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September 2, 2020

Smoking Bass: The Circle of Perverts [Part 1] (Legend Series) {18+}

Smoking Bass: The Circle of Perverts [Part 1] (Legend Series) {18+}

“Just look at them, look at them. All fucking beautiful ladies with no single worry in the world” Edward shook his head as he looked out to the pool.
“Speak for your wife alone o, abeg. My own is either Ada kills me or I kill her first. Na one way”

Ahmed frowned and walked turned around as he spoke. Edward and Olumide could not help laughing at their friend’s remarks. Ahmed walked up to the bar in one corner of the room and poured himself another cup of whiskey, it was going to be his third shot of the day.

“But you have never caught her doing anything, you don catch man on top her before” Olumide asked while cradling a cup of vodka, his fifth of the day.
“Why are you talking like this? I don’t need to have caught another man fucking her. I just have that deep feeling and it’s getting really worrisome these days” Ahmed was frowning as he explained.

“Have you tried talking to her, at least tell her your fears? Because to be honest, nobody but her can calm these your fears before you give yourself hypertension” Edward offered his advice.
“You say I should talk to her, right? Please tell me exactly how the conversation is to start” Ahmed’s frown got tighter.

“Well, that’s true” Olumide agreed and there was silence as they all stared out to the pool where their partners were also sharing a drink and doing their own catch-up.

Aisha, Ahmed’s wife turned and waved at the men. She got them waving back in return. Ahmed was a major importer of cars and had made quite a name for himself over the years, Aisha on the other hand owned a large store in the popular Balogun market where she dealt in fabrics and gold accessories.

Ahmed had been married to her for just a little over two years now and all seemed to be rosy till questions started popping up about when a baby was going to arrive.

Aisha’s mother had led the charge asking when she was going to get a grandchild, the couple’s answer had been that they were simply not ready and would have a child on their own time and nobody’s.

It seemed a truly logical answer to anybody, after all it was their marriage and theirs alone so everyone else backed down except for Aisha’s mother of course who kept up with the occasional questions.

It was just two months ago that Ahmed had started hinting his buddies about the feeling Aisha was cheating on him. It had been a shock to both of them but when they had asked him if he had any proof or noticed any change in her behavior, the answer had been negative.

So just what was the reason for his suspicions, he had just shrugged and said nothing more. But his worries continued over the months. His friends could only watch and offer their advice, there was really nothing they could do.

Now there was Ada, Edward’s wife. They had been married for a while longer, almost four years, and had a set of twins. They were the perfect couple and all was well. No-fuss, no stress. Edward worked as a director in one of the new generation banks while Ada was a full-time housewife who also happened to be a pastor at a nearby church.
They were the happy, sweet family and they were the ones playing hosts this Saturday afternoon. The twins had been sent off to their maternal grandparents for the weekend.

The third lady was Ajoke (Not that anyone would remember her name in a week), she was the latest in the long line of Olumide’s girlfriends. It was Olumide who was the bad sheep in the gang, the one who was not looking to settle down anytime soon. He never wanted commitment and he never made a move to hide it.

Always made it clear to the ladies he met often, they were just living for the day and nothing more. Ada was tired of preaching and preaching to him, Edward had even made a joke once that it would be easier to convert the devil than have Olumide change his ways.

He loved his freedom and there was simply no one he was willing to give it up for.. or was there?

As the men stood out by the terrace watching their partners talk, they simply had no idea about how much their lives were about to change. For good? For bad? No one could see the future.
Aisha watched as her husband finish knotting his tie and started looking around for his jacket. She made no move to get out of bed or to tell him the jacket was right on the sofa behind him.

Ahmed for his own sake did not bother to ask her, he did not want to flame the fire that was already building up.

After a few more seconds of looking around, he finally turned around and saw the jacket.
He hurriedly put it on and picked up his phone which was on the dresser. Then he turned to face his wife.
“I would be back in two days” And to his surprise, she busted out laughing.

He was shocked and could only stand to stare at her. After a while, she stopped.
“What makes you think I care if and when you come back?” She hissed. Ahmed frowned but knew better than to confront her, he made his way out of the room to the spacious living room that told quite a lot about the opulence they lived in.

“You are ready, sir?” Ahmed’s personal assistant jumped up and asked as soon as he saw his boss walk in.
“Yes, let’s go” Ahmed nodded at his assistant. At that moment, Aisha came out of the room clapping her hands with a night robe tied loosely around her body. Ahmed’s assistant had to summon all the willpower he had not to stare at her for too long. His eyes fell to look at the tiled floor.

“Just know that when you step out of the house, I am also taking a trip of my own” She announced.
“What do you mean?” Ahmed’s hand folded up into a fist involuntarily.

“You heard me! The moment you step out, I am also heading out to meet someone who can actually make me feel like a woman. Someone who can dick me down properly and not just some flimsy excuse for a dick” Aisha hissed.

Ahmed’s assistant took this as his cue to leave the room and quietly did so without looking back even if he did want to stare again at Madam’s amazing body.

“You can’t be throwing money around and expecting that is all I want! Fuck you, I have got my own money! This body needs proper filling” She took off her robe and flung it to the ground to buttress her point. Ahmed’s eyes widened as he saw his wife’s large nipples all erect and the nicely trimmed opening between her thighs.

He could feel the blood rush to his dick and knew what he had to do. He started to unbuckle his belt.
“Wait, what do you think you are doing?” Aisha’s voice made him pause.

“You think you are going to fuck me with that little dick and leave me unsatisfied this morning? No, thank you. I am not interested. My dildo would do a much better job”. She hissed and strutted off to the room naked, her robe on the floor where she had left it.

Ahmed did not know what to be mad at, the fact that his wife was denying him sex or the fact that she owned a dildo. What wife owns a dildo? A wife deprived of good and quality sex, he told himself. He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself, it was the least he could do to stop himself from crying. He opened his eyes and fixed up his belt back.

Then he walked out of the house, his head bowed. Back in the room, Aisha waited and waited till she heard the sound of her husband’s car driving out of the compound. Then she reached for her phone and scrolled through her contacts and dialed up a number. It was picked up at the first ring.

“Wow, were you waiting for me to call already?” Was the first question she asked before anything else.
“Well, you have been on my mind too much these days. You have no idea how much I miss that pussy and spanking that fat ass of yours.” Came the voice from the other end. The words sent a chilling sensation up Aisha’s spine and a warm feeling between her thighs.

“Well then, today you get to crave your hunger. Tell me where and when you want this pussy. I need that dick in me so bad” Aisha half moaned into the phone.
“My place, one hour. I am leaving my office now”
“One hour” and then she ended the call. Time to hit the bathroom.

The prayer session came to an end finally, it was a little longer than the usual due to the fact that Brother Chinedu had prostate cancer and special prayers had to be said for him and his imminent trip abroad for treatment. Ada led the prayers and took her time.

Then everyone said their goodbyes with hugs and kisses till she was the only one left. Everyone else had a job they had to rush to, she had none. This was all the work she would ever need, her husband made quite enough income for five people and her needs were not much. She lived quite a modest lifestyle.

In a matter of minutes, she was all alone and she looked around seeing the church was in order and all the chairs had been returned to their proper places. She sighed and thought about what she was going to do for the next few hours until the kids were back from school. It was hard to admit but the level of boredom these days had gotten to a whole new level.

Then there was the ache in her boobs, she looked down and said a little prayer before reaching for her phone. She speed-dialed 9 and waited as the phone rang..

“Hello baby”
“Would you stop with that baby? I have warned you severally” She chuckled into the receiver.
“But you are my baby, so what do you expect me to call you”
“You are a case, I hope you know that?”
“I am anything for you” Crooned the voice at the other end

“Well then be available for me today” Ada whispered, hit the knowledge that she was still inside the church building even if she was alone.
“Oh, I am so sorry, baby. I am at work, we are having an emergency meeting in thirty minutes. Can we meet up for tomorrow? I would clear my whole schedule for you” The voice pleaded.
“Oh okay, if you say so but I really do miss your touch” Ada moaned.
“I know, I miss touching you too. I would make it all up to you tomorrow”.
“I promise”….

Olumide put the phone back in his pocket as he walked up to his secretary’s desk.
“Lara, cancel all my appointments for the rest of the day. I have got to rush home, some family appointment”. he turned around and started walking away.
“Is everything okay, sir?” Lara asked with a concerned look.
“I hope so” And with that Olumide was out the door.

Aisha knocked up on Olumide’s door and got no response, just when she was about to hit the door for a second time, it swung open and an arm reach out and dragged her in. In a matter of seconds, her lips were covered by another pair and hands were all up on her ass grabbing and squeezing.

She closed her eyes and threw her bag to the floor before wrapping her hands right around his head.

He had just his boxers on and she was so tempted to let her hands in there and take charge but he had already beat her to the punch. She was here for this moment and was surely going to savor every moment of it. Olumide grabbed one of her thighs and pulled it up to his waist, the high slit by the side of her dress only gave him more access.

The feeling of his palm against her soft skin only drove his dick into a fit of rage and led his hand to dig in between her thighs just to discover she had no panties on and was as wet as could be. He broke off the kiss and stared at her in shock.

“What? Did you think I had anything on underneath this dress? Then you must not know just how much I miss your dick, how much I miss you fucking me. That dick taking all of me” Aisha moaned.
Olumide was watching her lips as she spoke and once she stopped, his dick took over his body. He dropped her thighs and grabbed her arms before turning her around and pressing her body against the door.

He placed his mouth right next to her ear while his dick rubbed behind against her ass.

The sound of his breathing right next to her ears was such a turn on than she could ever imagine and she knew she could not take too much of it. She was going to end up begging him to take her anyhow he wanted. She did not have to though as she felt his hands slide up and take up her dress along.

It was a matter of time before she felt his dick poking between her ass cheeks. She always loved the feeling of his dick, it was always so filling, and yet when without warning, he shoved his dick her pussy, she could not help but scream out loud. He was not in the mood to pamper or soothe her feelings as he fucked her without a care in the world. She raised a hand and reached behind to hold on to his head as his dick violated her pussy in any and every way imaginable.

She did not know what language she was screaming out in but one thing was for sure, it definitely was not English.

He moved backward and pulled her hips with him, making her bend low with her hands on the door. His hands had moved away from her ass now and were on her neck, choking her. She was finding it hard to breathe, let alone scream anymore.

Just when she thought she could not take anymore and that she would pass out, he came all in her with loud groans. He stayed inside her till he was all empty and his now limp dick slid out of her.

Then and only then did he release his hold on her and move back. He stood and stared at her ass as she was still bent over and in no hurry to stand up. Then he spanked her really hard…

“Go to the kitchen and fix something up. We have got a long day ahead of us and I plan to use that body of yours in every way I can”.
Aisha could not utter a word, all she could do was stand up and nod at him before making her way to his kitchen.

Ada closed the novel she was reading and rubbed her forehead. The Mills and Boons book was not helping her mood at all. She thought of Edward and sighed. Her husband was the perfect man, just too perfect.

And that was the problem. She needed a little more excitement and danger in her life and Edward was simply not offering that. He was just the perfect man, taking care of her every need and the children. It had even been his opinion for her not to work, just sit back and enjoy life.

He made enough money to take care of five families, he always told her anytime she brought up the idea of working. In the end, she had accepted and just stayed back home. Especially after he started paying her a ‘weekly’ Salary.

She had always laughed whenever she thought of it. Been paid for doing what she enjoyed. What more could a woman ask for? Even their sex life was amazing, well it was till that night.

That night she had Olumide inside her. It had been at a party Ahmed’s company had thrown. Considering it had been a while too long she had been out to have fun, she had gotten a little too much to drink and could not remember how or why but thirty minutes of the night had been spent in the backseat of Olumide’s car.

He had made love to her in a way that her husband had never done before. He had paid attention to every single detail of her body and in such a short space of time, had made her climax twice. Everyone had gone home without saying a word to each other. She had been able to sleep that night thanks to the level of alcohol in her body.

And the next morning, she had woken up and made up her mind to confess all that had happened to her husband but he was nowhere to be found.

He had woken up and had to make an emergency work trip. She spends the next few hours in the church praying. Afterward, she had made up her mind to go see Olumide and confront him. What had happened that day in his office had changed her life in a way she could never imagine. She could not explain what had happened but had ended up been fucked by Olumide on his office table.

And the shocking part of it all was that she had wanted it. She enjoyed it. After that day, she had given in to her pleasures. All looking forward to having his dick inside her. She forgot about confession and just dedicated an hour each morning to prayers of forgiveness.

The big clock in the living room chimed and she looked up at it, it was just 11 am. The kids were due back from school till 4 pm, five hours for her to kill. She looked at her phone and thought about calling Olumide again but then decided against it. She might as well just go n surprise him.

She stood up and went for her car keys, she wasn’t going to need the driver for this trip.

“Will you take this one or just go with the Venza?” The salesman asked Edward again.

Edward did not answer but just stood there stroking his beards. He looked back at the Toyota Venza car he had seen earlier and back at the Benz before him. He was a Benz lover, had always been right from his childhood.

There was a certain appeal of class that came with Benz and BMWs’ that no other brand of cars seem to have. But then again he was not buying a car for himself today, he was buying for his wife. And if he was buying for Ada, he had to consider the kids too. He could always come back and buy her the Benz if the craving got too much for him beside it was going to be her or her driver at the wheels anyway not him.

“I’ll take the Venza” He sighed and turned to the salesman.
“Oh wonderful choice, sir” The Salesman quickly gave a fake smile. He could not help the disappointment in his voice though. His commission on the Benz would have doubled what he was not about to receive on the Venza.

“So, how is the mode of payment going to be, sir?” He asked Edward.
Just as Edward was about to reply, his phone rang. So he motioned to his Personal assistant who was a few feet away to finish up with the salesman as he picked up his call.

“Hello” He started
“Hello, Mr. Damijo. This is Mrs. Ekene, the headmistress at Saint Oliver School” Came the voice at the other end.

“Yes, yes Ma’am. Hope no problem?” Edward’s heart rate stepped up a notch.
“No, no problem. Sir. I just wanted to know who is coming to pick up the kids. It is almost 5 pm and we have not been able to reach Mrs. Damijo” The headmistress explained.
“What?!” Edward did not know when he shouted.

The salesman and his assistant quickly turned around to face him.
“I am sorry, ma’am. I am on my way to pick them right now. My wife must have been caught up in something. I am on my way right now.” He ended the call.

What could his wife probably be caught up in that she forgot to go pick up the kids from school? She was always punctual, she never missed any occasion at their school or anywhere else.

“Get the driver to bring the car around” He barked at his assistant who took off immediately. The salesman opened his mouth to speak but seeing the look on Edward’s face, he closed his mouth back up.

Edward dialed Ada’s number, it kept ringing till his driver came around with the car and he got in. The call ended with no pickup from the other end. His assistant jumped straight into the car with him.

“Take me to the children’s school” Edward instructed his driver and in no time, they were on their way leaving the salesman with a huge frown on his face. He watched till the car was out of sight then he let out a barrage of curses and wailing.


Ada held on tightly to the steering wheel of her car and closed her eyes. What was she doing? She asked herself. She had been to Olumide’s office only to be informed that he had gone home due to a family emergency and she had called him up, he did not pick up.

And here she was parked in front of his house wondering just what she was doing here. She had seen his car parked right in the compound right next to a very familiar Range Rover. She could not tell where she had seen that particular colored Range before but she knew she had. The color was too unique to miss.

But that was not her problem, her problem now was what she was about to go do in another man’s house while she was married. She opened her eyes and the feeling between her thighs reminded her that she had no panties on. She made up her mind and got out of the car.

She locked up and walked into Olumide’s compound, wondering why he would never get a gateman. Whenever anyone asked him why he always said he was a bachelor and intended to enjoy his life with no disturbance. Besides who was going to rob him, what did he have? He always joked.

Ada had always wondered how having a gateman constituted a disturbance. But then again, Olumide was always the weird one.
She walked up to his door and pressed up the doorbell. There was no answer, she pressed up again. Then she heard the sounds of slapping from within.

She did not understand, was Olumide involved in some sort of fight or what could possibly be going on.

She did not press on the bell the third time, she banged on the door as hard as she could. It yielded results because in a matter of seconds, Olumide opened up the door and stood before her with a towel tied around his waist. She noticed he was all covered in sweat and opened her mouth to talk but no words came out.

“What are you doing here?” Came the question from him.

Her mouth was open but no words were forthcoming.
“Who is the goat banging on the door like that?” Came the female voice from within. And just before Olumide could turn back and answer, Aisha appeared right behind him with a towel also wrapped around her.

“Oh” was the word that escaped her mouth as she saw Ada.
And there was silence.

The silence was going on for longer than Olumide expected, he wanted to say something but he was not sure how best he was going to play this. Or if push came to shove and the ladies went at one another, whose side was he going to be on?

For the sole reason, he just stood there with his hand on the doorknob and between the ladies.

Ada stared at Aisha and could only focus on her wet hair and the water dripping over her shoulders. For some reason she could not explain, the drops of water seem to form a tail that ended right between her cleavage which had a towel firmly tied around it. She shook her head to get the idea that was about to pop up out of her head before it went any further.

“What is going on here?” Ada finally whispered breaking the ice.
“Eeerrmm, why don’t you come in first?” Was the response from Aisha.

Olumide stole a quick look at Aisha and tried to decipher the look on her face. All she had was a smile and when it came to women, He knew a smile could mean a million things. Was she planning to attack Ada? Or why did she ask Ada to step inside? But then he realized that Aisha possibly had no idea why Ada was here in the first place.

She could be here for some casual visit. Casual visit without Edward? He thought again but whatever it was, he stepped aside and let Ada walk past him and into Lion’s den.
He saw it a little too late, Aisha stretched out a hand and grabbed Ada by the neck. Before he could react and get in between the ladies, Aisha was kissing Ada. He froze where he stood as he watched Ada fight and struggled to get loose of Aisha’s grip but the hold on her neck was too firm.

Aisha was obviously stronger, He knew that he watched as Ada gradually stopped fighting was to his amazement, she was wrapping her own hands around Aisha’s ass and pulling up the flimsy excuse for a towel she had wrapped around her.

He did not know when his jaw dropped and his mouth stayed opened watching his friends’ wife make out, one of the wives a supposed pastor. True, he fucked her occasionally but it had started in a drunken state and had taken all of his seductive techniques to get her panties down in the car.
But this!

What was before him, right now was a whole different level. The towel was off Aisha’s body now and just hanging somewhere between the two women. Ada had a hand on one of Aisha’s boobs and was squeezing it up as hard as she could while she also pulled on her nipples. In all these, they never broke off kissing.

Ada could not explain how or what was happening. She had stepped in at Aisha’s request. Thinking there was some reason she was half-naked in her husband’s friend’s apartment. Then the kiss had come, Ada had never felt so violated in her whole life.
The kiss had repulsed her at first but as she fought and tried to free herself from Aisha’s hand around her neck, she felt an all familiar warm feeling between her thighs. The warmer the feeling got, the more feeble her attempt to be free got.

In the end, she had just given in to the feeling and her body was no longer hers. It wasn’t hers when her hands had found their way to Aisha’s ass and started feeling her up. It wasn’t hers when they had gotten to loosening the towel, neither was it hers when they had gone up to her breasts and started playing with them with focus on the erect nipples.

Then she had felt Olumide’s hand around her waist as he got to unzipping her skirt yet she had not made any move to stop him, neither did she break off the kiss. The last thing she remembered was Olumide ripping off her panties and his dick sliding into her.

“Welcome back, ma” The gateman hurried to the side of the car to greet Ada as she parked and got out. She merely nodded at him and made her way into the house. All through her drive home, she had thought of the perfect excuse to give her husband for not going to pick up the kids. She had seen over a dozen missed calls on her phone after Olumide and Aisha had finally let her go.
A couple from the school headmistress and a couple more from her husband.

Finally, she had decided on a lie, Aisha had an emergency and needed her help. In between her rushing over to Aisha’s, she had misplaced her phone somewhere. With that lie in mind, Ada had flung her phone into a bin on her drive home. She could get a new one in the morning.

So she walked into the house with a newly found confidence, she turned into the living room and saw her husband sitting on the three-seater couch with a bottle of white wine by his side. It was this newfound confidence that made her approach her husband and kisses him on the cheek.

“My love, there wa……” That was all she could say before she felt a hot sting across her face.
She fell back and on the floor. She sat up and opened her eyes to see but everywhere was dark, it was in this darkness that another slap hit her.

“Edward” she called out.
“Never ever in your life! Are you listening to me?! Never in your life abandon my children!” Edward yelled at her.
She regained her sight in time to see him walking away and then it was all dark again.

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