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The order from Colonel Weyinmi was very simple. Look everywhere you can, don’t leave any stone unturned. Chike and his team had been going through everything but it seemed like  nothing that had  to do with the investigation was there.

Chike had personally gone to Mohammed’s house, searched it upside down, and still nothing came out. He was back on Mohammed’s desk early this morning. This hurdle needed to be crossed before he could think about going back to Lagos. He had gone through the heap of documents times without number. Nothing was pointing in the direction of Alhaji Hassim.

He had emptied Mohammed’s drawers times without number but he wanted to do this for the last time, he dumped all the drawers on the table, then he noticed a tiny scribble underneath one of the drawers. He looked more closely and found some code on it.

The numbers read TRLU4284746.  (5th FBC series)

Chike wrote the number on a separate piece of paper, his team were still at Mohammed’s house still searching, he called them to come back that he might be up to something. He wasn’t sure of what the numbers could mean, definitely not a phone number, not a house address either.

Chike was pacing back and forth trying to study what the number could be, he tried checking the number online, irreconcilable result he got from the net.

He had an idea to search the numbers again, but this time around without the number just the alphabet alone, TRLU. He tried that again, and what he saw amazed him, he saw shipping information. Different theories came to his head about the number he had just seen, the scribble on the table seemed to have been there for a long time, its seemed to have washed off, which might give him an idea that it would have been written there over 10 years ago which was almost close to the time when Mohammed was re-assigned to JTF. But he wondered where the container was. He was standing close to the window; he looked down and saw the containers downstairs.

Without hesitation, he ran downstairs, he got to the place where he saw the containers when the driver brought him, he could remember the old man telling him the number of the containers meant something. There were about 15 containers in the building.

He had also written the information on a piece of paper. He began walking in between the containers, trying to look for which container matched the number he found underneath one of the drawers.

He was still looking through the abandoned containers when his team got there and walked with him, they were all trying to look for the container with TRLU4284746. It was one of his team members that found it, they all ran to where he found it.

It was the same number as the one they found in Mohammed’s drawer. The surrounding around the container looked dirty but the container looked visited constantly, the lock on the container was different rather, it looked similar to that of a safe. They all wondered who would put a safe lock on a container, definitely a lot of secret lurked in this container.

One way of getting the information out of the Safe would be to use brute force, to use explosives but then again, they would need more because of the material a container is made of.

Chike didn’t want to use brute force, considering the opinion of blowing it up, he remembered the statement infront of the container number.

5th FBC series

Chike was sure this was the key to the combination for the lock of the container rests in 5th FBC series. Not sure how this would work, he was getting impressed with Mohammed or whoever set up this whole operation.

Femi shared a thought in his head;

“Sir, I think this combination is some sort of Mathematical method, Arithmetric Progression series, Geometric Progression” Femi said

“Its mathematics quite alright but am not so sure about Arithmetric Progression, i think its more like Fibonacci Series” Chuks interjected

“Hence, the FBC in the statement” Chike cut in.

Chike grabbed a stick on the floor and started writing out the Fibonacci series on the ground.


1 2 1

1 3 3 1

1 4 6 4 1

1 5 10 10 5 1

The 5th series of the Fibonacci is 1 5 10 10 5 1. They got busy with the lock, rotating the knob sticking out of a hole in the container, trying the full 5series of the Fibonacci series seemed another deadlock.

Chuks brought an idea and said “How about if we remove the 1 infront and the one at the end”.

Chike tried it and the door opened a bit, the pulled a lever to open up the whole door from the left. They had just opened the underground investigation of Alhaji Hassim, the underground work been done by Mohammed, Mohammed told Chike that the investigation had been shut down, meanwhile Mohammed was busy monitoring and analysing Alhaji Hassim’s movement, decade to decade.

Grabbed a torch to marvel at the investigative work of the slain detective, Mohammed. A beautiful sight, red thread on different locations in Africa, Calendars with dates circled, riddled with numbers instead of readable alphabets.

In the container was a gigantic load of evidence, blurred out photographs on the wall, pieces of papers stapled to a wooden board, marker writing, difficult to read, different numbers, all sorts of numbers which dint make any meaning.

However, there were a set of numbers underneath a cardboard where last known address was scribbed

45 9191125 51115 1920185520  41512168914   519201205

Chike said to the other team “This guy’s math fetish is quite interesting”

They all laughed.

Chike said “My theory for this is that he swapped the alphabets for numbers.”

“Let’s get busy people” Chike continued

10 minutes later, Chuks brought back the decrypted number and it read


Chike called Colonel and told him the new development.

The colonel said to them “Get on the next flight to Lagos, i don’t care how late it is, get into that house.”

With that, Chike and his team drove to the airport.


Chike’s phone call met Lana just driving in from a meeting with Nikky. Lana picked up

“Hello, Handler” Lana said

“Handler??” Chike responded

“Isnt that what you they call the agent in charge of someone undercover?” Lana asked

Chike replied “Oh Yes, totally forgot protocol, don’t mind me”

“I checked on your girlfriend, not sure if its good news or bad news” Chike said

“What did you find out?” Lana asked impatiently

“She is also undercover like you, but i don’t know which security body she is with, Interpol, the ARMY, other smuggling cartel” Chike replied

“The ARMY????” Lana inquired

“Yea, some years back, there was an intel that said head of the smuggling ring was an Army General, so they are also digging to find out who it is” Chike said

“Anyway, my reason for calling is, do not i repeat do not step out of your house for the next couple of days, i will tell you when its okay  to go about your so-called business” Chike continued

Lana was trying to tell Chike that Nikky had secured a meeting with Alhaji for next day, but  Chike had already cut the phone off.


Chike and his team got to Lagos around 6PM, went directly to Dolphin Estate. The case on their mind dint allow them see the car lurking 6 houses away.

The soldier of Fortune waited patiently in his car as he watched the team into into the gate of the bungalow.

He got out of his car, re-arrange his knife into his pocket, corked his gun, place it in the holster in his waist. He walked towards the building, in easy steps like someone lost in the neighbourhood. Chuks was the one staying outside the house, helping to do surveillance on the premises.

The Soldier walked towards Chuks with a piece of paper trying to ask about a location. As he approached Chuks with the paper explaining the predicament of not been able to find the house he was searching for. Chuks also tried to explain that he was new in the area but the stranger wouldn’t listen trying to move closer to chuks to show him the document.

Chuks collect the paper from the stranger and also tried to look at it as it was getting dark, the Soldier moved to Chuks side and snapped his chuk’s neck, he put Chuk’s hand over his own neck making it look like he was sick. Passersby didn’t know the guy been dragged into the house was dead, everyone passing thought he was drunk and being helped.

The soldier dropped Chuk’s body into the house of gate-man, brought out his gun and walked towards the house.

Chike was inside the house searching, while Femi was searching the back of the house, none of them checked the gate to find out who just came in, guessing it would have been Chuks.  Chike already guessed that this might be one of the houses used by Alhaji Hassim but the house looked deserted. It wasn’t so difficult to break into the house.

Chike was busy searching through the drawer of the living room  when the soldier came into the living room. He said

“Hello Chike, its nice to see you once again”

Chike knew the voice but couldn’t  yet recognize the voice, so he turned back, the Soldier charged at him just a few steps separated them and jumped into the air and sent his forehead right into Chike nose….. breaking it.

Chike crashed against the concrete wall behind him, his nose began to bleed, staining his face, affected his vision. He recognised the fight pattern to Lanre, a soldier he served with in Congo, he recommended him for discharge, Lanre was behind stealing from the banks, robbing rich indigenes of the nations, they were sent for peace-keeping. When Lanre came back, he was left with nothing but hatred for Chike.

His partner in the new smuggling business had promised to help me find Chike.

With Chike’s bloody nose, he said “Thats no way to greet an old friend, Lanre” laughing with a bloody face

Lanre laughed, As Chike was talking, he grabbed a bottle of red wine on the table and stoned it at Lanre but he was able to dodge by covering his face, the impact of the bottle met his elbow.

Chike rushed Lanre as soon as he threw the bottle at him, sending heavy punches into Lanre’s ribs and face.

Lanre replied “Now, this is getting interesting.”

The fight had begun, Lanre was also well trained in boxing, he withstood all of Chike’s jabbing at the same time going down slowly like he was tired, he got to the ground and waited patiently and made sure that Chike’s jaw was underneath his head then stood up with all the strength he had in him.

The impact of Lanre’s head jamming into Chike’s jaw was nerve-wrecking as Chike was sent into the air landing on the glass table, shattering it to the ground. He was still conscious but on the ground, Lanre pounced on him and continued beating him, Chike was holding on for the right moment he would open up, he punched him in the face pushing him off him.

They both stood at the opposite sides of the room, clothes torn and soaked in blood gushing from their ribs.

Chike asked

“Is this the second round of the fight at Congo?”

Lanre replied with blood stain on his face “You wish!” using his hand to wipe away blood from his face.

“You know you could have simply told them  to give me a warning rather than dismissing me, i served 15 years in the Army“ Lanre screamed at Chike

Femi was still outside, dorking behind the living room listening to the conversation between Chike and another guy, wondering who was in the bloody fight with Chike but he knew better than to interrupt.

“Lanre, that was the 4th time you were doing that, i wasn’t sure if you wanted to stop anytime soon, i cant be lying to our superiors about your urge to steal from those people” Chike responded violently pointing at Lanre.

“You’ve lost your touch, if it was before i couldn’t take that cheap headbutt shot at you. You know i had a chance at killing you, i was the sniper in Abuja, i could have killed you but this is more fun” Lanre replied

“I was caught unaware in this room, who is your boss on this?” Chike responded

“Chike, that excuse is for the weak, you should be prepared all the time. Even, the boyscout know that” Lanre screamed.

“Ofcourse, you know I’m not telling you who my financier is, but i would be glad to let you know, I’m doing all this for free” Lanre continued, been proud of himself.

“I will spare your life, Chike just so you can re-arrange yourself, ’cause I’m sure we will meet again.” Lanre replied

“Be sure, you tell your fool behind the house not to follow me, I would hate if you lose 2 people out of your team in one day.” Lanre continued.

“You killed Chuks! The battle is between me and you, don’t bring anyone else in” Chike charged at him.

“Well, he was at the gate and wasn’t very observative, i apologise for your loss anyway” Lanre replied, leaving the living room.

“What do you want from all of this?” Chike asked, blood still dripping from his nose

“To show you that am a better soldier than you, i should have been the leader of the unit and also pay for all those years i was humiliated” Lanre replied

“You fucking put yourself before anybody in missions, Lanre. You sent 5 people to their deaths just because you wanted the diamonds in that commissioner’s house during the peace-keeping” Chike shouted back.

“Irregardless, go to the hospital, treat yourself you know this is just the beginning” Lanre said, he could feel adrenaline pumping into his body.

Lanre left the house.

Femi came in from the backdoor, and saw Chike blood soaked;

“Who was that” Femi asked

“A friend, a brother now turned an enemy” Chike replied.

“This solves all the cases of people being assassinated. We just need to know who he is working with” Chike continued

We need to keep looking at Mohammed’s hidden investigation room, Chike said.

“Alhaji isn’t here, this is just the beginning. Lanre will not stop until one of us is dead” Chike continued

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