December 1, 2021

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Average Joe [Reboot]: Desires! (S01 Finale) (18+)

She continued to stroke me softly; enough to tease pleasure out of me but not enough to really stimulate what I needed. As hard as I tried to remain cool and relaxed, my hips would involuntarily thrust against her hand, attempting to force a certain...

Average Joe [Reboot]: Desires! (S01E22) (18+)

Sunday morning was a little awkward. The three of us ate breakfast together and I pretended like I was ignorant about their late-night sex in the living room. For her part, Ogechi played it completely cool as well, although she managed to sneak...

Average Joe [Reboot]: Desires! (S01E21) (18+)

The following Saturday night, I found myself alone in bed, reading a book until I was tired enough to sleep. I found myself to be increasingly restless; I was constantly thinking about Ogechi and the boundaries she pushed with me. She was out with...