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March 5, 2021

Smoking Bass: The Circle of Perverts [Part 15] (18+)
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Smoking Bass: The Circle of Perverts [Part 15] (18+)

“Don’t go.” Ada crooned by Olumide’s ear. But he was up even before she finished her sentence.

“I have to see who it is, might be something important”, Olumide explained as he reached for a pair of shorts to get on. He did not bother about boxers.

“Something or someone?” Ada hissed. He paused to look at her, all naked with a duvet just covering up her ankles.

“What do you mean?”. He knew where she was headed.

“You want me to spell it out for you? Does Ahmed know you are fucking his precious wife?” She kept a straight face on as she spoke. There was silence as Olumide stared at her wondering what she was driving at. Was she not also in the same situation? Or had she forgotten Edward was also his best friend?

Or was there something else going on that he knew nothing about.

The loud knock on the door came again, jolting him out of his thoughts. Olumide turned and walked out of the room as Ada sat up watching him go. She could not explain how she was feeling right now. What exactly did Olumide think of her?

Even if she had managed to contain her emotions the other day when she had discovered he was also fucking Aisha, the sex between the three of them had also helped in calming her down but that was then. She was not expecting him to continue to throw his sex life in her face.

She had half expected him to let Aisha out of his life, she would not have as much problem with him fucking other ladies as she would have him fucking Aisha. There was just something not right about the whole arrangement. Did he not feel anything for her, was she just another booty call? She reached for a T-shirt by the night stand and got out of bed, it was time she gave him a piece of her mind.

Olumide walked to the door with a frown on his face wondering who it could be that was so confident to come banging on his door. He was a few feet away when the bang came again.

“Who is it? I am coming!!”. he yelled in anger. He was pissed and knew he was going to give whoever it was a piece of his mind, no matter who it was.

With his anger still at full strength, he turned the key and opened the door. He swung the door and opened his mouth to rant at whoever it was but the image before him left his mouth open and speechless.

There was Ahmed standing with the his arms folded across his chest and anger pasted all over his face. Olumide did not know which problem he was dealing with at the moment but he knew the emotion he was feeling quite alright and it was Fear. But he just did now know which was more paramount, the fear that Ada was in his room, naked on his bed or the fear that Ahmed had somehow found out about him and Aisha.

Ahmed saw the hesitation in Olumide’s eyes and took that as an admission of guilt.

“May I at least enter?”. Ahmed asked calmly. Olumide closed his mouth and just nodded before stepping aside to let him through. Ahmed dropped his arms and walked into the house. He was barely five feet in when the door to Olumide’s room swung open and Ada stepped out with nothing but a T-shirt on.

She froze in her tracks as she saw him, her eyes widened in shock.

Olumide closed the door and turned around just to see Ada standing there having a staring contest with Ahmed. Not one of the three of them could say a word, no one even knew what to do. Ahmed finally sighed and walked to the mini bar Olumide had in one corner of the living room.

He grabbed a bottle of Jameson whiskey and a glass cup. Sitting on a nearby sofa, he put the cup on the table and poured himself a drink.

“So, anybody wants to talk first?”.. he said looking up at them.

“Take care of yourself and take two days off. Bye.” Edward closed the door and waved as the car pulled out of the lot. He stood and watched till it was out of sight then he turned to driver…

“Let’s go”

“Okay sir”..

Edward leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes. The last two days had been amazing , so amazing that he could not even pick out his best moment. Was it when she had sucked him off underneath the shower that had him falling to the floor after nutting in her mouth? Or when she had dragged him out to the balcony in the middle of the night and bent over the railing before commanding him to fuck her?

Not to mention waking him up every morning with his dick in her mouth. He smiled and shook his head before opening his eyes.

She deserved a raise and he sure was going to give her.

“Don’t take me home”. he called out to his driver.


“Take me to Olumide’s house”.

“Okay Sir.”..

After the kind of experience he had had, his wife was the last person he wanted to spend the next few hour with. And nothing would be better than having a drink with his friend.

He really needed that drink.

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