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July 10, 2020
Smoking Bass: The Circle of Perverts [Part 19] (18+)

Smoking Bass: The Circle of Perverts [Part 19] (18+)

Edward looked at the ocean before him and could not help but think of how calm and soothing the atmosphere felt around him.

He looked down at his feet in the sand, he had taken off his shoes before getting out of the car. He knew his driver wanted to ask what was going on but couldn’t. Edward knew he would have fired him on the spot if he so much had uttered a word.

His job was to drive him around, he should stick to that.

He pulled out his phone and scrolled through his contacts till he got to Ahmed’s number. The first thought was to call him and let them find a bar and talk about everything but Edward was not sure he really wanted to talk or even think about what had just transpired. He needed a proper distraction and with that in mind he kept scrolling down his contacts’ list till he got to his secretary, then he had a hint of a smile on his face.  

Ahmed opened his eyes and stared at the broken glass scattered around him. He stood up slowly with his eyes still on the mess around him, he had moved at the last moment diving to the floor to avoid the bottle. He finally brought his eyes up and looked at the monster he was married too, there was no sign of remorse in her eyes. If anything, her eyes only told him there was still more violence to come.

“You are a bastard!” She yelled at him. It was meant to piss him off but in a way, she yelling at him sort of calm him because now he knew she had no more strength to attack him. Aisha stared at her husband and tried to calm herself, she did not need anyone to tell her her blood pressure was spiking.

“And you could not fuck anyone else but my friend?” Ahmed asked in a calm tone that even surprised him. There was no immediate reply as Aisha just stood there staring at him. She walked slowly to the nearest chair and sat down. It was like she was asking herself the same question. How and why had it all started with Olumide? There had to be an answer somewhere around.

Edward walked past the receptionist and headed straight to the closest elevator with a little grin on his face. It was surprising that after everything that had happened, he could still afford to fake a smile. It was in the elevator he remembered the condoms he had bought and now forgotten in the car. He thought about going back for it but with his current mood, impregnating or contacting some STDs was the last thing on his mind.

The elevator stopped and the doors swung wide open, Edward stepped out and turned left heading to the room he more or less owned like his home. He always kept it on reservation and today was the day he fully was going to appreciate why. He got to room 410 and let out a couple of knocks on the door. He got to unbuttoning his shirt as he waited for the door to be opened.

He was done with the shirt and the door was still locked, he knocked again and this time got down to undo his belt buckle. He was halfway done when the door swung open and his secretary stood before him with a bodycon dress still on her, her feet were bare which meant she just got in not quite long ago. That did not matter, all that mattered was she was here to fulfill his needs.

Without a word, he grabbed her by the neck and pushed her back into the room, slamming the door with one hand as he walked in behind her. He hurriedly finished up unbuckling his belt and letting his dick free. She wanted to say a word but she had never seen him like this, it was like a robot had just walked into the room.

There was no warmth around him and even the way he had grabbed her was so strange. Just when she thought that was all, he grabbed her by the wrist and placed her hand on the wall table. Now he was standing behind her and she was stuck with staring into the wall mirror just to understand the man behind her and how he was planning to do to her, she was getting turned on with each passing second.

He had never been like this with her and although a part of her knew she should be scared and stop him she wanted to see just how far this was going to go.

Edward was on auto now and could not explain all he was doing. He grabbed the hem of the dress she was wearing and dragged it over her ass. A little excitement rushed through his body as he discovered she had no panties on.

The thought that she had come from her house and walked around with no panties on drove him crazy and he spanked her ass as hard as she could. She cried out and had to turn back to look at the man who was her boss. What she saw was not a man but an animal on it. She did not have enough time to stop him though as she felt his dick slide up her dripping pussy.

She turned back to look at herself in the mirror and she could not recognize the lady she was seeing. Her eyes gradually began to close as Edward got to fucking her from behind. Just as she was getting in the groove and arching her back even lower, she heard him grunt and her pussy temperature go up another notch. The realization that he was not wearing a condom hit her a little too late as she screamed and pushed him away. He staggered backward and fell to the bed as she ran into the bathroom.

When she came back, he was sitting up with his bowed in thought.

“What the fuck was that for?! are you trying to get me in trouble?” She yelled at him forgetting for a moment that she needed him more than he needed her. He looked up slowly at her and at that moment, she feared the worse. She was about to lose everything.

“Will you marry me?” He asked her

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