“So who wants to go first?” Ahmed asked as he crossed his legs and took a sip out of the whiskey he had poured out for himself.

Olumide looked at Ada then at Ahmed, he had never been this confused in his entire life. Where was he to stay from? What was he to say? There was no way he could even say Ada was here on a social visit considering the way she was dressed, just a shirt with nothing else and add that to the fact that she had come out of his bedroom. Even a ten-year-old kid was old enough to put two and two together.

Ada was still in shock, she had wanted to run back inside the moment she had seen Ahmed but her feet were no longer listening to her. She was rooted to the spot and could not even open her mouth. Even if she did manage to get control of her mouth back, what could she possibly say? How was she to play this out? Was she to go on her knees and beg Ahmed not to let this affair out in public or was she to just damn the consequence of it all?

“Before you say anything at all? I have got one question. Why did you do it?” Ahmed asked Olumide and took his drink again.

Olumide wanted to say something, his mouth was all open but no words were coming out. He did not know what he was to answer. Not even the question he had been asking himself ever since he saw Ahmed at the door?

“What did you tell my wife?” Ahmed dropped his drink for this question.

“Wife? Your wii_-I-fe?” Olumide stuttered as the truth hit him. Aisha had gone to confront Ahmed, he closed his eye and groaned out loud.

“What? You thought I would not find out? That you snitched on me. And as if that is not enough, you are fucking Edward’s wife. Allah, what kind of human being are you, Olumide?!” Ahmed was shaking his head as he spoke and that was when it hit him.

Something he should have thought of right from the get-go. He jumped to his feet with the bottle of whiskey in his hand, he left the cup alone. Ada gained back control of her body at that moment and took two steps backward. Olumide did not move an inch.

“Olumide, are you sleeping with Aisha?” Ahmed asked in a whisper that was still loud enough for everyone in the room to hear.

Olumide knew that this was the point where he had the advantage to lie but his voice had taken leave again so his mouth was all open but no words were coming forth. He saw Ahmed grip the bottle by the neck and the frown on his face. Now he knew he had to move.

But he was not fast enough.

Edward smiled as he saw Ahmed’s car parked across the street, the more the merrier he thought to himself. And nothing could beat spending the evening with his closest friends. Who knows. Olumide might just be in a good mood and get some ladies to join them.

“Stop here, let me get off before you go on to park” He ordered his driver. Thirty seconds later, he was walking through Olumide’s gate and towards the main door. It was weird though that he had been away from home for three days now and his wife had only called twice to check up on him. He paused before knocking and pulled out his phone, he was about hitting the speed dial number assigned to her when a scream rang out from within the house.

He quickly put his phone back in his pocket and opened up the door without knocking. He could hear someone sobbing even before he turned into the living room and got the shock of his life.

There was Olumide on kneeling on the floor holding his head covered in blood, Ahmed was standing right next to him with a broken bottle in his hand and shattered glasses all around the floor. But that was not what shocked him the most. There was Ada his wife standing in what looked to be nothing more than a t-shirt barely covering her ass.

“What is going on here?”. Edward managed to ask in his state of shock. Ada turned to look at him with her hands over her mouth and tears running down her eyes. Olumide groaned out loud, Edward was not sure if it was in response to his question or he was calling for help. Ahmed was silent, just looking down at Olumide. He stared for a while before dropping the broken bottle and walking out.

“Ask your wife,” He said as he walked past Edward.

Edward turned to watch him go before facing his wife. Ada still had her hands up and Edward could see her neatly shaved pussy peeping out at him underneath the shirt. He moved towards her.

“Hospital” came the cry from Olumide before falling face down to the floor.

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