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January 15, 2021

Sister Darasimi: The Doctor’s Unplanned Revenge [Episode V](18+)
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Sister Darasimi: The Doctor’s Unplanned Revenge [Episode V](18+)

“Alright ma’am, Kindly wait outside for few minutes. You will be called on shortly.”

Darasimi exited the doctor’s office, to wait patiently in the lobby as they prepared the small operating room for her. How in God’s name did she get here? She continuously asked herself.

The beast or monster inside me will be the end of me, I’m here trying to right a wrong, and I’m imagining how big the doctor’s dick will be. Am I not cursed beyond redemption? The Bible frowns hard upon this type of situation but there was no other way out, asides moving to another town, and starting life all over again. Forgetting Niyi, the love of her life, Pastor D, her colleague, and that juicy sugar daddy.

I’m indeed cursed she thought to herself, she was examining what she would miss if she skipped town, and instead of wondering about family and friends, she was wondering about the people warming her bed, there must have been some sort demon inside her, she concluded.

She checked her time, and it had moved forward by another twenty minutes, she thought this was supposed to be swift and over in no time. She needed to leave her quickly, her thoughts cut short by the buzzing of her phone, she picked up

“Hello Kemi,” She said to her neighbor at her parent’s house.

“Darasimi, you need to come immediately!” Her apprehensive neighbor began to say.

“Is everything okay?” Darasimi asked, bothered by Kemi’s tone of voice.

“It’s your mum, we just rushed her to St. Augustine Specialist hostel, by the bus stop,” Kemi said.

“What happened, Kemi” Darasimi stood up immediately and started walking briskly to her car.

“She just slumped in the hallway as she was returning from church” Kemi explained.

Darasimi rushed to the car park, opened the door and zoomed off to the hospital, all her momentary problem of pregnancy disappeared, taking a distant back seat to the welfare of her mother.

She drove like a crazy person to the hospital, she rushed into the reception where she found Kemi in the hospital lobby.

“The doctor just left her now, she is on the second floor, third room on the left. Let me take you there. She looks alright now sha. Thank God” Kemi explained

“Thank God o, Kemi, thank you very much. I appreciate all you’ve done for us today” Darasimi thanked her neighbor as she took her to the room where her mother was.

Darasimi is the only one left with her mother, her father passed a couple of years ago, a few years later, she moved out herself, and never looked back. She got her mum, a help but in times like this, she wishes she could just return home but that demon in between her legs requires frequent feeding which she has to do. Having her mum around, asking her uncomfortable questions was something she doesn’t want to have to deal with.

Hence, the cool idea of being away from her, and checking in on her once in a while, and visiting sparingly too.

They arrived at the room, and she saw her, she looked like nothing happened to her at all.

“What a pleasant surprise,” Her mother said reeking of sarcasm

“Mum, please don’t start,” Darasimi said, moving close to hug her mum

“If I had known I’d get to see you more often, I’d have slumped so more,” Her mother said laughing.

“Don’t joke with something like that jo, Mum,” Darasimi said

“What happened, mum,” She asked her mother, as Kemi took a seat at the foot of the bed.

“Nothing really, I just returned from church and was about to open the door, and I felt light-headed, I couldn’t find anything to hold unto, and next thing I know, I’m waking up here” She narrated.

“Really, that’s strange, mum” Darasimi said

“Well, that’s what happened. I woke up here, surrounded by people wearing white, I initially thought I was in heaven, and it was St. Peter waking me up” She joked

“Don’t joke about this mum, I was worried sick about you,” Darasimi said.

“I’m fine really, the doctor will tell you. He’s that your friend from secondary school, I’ve forgotten his name” She said.

“My friend? Which friend?” Darasimi said.

The doctor walked into the room at the right time.

“How are you feeling, ma,” the Doctor asked as he stepped into the room, while Darasimi backed the door.

“I’m doing just fine, thank you. I’m feeling even better now that my daughter is here” She said.

Darasimi turned around to thank the doctor, and it was a very familiar face but one that she hadn’t seen in over ten years, but an unforgettable face in the story of her sexual awakening.

“Chidi?!?!?!” Darasimi said, standing up, and moving towards him, they hugged close and long.

“Yes, it’s me. It’s been a really long time, hasn’t it?” Dr. Chidi said

“I told you the doctor is your friend from secondary school. Didn’t I” Her mother said, pointing at Chidi

”Yes, but saying a friend from secondary school doesn’t narrow it down to Chidi, we were in school with several people. I couldn’t have known it was him now.” Darasimi said

“Well, that’s the doctor, the one who has been treating me, just fine” She replied Darasimi

“How long has it been, Chidi?” Darasimi asked

“Over ten years at least, maybe twelve to fourteen years. How have you been? You look amazing” Chidi said.

“Well, thank you, “Doctor”. Been so long. You left without saying goodbye, you didn’t even say goodbye to your “girlfriend” ” Darasimi said

“That’s not my fault, my parents swore me to secrecy, I was never able to tell anyone,” Chidi said

“You know how our folks can be like if you tell anyone, your plane will crash” Chidi continued

“I do get your point, our parents are like that, but our generation ought to put an end to that” Darasimi said.

“I’ll definitely love to catch up, but I just wanted to check up on her. Quick update, she is good, we will monitor her overnight but first thing tomorrow, she can go back home. She’s good to go. No cause for alarm” Chidi said

“Sure, would love to do that, thanks for taking care of my mum, where is your office. Let me sit with my mum for a few more minutes, I’ll come find you.” Darasimi said.

“That’s my cue…” Kemi said, “Let me start heading back home”

“Thank you, Kemi. Thank you very much” Darasimi’s mother said to Kemi as she was about to leave.

“Kemi, I’ve got no words for you for what you’ve done today. God will reward you” Darasimi said.

“It’s no problem. What else would I have done?” Kemi said laughing, as she was about to leave.

Kemi and Chidi left the room, leaving Darasimi and her mother in the room.

“Are you not tired of been by yourself, living alone like a leper?” Her mother asked her

“Living like a leper?” Darasimi asked

“Yes. In the old days, lepers are banished away from town. They’re not supposed to live amongst the major population so they don’t infect the healthy population” Her mother explained.

“I know what the analogy means, I get it, but why are you insinuating that I’m a leper?” Darasimi asked

“When will you settle down and give me grandkids, ehn. Niyi looks ready, you’re the problem, Oluwadarasimi” She said

“What order do you want them, mum? The child first or husband first?” Dara asked jokingly.

“Whichever one o jare, I’ll take anyone,” She said

“How are you even sure, it’s not Niyi that is delaying?” Dara threw it back to her mother.

“You know, if you had come in here, with those little bundles of joy now, my spirit would have been lifted better, their happy little faces would have cheered grandma up but no” She went on ranting.

“At least get out of the hospital first before you nag me to death, or maybe they should give me the bed beside you, let’s make this ward a family affair,” Darasimi said.

“I’m not here to fight you, mum. Let me go and find Chidi for a bit, then I’ll come back to see you” Darasimi said

“I’m not shocked, not even one bit, you always run away or hide it under humor, sha give me grandchildren quickly,” She said

“How many do you want? Will two be enough, let me just rush to Spar or no, let me go to Palms, let me grab two off the shelf, and bring for you” Dara said joking.

“I said it before, you hide it all under humor. Basketmouth” She said, collapsing her hands over her chest, with her fingers intertwined into each other.

Darasimi began walking backward, kissing her hands and pointing them into different directions of the room, mimicking a comedian receiving applause at the end of his/her show.

Her mother shook her head and watched her leave.

Chidi isn’t looking bad, took her to the first sex they had, where she almost raped him, now that she thought about it, she could agree that she raped him, he didn’t complain either, but she required zero input from him. He could have been the unwilling recipient considering how she rode him into her first monster orgasm.

As she left the room, she went back to the ground floor to ask about Dr. Chidi’s office, the nice nurse directed her to the last floor, second room on the right. She thanked the nurse and started climbing the stairs, almost getting exhausted, which reminded her, she hadn’t exercised in a while.

She barely managed to arrive on the last floor, as she navigated the hallway, she saw a slim busty nurse exiting the office that was described to her as Dr. Chidi’s office. The nurse was adjusting her gown, rubbing her nipples that were clearly visible through the white gown. She was also wiping her lips. 

She passed by the nurse, and to be sure, she asked her,

“Is that Dr. Chidi’s office?” Dara asked pointing to the door the nurse just exited from.

“Yes, that’s his office” She replied, managing to escape face to face conversation.

She moved close to the door, and slowly knocked twice.

“Who is there?” Doctor Chidi asked

“It’s Darasimi,” She said, she heard footsteps towards the doctor, and she could feel that he was re-arranging himself or the office after what looked like they were up to no good.

The door was unlocked from inside, and then Chidi peeped out of the door, holding the door closed to his body, cold air emerged from the office, and a familiar odor tickled into her nostrils, it was sex smelling with air freshener sprayed to dilute the odor of sex.

“Are you gonna let me in?” Darasimi asked smiling, noticing his uneasiness

“Sheesh…my bad! Please come in” He said, opening the door.

She strolled around the room, using her hand to push air into her nose to inhale whatever is in the air.

“What are you doing?” Chidi asked, smiling, and wondering what was going on.

“Nothing, I smell something in the air, and I’m trying to be sure what that thing is,” Dara said, sniffing the air.

“I know what that smell is,” Darasimi said, as Chidi went back to his seat, trying to adjust his trousers to hide his erection

“What is that smell, Smellock Holmes?” Chidi said jokingly

“It’s the smell of bodily fluids, its the smell of sex, wet pussy, creamy pussy, dick smeared with cream from sex, stuff like that, infused with the cold air, and recently mixed with orange-flavored air freshener,” Darasimi said.

“Wow, just wow. You should put your talent to better use, like drug-sniffing dogs at the airport.” Chidi said

“They’ll never pay me enough, I’ll keep my talents for my use, thank you very much” She replied joking.

“How’s my mum, what happened to her?” Darasimi brought up the new topic

“She’s fine, there is nothing wrong with her, I think she felt light-headed, could be that she hasn’t had food or something but it’s not a problem really,” Chidi said,

“Okay, she could have been fasting, I keep telling her, she’s older now, she cannot be going on dry fast like that without advice from her doctor,” Darasimi said

“You know how old folks are, they’re the keepers of religion and our way of life,” Chidi said.

“You look amazing by the way, you’re quite voluptuous” Chidi commented

“Thank you very much, I’ll take it as a compliment,” Darasimi said

“It is actually,” He said

“Thank you again then,” She said

“You know that sex we had, or should I say, you had, because you used me as a tool” Chidi started,

“Well, you weren’t complaining,” Dara said smiling,

“I’ve not forgotten that sex, and I kinda jerk off to it sometimes, and I really want that more,” He said

“Oh really? I was just obeying my pussy, I seriously wanted to fuck you, and I got a monstrous orgasm from it. I loved it.” She confessed

“It was my first time that day, you saved me, I didn’t even know where to stick it, but you had it under control” He confessed too.

“We were both amateurs then, and look at us now, fourteen years later, here we are,” Chidi said, as he stood up and went behind Darasimi, he went to the back and locked the doctor. 

The was wearing a silk long-sleeve shirt with a short elastic skirt with a slit in front. She was wondering what was going on but also thrilling for whatever was about to handle.

“As adults now, we can see what naughty things we can get up to thinking we’re still teenagers”

With that, he put his hands on her shoulders, like giving her small shoulder massage,

“What naughty things?” Dara said

“Uhm Uhm,” He said, as his hands descended into her chest, cupping her boobs, hand moving slowly from the top of her chest into the bottom of her boobs, cupping the lovely boobs, and squeezing lightly.

“Uhn” She responded in a non-verbal manner.

He unbuttoned the flimsy top, enough for his hands to cup the warm boobs in his hands, bringing them out of the bra, the huge bulb of her boobs sat on her chest, the bra under the boobs, he stood behind her, brought his face close to her neck, and began tickling her earlobes with the tip of his tongue, flickering them back and forth at the soft extended part of her ear.

She tried to maintain her composure, as he played with her earlobes, his fingers rubbed back and forth against her nipples. As the pressure began to get to her, she crossed her legs over each other, as it seems like the sensation was beginning to travel down south into a wet messy situation.

He kissed her neck, squeezing her boobs hard, she let out a soft moan


She licked her lower lip, he continued playing with her nipples and boobs, as he licked her neck, his tongue traced down from her earlobe to her shoulder blades, he grabbed both boobs and squeezed hard, as he squashed them hard against her chest

“Shit”  escaped her mouth, as she rubbed her thighs against each other, sensing that she loved the rough bit especially when he applied hard pressure on her, the moans escaped her.

He removed one hand, and pushed her legs apart, as his fingers went digging into her inner thighs, hoping to find the sweet spot, he pulled back the skirt, and pushed her legs apart, the elastic skirt was going off the limits allowed. His finger found the pussy, wet and warm.

Behind her, he squatted, one hand inside her pussy, and the other one holding her by the neck, squeezing her neck as his fingers traveled back and forth from her pussy.

His fingers went full blast and rained heavy and first thrusting, she threw her head back and put her legs on her toes seated in her position, the beast in her waking up. His other hand didn’t leave her neck, as he continued to choke her, and release after a few seconds, his fingers exploring the pussy he knew for a while back.

He put his hand over her mouth, and put his hands into her mouth, she sucked on his fingers like it was covered in sugar, he kept stabbing his finger into her orifice. He removed his fingers from her pussy, and wiped it around her face, and eventually into her mouth. She felt at home with the treatment.

He stood beside her, with his bulging erection sitting on her silk material still tucked into his pants. He slowly moved to her front, pushed her chair back, and sat in front of her, while he unbuttoned his shirt, rolled up on the sleeve. He did all this while she watched, he then unbuckled his belt, unzipped his trousers, and brought out his huge dick. She sat there and watched, watched like a dog waiting on its owner’s instruction before eating.

“Remember this” Chidi said, pointing at his dick

She nodded, he rubbed the shaft, and involuntarily, she brought forward her mouth and began kissing the dick all over, she kissed it all over like she had missed it, she kissed the shaft, the cap, all over, and then swallowed the cap, sucked on it, like she was trying to extract juice out of it. He rested his hands behind him on the table, as she began to make out with his dick. She could feel a new spirit taking over her, she was waiting for her pussy to get sore so she can feel that pain, and then the pleasure will wash over everything.

Chidi’s dick was big, not the biggest she’s ever had but it was quite challenging, it took a while before she could manage to fill her throat with it, but she kept bopping up and down over it, and obey her master. She pushed her head down to take all of his dick, she coughed, and moaned, he didn’t let go, when he let go, he saw tears streaming down her eyes, and she took her hand to it and stroked it as hard as she could. With the pain, and mishandling of her body, her pussy got wetter, the worse she gets treated, the sweeter the orgasm.

He pulled her up, and removed her clothes, and removed his as well, then he took her to the examination bed just beside his table, he then straddled her mouth, with his dick just beside her face, while he crawled and focused his best on her pussy, staring at it.

Knowing her place, she took the dick into the mouth and started sucking on it, slowly he began to grind his dick into her mouth, on the other side, he kept fingering her pussy, while mouthing softly against her clitoris. He began with just two fingers in, drilling in as much as he could, her waist was twirling and moving involuntarily, he kept going, deeper and deeper until his fingers felt her cervix deep down, he began to stimulate it, and that’s when she began to utter nonsense, as her voice became louder but inaudible because of a mouthful of dick. 

She was reeling in pleasure and pain, the doctor allowed three fingers in there, gathering the tips of the fingers together inside her pussy, stretching like it has never been stretched before, painful but also pleasureful, her cervix was been stimulated, and she had tears in her eyes, and mucus in her nose. Her body giving her all sorts of signals, until she ramped up, and up until she exploded.

Chidi brought out his hand, got up and showed her the whitish substance her pussy secreted, she laid on the bed, grabbed the tissue and began to wipe her face and nose, she felt very weak, she felt sore like she wanted to, and the pleasure felt different, she got up and bent down to get her clothes off the floor, that was his cue, as she shoved his dick into her still wet pussy. 

He wanted to get his, and he began to slam into her, she wasn’t holding unto anything in particular, but the pressure from his thrust had her holding unto the visitor’s chair as he rained down thrust into her pussy, pussy that was flooded from cervical orgasm, now it was time for Chidi’s orgasm.

He grabbed her waist tight, and began to thrust into her as fast and as hard as he could, a few seconds into it, he began to spank her, her light butt cheek turned red from his spanks. This looked like a revenge mission from the first time when she stole his virginity. He held unto her shoulder and brought back her neck, slamming hard into her, she was useless and lost in pleasure and pain, the right amount she was dying for.

He held her by her neck, and fuck her already stretched pussy, she stood there, ass in the air receiving from him, as he drew close to this climax, he removed his dick and blasted his cum into her back, she just laid on the floor with her back to the ceiling, he stood by the table as he dressed up while she gained her strength, she could tell she was fucked up down there but that’s exactly what the monster in her needs, and loves to have.

After a while, she got up, got dressed, everyone was silent, she went into his private bathroom and cleaned up herself, she entered back looking fly and pretty.

“So, I guess its Dara 1, Chidi 1 right?” Darasimi said

“Not thought of it that way, but I guess so,” Chidi said,

“I’m proud of you, Chidi,” Dara said

“Are you kidding me?” They both laughed.

“We’ll have another go at it on Sunday night, I need to go see my mum again,” Dara said

“Let’s make it Monday night, got a date with my inlaws and my family,” Chidi said

“Monday night, it is,” Dara said.

She left the room oddly satisfied, Chidi has grown-up sexually, who would have thought the boy she disvirgined could throw down like that. Now, she is back to reality, her sick mum downstairs, this fetus is still growing in her tummy but for now, the monster seems to have been fed.

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