Edward stared out at the road but he could not see anything. It was all blank to him. Maybe there was an explanation to it all, there had to be. There had to be an explanation for why his wife was half naked in his friend’s house, there had to be an explanation for Ahmed storming out of the house angrily of the house and diverting all questions to Ada.

There had to be a reason why Olumide had blood all over him. He knew the reason why his wife had sunning after him screaming and pleading as he turned and had started walking out of the room. She had been crying and pulling at his shirt as he had opened his car door and got in, he had nearly slammed the door on her hand before she finally let go of his shirt.

It had not occurred to her or she just did not care that she was standing in the middle of the road with nothing but a t-shirt on and half her ass was visible to the crowd already gathering. Edward had taken one last look at her through the car mirror before turned a corner and all was lost.

“Home” had been the reply when his driver had asked where to. Now he was not so sure that was where he really wanted to be. Then the images started playing in his head, the images of Olumide fucking his wife like a prostitute. Olumide grabbing his wife’s hair and pulling it backward. Spanking her ass like some prostitute and Ada begging him to keep fucking her. Edward closed his eyes and shook his head as he thought of the way his wife must have been moaning underneath Olumide. He opened his eyes.

“Take me to the office” He called out to his driver.


“Drive to the office” Edward held himself from snapping at the driver. He was not about to transfer aggression to the poor man, he knew just who and where to channel his anger. He pulled out his phone.

*Turn around and come to the office, I need help with somethings* He hit send the text and looked out the window. He was now a single man, he knew that for sure. Ada had to go because there was no way he could going to be able to look at her every day. The kids were going with her for sure, that was if they were even his kids.

He was not sure if he should get a DNA test or just assume that they were not his. He kept arguing with himself till the car pulled up to his office building. The car had barely pulled to a halt before he opened the door and jumped out. He made his way past the reception and straight to the elevator ignoring all the greetings coming his way. He massaged his neck a little before the elevator doors popped open and he was welcomed to his office. He walked to his table and dropped his phone. Making his way to the mini bar set up in the corner, he poured himself some vodka and took a seat.

He was on his second sip gulp when he heard a soft knock on the door and his secretary walked in. Her face was bare with no makeup on and she had a black tracksuit on and Edward was sure she was already home when she got his text.

“What’s wrong?” She asked as she walked towards him. The look in his eyes as he raised up his face at her told her more than enough. Luckily she had been in too much of a rush to obey his text that she had no had time to put on any form of panties.

Edward stared at her in lust and started thinking of the million things Olumide had probably done to his wife.

“Turn around” He whispered loud enough for her to hear him.

She knew better than to complain, he took good care of her even if the sex was not as awesome as he often believed in his head but the sooner she did what he wanted, the sooner it would all be over. She turned around, letting him enjoy the heavenly view that was her ass.

“Pull your panties and track halfway over your ass” Another whisper.

“I am not wearing panties” She made the announcement as seductively as she could. Edward suddenly had some problem breathing, he could not believe all of that ass was bare beneath the track.

“Pull the track halfway, let me see” The whisper was a little louder this time. She obliged, grabbing her track by the hem and slowly pulling it down over her ass. She made him savour each second and with every inch of skin Edward saw, the more the thought about Olumide watching his wife strip. The rage went from his brain to his dick in a matter of nanoseconds.

Edward flew up, hitting the table causing the bottle of whiskey and cup to crash to the ground. Not like he cared about that anyway. He grabbed her by the neck and was choking her as his other hand went to work on his belt buckle. He was done with that in no time and was pushing her neck lower till her face was on his desk. She had never seen him this aggressive before and was not sure about how to react to all of it.

His hand on her neck was choking her hand and she was finding it hard to breathe. Before she could make up her mind if this was too much pain or pleasure, she felt his dick poking between her ass cheeks. He was not even bothered with pulling her track down, he just dived into her. She could not believe how wet she was or the ease at which he slid into her but the feeling was something she could not explain. She could not control the loud gasp that escaped her mouth either.

For someone with an average dick, he was fucking her with some much ferocity that she had to spread her hands out wide looking for something to hold onto. She felt her orgasm building up and just as she was about to scream at him, she felt him pull out and hot semen run down her thighs.

His hold on her neck loosened and she turned back to see him staggering back with his dick in hand, groaning. She watched his dick deflate in his hand and him come back to his senses.

“I am so sorry, I don’t know what took over me”.. he started to apologize.

She looked at him and smiled, she did not need him to apologize. She needed something more from him and what she wanted, she always made sure she got it.

She started to take the rest of her clothing off.

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