back to stone age.”

Jerry countered his argument “But you were a nobody when you married Aisha, Aisha’s father loved you like his son, he never despised your humble beginning. Now, look at where you’re”

General replied “We’re all on the same page here, okay, i want to expand his franchise, that’s why the royalty in my son’s wife family is highly required”

Jerry stood up and started packing up his table as General continued to prove his point to Jerry. They both came out of Jerry’s office and made their way to their individual cars and closed for the day.

Aliu Momoh was just arrived at General Ishaya’s office, an average height, slender, good-looking young man stood before General’s secretary, Mrs. Lawanson. She asked him to sit down while she disappeared into the large well decorated General’s office. The General’s office was filled with different medals of honour in service of his country.
After a few minutes, she came out and told Aliu the General was ready to see him now. She led the way for him. He tried to salute the General but he was way past that the salutation.

He continued “Good afternoon, Aliu”

Aliu replied “Afternoon General, Oga Jerry sent me to you”

He snapped “So, you and Jerry have gotten so comfortable with each other that you now call him Oga instead of his title”

Aliu replied “Am sorry sir”

The General continued folding his hands over each other on the huge table “You come highly recommended by Jerry, so i want this to be short and very direct”

Aliu replied “Thank you, sir”

The General continued “I have a business proposition for you, its way bigger than what Jerry is offering you. I can assure you, you will make so much money that you might even resign from the Nigeria Customs & Excise Services. ”
Aliu getting excited replied “I am interested, Sir”

The General continued “The perks of the job are absolutely incredible, the remuneration is totally based on how much work is done. Basically, you will be the PR person for the job. But how do you feel about doing something illegal?
Aliu swallowed spit as he gazed at the stone cold look on the General’s face, he thought about it and decided that there was no going back on what the General was telling him. Its either he takes it or he winds up dead in some hidden bush path somewhere in a few days time.

Aliu responded “I am okay with it, sir”

The General replied “Am glad, we’re on the same page, now to tell you more about our operations”

Aliu settled well into his seat.

The General continued
“During the Civil war, I led a lot of men to war against Biafra. That was where i got shot in the leg, i would have been resigned from the Military but i am part of the ‘powers that be’ in the Nigerian Army. So I get to stay in the Army as much as i want.

Long story short, we came across some NNPC pipelines that were vandalised. People were stealing the oil.
We were able to stop them from stealing the fuel, but it was difficult to stop the damages done to the pipes. We decided to investigate what they do with the stolen oil; it wasn’t only used for fuelling their machines but they sold them to the neighbouring country to buy arms to fight.

We were also able to uncover the conspiracy where they trade arms for other resources with Israel, Israel was a great support to the Biafran Army, We’re able to seal one part of their funding for the war by manning those NNPC pipelines.
Aliu, the problem was half solved not fully because some of my soldiers came to me with this lucrative deal of stealing the petrol. I bluntly refused the proposal but i couldn’t court marshal them because they were the best of my men. We’ve been in so many wars together. A good General is only as good as soldiers in his command.

I later agreed out of satisfying them than myself.

Over the years, we broke more pipelines and increased our operations to other parts of the country where NNPC pipelines passed through, we also made sure that the vandalization looked like it was carried out by indigenes, my boys also dressed as indigenes when carrying out the operations.

Business is good. I know you’re wondering how you’re relevant to this operation”

Aliu was paying rapt attention to the conspiracy theory the General was telling him.

The General continued “Aliu, I am growing old; my legs are beginning to fail me more than usual, I need a new face for the business, someone new, someone my business partners can trust”

Aliu swallowed his spit for the second time as he listened to the General’s epistle.

The General asked “Before i forget, Where do you pray on Fridays?”

Aliu was puzzled “How do you mean sir?”

The General replied “Friday prayers, where do you pray?”

Aliu replied “I’m not muslim sir, am a Christian”

The General replied confused “Ok, any more surprises, i hope you aint telling me now that you aint Hausa”

Aliu tried to put it in his best way he could and said “Sir, am not a muslim and neither am i an Hausa man , I’m from Ishan Central in Edo state”

The General didn’t know what to say anymore, he just started laughing.

He replied “Why didn’t Jerry tell me you weren’t Hausa and not muslim either. Anyway, what’s most important is that you’re sincere and we have an understanding”

Aliu still kept mute while the General continued “You can leave now Aliu, i will contact you very soon”

This was the beginning of the business relationship that would produce the notorious anonymous outlaw, Alhaji Hassim

Chike knew he couldn’t take Lana out of the present equation for long if he wanted his plan to succeed. He had clearly stated out his plans to Lana who he was sure would give into else they would go on National TV and arrest him and prosecute on several charges.

Lana would be the mole they wanted in Alhaji Hassim’s camp.

Lana was on his way to his house when Nikky’s call came in, he picked
“Hello Nikky” Lana answered

“Whats up, heard some assassins were at your house early this morning” Nikky replied

Lana inquired “How would you know that, was it on Linda Ikeji’s blog, that just happened about 3 hours ago”

“Hope you’re alright, we would be meeting Karim very soon” Nikky responded

“WOW…information travels that fast?” Lana replied

Nikky continued “The most important thing is that you’re safe, i am on my way to your house now, we need to sit down and talk”

Lana replied “What’s there to talk about? My house is filled with dead bodies, blood splattered everywhere”

Nikky replied “I’m on my way, i will arrange for the bodies to be removed, hope you now believe me about Seyi and Kelechi planning to execute you”

Lana replied “Can we not talk about Seyi and Kelechi now, I will see you in a bit”

Lana dropped the call, urged his cab driver to speed up, the JTF office was located somewhere along Awolowo road, Ikoyi. He needed to get home before Nikky gets there.

Nikky arrived a few minutes after Lana got there, she looked around the place, the house looked like a mini war-zone.
Nikky was wading her shoes through the blood spills and rubbles on the floor, Lana came down from his bedroom, he found some guys downstairs cleaning out the living room.

Some were dragging out the bodies of his bodyguards, cook, and the assassins’. Nikky looked around and asked Lana how escaped. She looked him in the eye and asked him to answer.

Lana replied “How can you ask me that sort of question, i survived the gun fight, killed the assassins”
Nikky didn’t look satisfied with the explanation Lana gave her and pushed for more answers but Lana fought back by saying

“How come you don’t believe i could survive those assassins or did you send them to me?”

Nikky knew she had to stop pushing now, she looked through the living room, kitchen and finally made her way to Lana’s room. Nikky’s investigative approach to his assassination attempt was getting on Lana’s nerve. She was deep in her thought looking around for what Lana didn’t understand.

Lana startled her when he tapped her arm as he asked the question “When are we meeting Karim”

Nikky replied mindlessly still looking around “We’re to meet with him for 3PM”

Nikky continued “Need you to raise about N7M before that time, i have got N7M already on my own”

Lana asked curiously “Errm…..What am i bringing N7M for?”

Nikky continued “Well, since you’re new to the game, you need to know, we need to bribe this man. He is Alhaji’s right hand man. He has been receiving gifts from people who are interested in this position, I know some people who have bought him Bentleys, Patek Phillipe wristwatch, all sort of expensive things. I have the ultimate gift that will steal his heart away”

Lana replied “Okay, i never thought about that but there is no problem, I just need to go to the bank and withdraw money, you might need to reschedule the meeting for 9PM.”

Nikky replied “Okay, no problem” she got out of his bedroom and he couldn’t but notice how cute her ass was in the skinny jeans she was wearing, the high heel she was putting on helped make sure her ass was a prominent feature on her back. Lana was almost feeling a boner in the pants. Imagining sliding his dick into her from the back, looking at that tattoo behind her neck.

Nikky placed a call to Karim to inform him about the rescheduling of the appointment, he was cool with the new time they agreed on.
Karim was seated at dining table with his wife and kids, while they were eating. He was lost in thought of how he would remove 2 of the biggest contenders for the new position meanwhile giving Alhaji Hassim a concrete reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to come on board.

He took a sip of water and left his food untouched, the time was few minutes after 7, He still wasn’t clear about how to handle this situation and he couldn’t speak to his wife about it.

He sat in the living room and lost himself in the thought of how to handle the situation. He thought about the Luxury Flat in Dubai, the $120,000 cheque he had received from Jibola Balogun.

He couldn’t afford to pay back, he would go bankrupt, moreover there wouldn’t be any need for him to return anything if he can cleverly find a way of removing the Lana & Nikky obstacle.

When he brought himself back to life, he noticed his phone blinking, he picked it up and it was a text message from JB saying
“Nikky and Lana must not make that position, use any means necessary.”

Karim checked his wristwatch, the time was few minutes after 8, he went into his bedroom, changed his clothes and proceeded out. He sent his driver home, he had to drive himself for tonight.

The Prado just came back from servicing. His driver had already cleaned the car, anticipating Karim would use it for any outing he had this evening.

The Prado was parked infront of the house, Karim entered the car, started the engine. The car exploded and turned into a ball of fire.

The sound of the explosion was heard as far as 10 houses away.

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