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April 20, 2021

Smoking Bass: The Circle of Perverts [Part 14] (18+)
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Smoking Bass: The Circle of Perverts [Part 14] (18+)

“So, tell me about your day.” Olumide said to Ada as he handed her a cup of wine.

“Nothing much to say or do, just the usual boring day” Ada said as she took a sip out of her drink and folded one of her legs on the couch.

She dropped the wine glass on a nearby table. Alcohol was not the reason she was here and he knew it.

“You know you should get a job, just to keep your mind busy and all that.” He said as his finger began to play up her thighs. It was a good thing she had come over in a body con dress that was too short to be worn anywhere but indoors. And for occasions like this, she did not need to tell him that she had skipped panties.

“That is if your friend would let me have one. He specifically spelt it out to me before and after our wedding that he wanted a full housewife to sit and take care of the kids. And to be honest, he has been keeping his end of the bargain. Taking care of me and the children quite well. I would be an ingrate to complain” Ada confessed.

“I understand all that but the question is are you happy? Are you content?”

This was the million dollar question she could not answer and did not have to, because at that moment Olumide’s fingers were rubbing right across her pussy and the ease at which they were moving showed just how wet she was.

She opened her leg further in welcoming him but he was taking his time. They had all night and he was not in a rush.

“I asked you a question.” He said, she closed her eyes as her breathing got heavy.

“I don’t know the answer to that” She answered with her eyes still closed.


“You cannot seriously expect me to think straight and answer that question.” She opened her eyes to stare into his.

“But what am I doing?” He asked at the same time he dug a finger into her. She gasped out and reached to hold onto his wrist not knowing if she was pushing him his hand away or further into her, all she knew was her pussy was on fire. She started moving her waist slowly to match the tempo his finger was setting inside her.

His other hand was up and pulling the dress off her shoulder till her bra was all that was standing between him and her nipples. The bra was gone in record time and there was her nipple all erect begging for some attention. He could not deny the plea as he bent lower and took one nipple in his mouth having his tongue run a wet circle around it as he did so.

His finger was gaining momentum further lower as she started to moan now, her eyes staying closed.

Ahmed did not wait for his driver to park properly before jumping out the car. He had managed to hold his sanity long enough throughout the drive down to Olumide’s place. He could not even tell where the calm and sense came from for him to ask the driver to take him down. His first instinct after Aisha had dropped the bombshell on him was to drive down to Olumide’s house by himself. But common sense had prevailed telling him if he did that in the condition he was in, he was most likely going to end up in a car crash. Through the drive down, he had his fists all clenched as he tried to make sense of everything.

Had Olumide told Aisha about the his infidelity? Was his wife that close to his friend that he had to tell her? Or was it some moral compass issue? He had dropped the last though, Olumide had no moral compass, he told himself. Edward was the saint with that. So what was it? Or was it possible the lady Olumide had provided knew Aisha and had gone ahead to spill her guts? The scenario was highly unlikely but it was the one he was trying so hard to believe.

Yet he was walking up to Olumide’s compound with the composure of a man out for blood. He walked in through the gate and nodded at the gateman who was seated right at the entrance to his BQ and had stood up immediately. Once he saw that it was Ahmed, he greeted and sat right back.

Olumide’s two cars were in the compound so Ahmed knew better than to ask if he was around. He tried his best to calm himself as he walked up to the door reminding himself that there was a slim chance that Olumide might be innocent.

He got to the door and took a deep breathe. And just as he was about to knock, he heard it. It was a lady’s voice, not just any lady. It was the voice of a lady in ecstasy and begging for more. The voice sounded really familiar to Ahmed but there was really no one he could think if at the moment.

One part of him told him to go back home, Olumide should have his space but then again this was not the time for rational thinking.

Ahmed banged on the door.

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