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February 25, 2021

Sister Darasimi: The Lion & The Gazelle [Episode VIII](18+)
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Sister Darasimi: The Lion & The Gazelle [Episode VIII](18+)


Few weeks after the fight between Darasimi and Niyi was over, peace seems to be reigning in their relationship but Dara being who she is, can’t yet forget about what happened with Remi in their house. This lucky day, this happens…

It has been a couple of weeks since Remi and his wife helped them resolve their issue. Darasimi somehow hadn’t forgotten about Remi’s dick. She was no closer to solving her problem, your fetus was still growing inside her day by day.

Things seem to have quelled with Niyi, they were in the relationship but things haven’t necessarily gone back to the way they were when they were still in the university but there was peace. Darasimi’s mother made a full recovery from the brief illness but they were both still like night and day.

Her mother like every African mother felt she was wasting away her life not starting her family sooner than this. She advocated for Niyi like he paid her to do that, her mum was right but she just didn’t feel like it was the right time yet.

What will it be the right time, she couldn’t exactly place it. Or maybe she just likes the feel of different dicks ramming into her pussy, rather than just one. She loved the thrill of submitting her body during sex, the way sex slowly burns like a candle inside her into a huge forest fire. That shit is what she lives for.

She has tried to be a good girl so far, tried being the operative word, she hasn’t seen the Pastor in a while, and Engineer Abubakar has been out of the country since their last rendezvous, it looks like the planet is aligning on her been a good girl so far. Franklin has also been on leave too, everything is aligned in her favor. Good girl, Darasimi… well done

Only Niyi’s dick so far, but inside her, she knew she wanted to taste something else. Someone else to smack her around and fuck her thoroughly.

She got home earlier than Niyi a few days ago, and as she sat in front of the TV, a crazy incessant itch began to build inside her pussy. She rubbed her thighs against each other, it wasn’t like she was watching a romantic movie or a sex scene came on TV, she was only watching CNN, a Wolf Blitzer segment.

No one gets turned on by watching the news, the more she rubbed her legs together, the hornier she got. It was getting unbearable, rubbing her thighs together didn’t exactly make for dousing the horniness. She spread her legs apart, pulled aside the boxer short she was wearing and began to rub her vulva, massaging it.

The touch seemed to send her into another realm, her delicate touch to the vulva, and slow circular movement around her clitoris felt good. She dipped her fingers into her pussy, it felt so good. It’s exactly what they pussy wanted. Her pussy was craving attention from her, like a dog when the owner has just arrived from a long trip.

Good girl, she whispered as she finger fucked herself on the couch, legs spread out, her nipples straining hard against the Niyi’s white shirt she was putting on.

Haaa, yessss… she added more fingers, pushing four fingers inside her own pussy, driving in as far as she could go with it, it was good but didn’t feel enough.

Unknown to her, someone was passing by their apartment, and while the blinds were closed, there was still a little space for anyone mischievous to look into the apartment.

She continued pushing her fingers deep inside her vagina, it was good but not nearly enough for what she needed it to be.

Then her eyes caught something on the table that might help, long enough, fat enough, might actually do the trick. She stretched forward to grab the insecticide bottle off the table, she looked it all over and smiled to herself.

The onlooker was left mouth open, will she fuck herself with the insecticide bottle, well, he would watch on. Had God or the devil will have it, no one was also passing by at that time, so he could continue his peep-show.

She grabbed the can, went into the bathroom to clean it up, washed the can, and cleaned it all over with tissue, grabbed her lube from her room, and rubbed it all over, went back to the living room.

Sat in front of the TV, legs wide apart, she took the bottom of the can and put it close to the entrance of her pussy, she rubbed the vulva back and forth with the side of the cold bottle, and gently tried to ease it in.

Slowly, the bottle began to disappear inside her body, it was stretching her pussy in terms of width, it was testing the elasticity of her pussy, exactly what her pussy missed, her pussy loves to be stretched.

These few weeks without the elasticity exercise has made her pussy smaller, the further she pushed in, the pain began to come in, it felt as painful as it was pleasurable, just what she needed. Pussy was getting the attention she wanted, like a lovesick puppy, she pulled it back out just almost out of the pussy and drove it back in again.

Haaaa… Haaaa… she moaned to herself, her face contorted and squeezed together, her toes curling on the floor, she drove it in as she felt the cold metal hit her cervix. Shit! Seems like the universe didn’t want her philandering about town but where there is will, there will be way.

She continued fucking herself with an insecticide bottle, her eyes rolling into the back of her head from the pleasure she was getting, but then she was interrupted rudely by a knock on the door.

She calmly put the can aside, hid it under throw pillows on the couch, adjusted her shorts to cover her pussy, brushed her hair to the side, there was nothing she could do about the hard nipples. She opened the door, and it was Remi.

“Uncle Remi!” Darasimi said excitedly, going in for a hug, as he entered the house and locked the door.

They both hugged tight, they hadn’t really had time to talk since the incident,

“Dara! How now? I saw your car as I was coming in” Remi the peeper formed a surprise visit, instead he had been watching her through a small space in her blinds.

“Yes sir, I closed early today, and just wanted to come home to relax, the traffic was easy as well,” Darasimi said.

Remi could notice the visible nipple up against the white short.

“Thank you so much for the other time,” Darasimi said, as she went in for another hug, and this time around, Remi grabbed her butt and squashed into himself, the hard nipple hit his chest, he cupped her ass behind.

Haaa, she exclaimed as she enjoyed him cupping her ass.

“I thought you didn’t like what happened the last time?” Darasimi whispered into his ears

“I did. Meet me at House 95 in 30 minutes” Remi said.

“I’ll send you the pin now” Remi continued.

There was an eruption of joy inside her. Finally, a real dick, a real penis, something she can suck and get fucked with.

Dildos, vibrators, cans, and all those paraphernalia were good but the human body that comes with a dick makes it much more interesting if you can leave the drama aside.

“Give me your number,” Remi said. Darasimi was more than happy to give him the number, in her mind, she was doing Simone Biles’ special performance to show how happy she is.

Remi left, and it seemed impossible but Darasimi felt her juice stream out of her pussy and slightly into her thighs, to show how insanely wet she was at that time. The promise of a dick, not Niyi’s dick is what made her ridiculously wet.

She also noticed how her pulse had started racing, she was felt like she had just finished running a race meanwhile she has been indoor all day, her heart was beating so fast with excitement. She was still standing at the same spot since Remi left.

Something just clicked in her brain, and disappeared into the bathroom, took a short bath, brushed her teeth, slapped something on, she couldn’t make up her mind what to wear, something to accentuate her curves which could be tight or something loose that she can take off in three seconds.

She settled for what she could take off in 3 seconds, she grabbed her bag, and ran to the car, he had dropped the pin to the location on her phone. It was roughly about 7 minutes to arrive there.

When she arrived before she left the car, she opened the mirror on the top part of the car roof to apply simple make-up. Just something to make her look more presentable.

The excitement of the dick took control of her body, she applied light lipstick and grabbed her bag, as she approached the hotel, she texted him of her arrival, he replied with the room number.

She found her way around to the room, just before she knocked, she took a deep breath, she knew why she was here, it will constitute a betrayal to Niyi, but the pussy wants what the pussy wants, the itch had started to build up in her pussy again, with just three seconds standing in front of the door.

She calmed herself down and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” He said, when she texted him that she was arriving, he unlocked the door, and took position on the bed, sitting up against the headrest of the bed, naked, with his dick pointing to the roof, standing tall like the tower of Babel.

She entered and saw the same dick she sucked a few weeks ago,

“Take it all off,” Remi said, stroking his dick, with nothing but desire in his eyes. He saw his prey, standing in his sight, he wanted to devour her, as much as she wanted to devour him. While he saw her as his prey. The man in charge!

Darasimi also saw his dick as the prey, the one her pussy needs to devour.

Each person in their mind was the lion while the other was the gazelle, she did as she was told, good thing she chose the 3 seconds outfit, she unzipped it by the neck and threw off the short gown. She was left only in her red flowery underwear.

She stood there looking like a fucking sexy gazelle, boobs almost overflowing from the bra, hips flaring to the sides, thighs looking super seductive. She unclasped it at the back, and took it off, her boobs sat perfectly on her chest, with the nipples pointing directly at Remi.

Remi continued stroking his dick, Darasimi wishing it was her hands stroking that, caressing it back and forth, feeling the warm turgid penis slide through her hands. She removed the panties as well, and just like that, she stood naked before him.

“Come here,” Remi said, commanding her, she crawled into the bed like a cat, eyes on the dick as she moved closer, she got up to him and kissed his lips a little, Remi reciprocated and kissed her back.

Remi’s legs were wide apart so she could stay in the middle. She kissed his neck, treating him like a lion plays with its food before devouring it, after kissing his neck, she planted sweet soft kisses across his collarbones and licked his nipples, sucked on them gently.

Remi let out a moan, as she teased his body, he traced her fingers from his knee cap upward to his waist before running them from his balls up to his shaft, and rubbing her fingertips all over his dick cap, she dipped her fingers in her mouth to wet them.

She put his fingers around his dick, and she felt his dick tense up, the excitement was already raging, her pussy was frigging so wet, he could fuck her right now, and she would take it all in. The dick wasn’t familiar yet, but it was about to.

She stroked it back and forth, looking him dead in the eyes, as her hand went back and forth on his dick, she could tell he was in pleasure, his eyes half-closed, half-opened. She was pleasuring him so much yet there isn’t any penetration yet.

Her weeks of no new dick had made her want to savor this one, she moved backward, to give enough space for her to have the dick up close to her face, while he got a full look at the big bulbs of her ass while she sucked his long fat dick.

She stroked it back and forth, and look very closely, all the veins all around it, the thickness of the dick cap, the thickness of the shaft itself, the precum oozing from it.

She was observing it at close range, and then took it for a spin in her mouth, she took it in her mouth and rubbed her tongue over the cap, licked it and sucked it, spat at the shaft but still sucked on the cap alone, she started to suck it, slow and steady.

Her mouth sucking the dick while her hands stroking the shaft. It wasn’t long before he came into her mouth, and she took it all, she took all in her mouth but it was only the beginning. He orgasmed but that wasn’t the end of it.

His dick was still hard despite his climax, she straddled him, put his legs together, and sat on his dick, at first lowering herself gently, so the pussy can get accustomed to his dick, not as big as the can but definitely has character, and she just enjoyed watching him squirm under her.

She started slow, her hands over her head, as she rode him slowly, and felt his whole length go in and out of her at her pace. She loved how it was building up inside her, like a boiling ring. She took the full length in, and instead of thrusting against his dick, she began to grind.

The grind felt so good, this is what its all about, she told herself in her subconscious, she ground him more and more, as his dick regularly hit at her cervix. The next time it hit at her cervix, she left it there, hitting at it, and she began to scream, covering her mouth with her hands, her cream flowing out unto his inner thighs, that spot was where her demons came out to play.

This type of pleasure usually brings them out to play, and at that point, her body doesn’t belong to her anymore. It was painful, but the dousing of pleasure over the pain was the thing. She moved her hands from her head, and placed them on his chest, fingers flat over his chest, and began to ride him.

She rode him fast and deep, occasionally gunning for the cervix, it seemed like she was intent on breaking her cervix with his dick, all he had to do was just lie there. These past few weeks of no new dick had made her crazy horny and sick inside.

Her eyes closed, hands placed on his chest for support, her waist bearing down on his dick, she rode him like her personal pony forgot he was married and tried to get her fill of what hung between his legs, tried to get the demon’s fill. They want to be satisfied, and that’s exactly what she was going to do.

She had him exactly where she wanted him, she didn’t even care if he came into her, the dick she was fucking at that point had transcended her into another consciousness.

It was a blissful realm engineered by this man and his wonderful penis. She would open her mouth ajar but no sound would come out of it, he was a spectator in this and a willing participant.

He was trying to meet her midstroke under her, but she had pinned him down, he spanked her ass, something even more exciting.

Harder, she said, she rode and greased his thighs with her cream, her waist went into autopilot, he continued to spank her ass, then he got an idea to spank her boobs also, pressed them harder and harder, with a slight intent to add pain into it. She was enjoying it even more.

Then he moved his hands to her neck to choke her, she absolutely loved that, autopilot fucking the living shit out of him, he choked her, slapped her in between, and but nothing seemed to stop her or at least bring her to consciousness with him.

It seemed like she was having a secret meeting with her ancestors based on the amount of energy she could muster of how fast, deep, and long she fuck Remi.

Remi thought he would be the one to do the fucking but it was the other way around. He was the gazelle while Darasimi was the lion.

With all the energy Remi could summon, he pushed her to the side, she collapsed on the bed, with a bit of his dick still hanging inside her, her vulva was red. She had him pinned in that position until now.

It was his turn, he positioned behind her and took her doggy style but it was ruthless, each thrust felt like a hammer on a nail, hard and deep. She moaned as he drilled into her, he drilled into her like he was drilling a borehole.

He felt in his mind that he was punishing her for making him her sextoy, he didn’t know this is what she signed up for.

She wanted to be fucked like this, she wants to be fucked like she was been punished for whipping off half of humankind, she wanted to be fucked hard to atone for every mistake she had done in her life. This is her way of paying forward, for atoning for her sins.

It would have only made sense if it was Niyi, but it will be hard to be with Niyi if she routines like to be fucked like this.

Remi interrupted her atonement, with tears in her eyes, when he pulled out and dumped his cum on her ass. He laid beside her, she maintained the same position, ass up in the air, dripping cum from Remi’s ejaculation, her ass looking red from all the spank he gave her.

Waiting to get her composure back, and her breath to become normal again. Her body was just descending back to earth.

“There is something dark inside you,” Remi said to her

“I know” Darasimi confessed, still breathing hard like she just finished a marathon, she had done enough to achieve a runner’s high and orgasm deep inside her at the same time.

“Thanks for the fuck, I really needed that,” She said.

All of a sudden, the next couple of seconds seemed strange because she was back to been her chirper self, she got up, and went into the bathroom, cleaned herself up, and left him there naked and befuddled.

Remi was still there catching his breath and thinking

“What the fuck just happened?”

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