Ada chewed on her fingernails as she sat in the reception of the hospital. She could not remember the last time she did so, she thought she had dropped the habit right after marriage but right now she was so nervous that she could not help but fall back to the habit.

Now was the best time to say a prayer but just what exactly was she to pray about? For forgiveness or for what? She was not sure, her marriage was over. There were no two ways about it, it had ended the moment Edward had turned and walked out of Olumide’s apartment and she had not gone after him. Instead, she had chosen to stay with the unconscious man on the floor who had been fucking her soul away for the best part of a year.

She had fallen to the floor sobbing and praying for Olumide. It had taken her a few minutes before she had finally gotten up and gone outside to call for help. Olumide’s gateman had come to her aid and twenty minutes later, she was coming back to her senses and thinking of all that happened. She had no issues whatsoever with Ahmed, she owed him no explanation especially now that Edward himself had walked in and the whole thing was out in the open.

“Madam” A soft voice interrupted her thoughts. Ada looked up to see a nurse standing in front of her.

“Is he alright?” She could not believe how calm her voice was considering all the thoughts at war in her head.

“Yes, he is going to be fine. He is in a stable condition now, he asked to see you. If you would follow me please”

Ada nodded and stood up, one part of her prayer been answered already.

Aisha ran her finger along the rim of her wine glass as she awaited her husband’s return. She knew she had made a wrong call by divulging all she knew about her husband’s sexual escapade at Olumide’s house. There was a part of her wishing she could take it back but there was the other part that was relieved and happy that she had thrown it in Ahmed’s face.

Information was definitely power and that was a known fact. The only thing she was worried about now was Ahmed finding out about her own affair with Olumide. She did not know how Olumide was going to react to the fact that she had snitched on him. She had wanted to call him to give him the heads up but then again just how was she going to say it? It was time for her to just sit back and dare whatever consequence was about to come out of everything.

Besides she was sure Olumide would not mention anything about their affair, he was not going to shoot himself in the foot.

She heard a car drive into the compound and raised the wine cup to her lips at that exact moment. She looked down at the bottle and saw that it was half empty. She chuckled as she tried to remember the last time she had tried to get drunk alone. Then she could hear the main door been opened and her husband’s characteristic footsteps in the hallway. In a matter of seconds, he was standing a few feet away from with and she could see the blood in his eyes but for some weird reason she was as calm as ever even when she knew she should be scared.

She had never seen him like this before, maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was the fact that she really did not care or maybe it was just something else, she could not tell. She sipped her wine again.

“How long has it been going on?” Ahmed finally spoke up. Aisha looked at him with a raised eyebrow trying to understand what he was driving at.

“How long has he been fucking you?”

Aisha was stunned for a moment but she gathered herself together but not before Ahmed saw the answer he sought.

“Why did you not ask him that yourself? I am sure you had enough time at his place to do that” Aisha sipped her wine again.

“I did not have enough time, he was busy taking good care of Ada” Ahmed ended up the sentence with a smirk on his face. The rage he could see all over Aisha’s face was well worth it as she screamed and then just before he could blink, she flung the wine cup at him.

Ahmed tried to move away but it was a little too late as the cup smashed across his face. At first, all he could feel was the cold wine dripping down his jaw then came the warm feeling of his blood. He rubbed his face and then looked at his bloodstained hand.

“It was all your fault” Aisha screamed at him. And in the midst of all his anger, he was still confused.

“If only you had been more of a man” She yelled at him and this time it was the bottle that came flying.


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