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March 5, 2021

Sister Darasimi: Surprise-Surprise [Episode IX](18+)
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Sister Darasimi: Surprise-Surprise [Episode IX](18+)

The Remi episode passed quickly and although it has been a few days now. Darasimi couldn’t help but feel like he was avoiding her, she saw the wife quite alright, but somehow she couldn’t explain how she hasn’t seen him walk past or him by the car.

Feels like he is ashamed of himself for what transpired between them. She also didn’t know when it turned over for her, at the beginning he was in charge, later on, she just got into that zone that made her just use him recklessly, use him like a filthy little rag.

Probably that explains how she has been avoiding him. Darasimi was thinking about this as she set out to leave the house fresh on Monday morning.

These thoughts clouded her mind as she locked up the apartment to leave, Niyi headed out really early in the morning, leaving her just by herself. While in the shower, she was thinking about the fetus growing slowly inside her and how much sex she has had with different people, and felt the baby was already cursing her in there.

She knew she had to go through counseling or for something serious where she could be in the works for her. She knew whatever her problem was, it is quite serious right now, and she needed help, a shrink might help put this through this process.

Just sit in front of the shrink and begin her verbal purging, maybe talking to someone in a safe space can help her process these dark tendencies and become a better human being.

Her bathroom thought was going on fine until water kind of streamed down through the middle of her boobs and over her belly and run consistently over her clitoris, which made her feel like a jolt of electricity just ran through her entire body.

Her fucking clitoris, the electricity woke her up down there, and she felt good, she positioned her body in such a way that the intensity of the water was pouring down her clitoris in a fit of gushing water, she arched her waist forward to receive the water on her orifice.

She put her one of her hands against the wall of the bathroom to support her waist as he water pressure against her clitoris was giving her mad vibes, her other hand grabbed one of her boobs, and squashed it against her chest, and began to rub her own nipples, twisting them to increase the pleasure she was receiving.

She was supposed to be preparing for work here, and just a few minutes ago thinking about this seemingly demonic nymphomaniac problem she is having, and now she is touching herself to the steady rhythm of water bashing against her clitoris. She would take away her hands from the boobs, and rub furiously against her clitoris, her pretty face would contort into weird shapes as pleasure was coursing through her entire low body.

Dara was enjoying it, but not enough for her, she stormed out of the bathroom without switching off the shower, and ran into the bedroom, deep inside her wardrobe, she brought out a long thick dildo and went back into the bathroom. She placed the base of the dildo on the wet floor of the bathroom and lowered herself down unto it while water was streaming on her from the ferocious tap.

She reduced the pressure of the water, for a quick minute, it seemed like she was drowning while getting fucked, the combo was something she was excited about, but not now. She sat over the dildo and fucked herself, as her butt hit the floor as she squats over it, and lunged back and forth over the dildo, she increased the tempo on the dildo and swallowed the entire length of the dildo except for the base left outside, she twisted her waist back and forth on the dildo as it pushed into her cervix, her ass was on the cold wet floor of the bathroom, her body was wrecked in an incredible orgasm, and she moaned out loudly, she creamed over the dildo as the whitish semi-fluid liquid trickled out of her pussy.

She stood up, picked up the dildo, and increased the intensity of the water, she washed off the dildo and her body, she felt relieved, there is just something about orgasm that centers you and lifts a heavy weight off your shoulder.

She rushed through the rest of the preparation, as she was closing and locking up the apartment, she looked over at Remi’s apartment and that’s when she realized that she hadn’t seen him a while, the notion of him dodging her crept through her mind. This matter would be another day, she closed her apartment gate and headed to her car to zoom off to work.

There was an important presentation today, thankfully it was Frank making it but she is part of the team, she was part of the team who created the presentation but the presentation was definitely Frank. She couldn’t wait to get to the office, get herself a cup of coffee, and settle in.

Darasimi arrived at the office, and she settled beside her desk, and was putting on her laptop, when her boss called her into the office.

“Good morning sir, you called me” Dara said as she walked into her boss’s office, the type of fun she had with him inside this office were very imaginative, during her earlier years when she first started working here

“Yes, Darasimi. I’ll need you to do the presentation today. Frank can’t make it today” He announced

“Hmmm… I… I can do that” She answered trying to understand the situation

“What’s the problem with him?”

“He has been down with food poisoning since 4 am this morning” He replied

“But sir, he has the latest version of the presentation, and it’s over 500MB, because of the high-resolution pictures and videos,” Darasimi said

“Okay, can he send it via WeTransfer but we need it in time so you can study it,” He said

“It might be better if we can send the office assistant to his house with a flash drive to get it. His internet might be messing up” Dara said

“I’m not sure if any of the office assistants are free, they need to extra clean the office today,” He said

“I can go to his house to pick it up, it’s just at Jakande here should be a long trip, I’ll ask him for his address,” Dara said, lying about the knowledge of his house, their sexual rendezvous started when she would follow him home to “collect” his external “hard drive”.

“That’s a good idea, please head out immediately,” He said without looking up at her.

She exited his office, rummaged through her drawer, and found a flash drive, she put into her handbag.
Inside the car, she sent him a text
“Hi Frank, I hear you’re having food poisoning, I hope it kills you. LOL. I’m coming over right now to get the presentation files”

Frank replied immediately,

“You’re the one they’re sending? I’m loving this”

She got her car in drive and sped out of Lekki Phase 1 towards Jakande, she arrived there in no time. Chose a parking space in front of the apartment, and made her way up to his apartment, she knocked gently.

“Who is there?” Frank called out

“It’s Dara jo, open the door. Ode” Dara said.

He opened the door to let her in, and she wasn’t shocked at all at what she saw. Frank came to the door butt ass naked, spotting a mild erection.

“Is that how you come to the door for all your guests?” Dara asked, as she walked in front of him through the passage to the living room.

“Nah, just for the special ones like you,” He said, as he closed the door behind her, he followed her behind, and squeezed her ass as she strutted into his living room.

She was shaking her head as she arrived into the living room, and sat on the tip of the couch, she reached into her bag to bring out the flash drive to hand it to him

“Please copy the presentation unto here quickly”

Frank instead stood in front of her and opened his legs, one of his legs on the couch just beside her, and his waist right in between her face. She was staring at his monstrous cock just a few inches away from her face.

“Copy this one first,” Frank said.

She smiled, Frank held his dick, and pushed it towards her mouth, holding her jaw in his mouth,

“Come on, open up, D,” Frank said

She slightly opened her mouth, she found the sight freaking erotic, the way he shoved the dick right into her face turned her on like mad. She had gotten off once this morning, thanks to her rubber buddy, but nothing like the real thing, especially this monstrosity between Frank’s legs.

Dara had never managed to swallow it down before, such an attempt could make her mouth tear dues to the incredible size of the shaft.

“Suck it, Dara” Frank said, edging her on, throwing his head back, his hand holding his shaft directing it towards her mouth, almost about to start fucking her mouth. She moved back a bit, and put aside her bag, she settled in, it seemed a fountain had been released into her pussy, everywhere down there became wet and mashy. She brought forward her hand and held the shaft as she sucked onto the head of the dick, she sucked his soft, spat at his dick, and devoured it like she was trying to prove a point, she continued to suck it until she felt him grow in her mouth.

She sucked his dick and bopped back and forth over the dick, he held her head in his hands as he massaged her skull, he held her head like an egg, reached for her chest, and squeezed her boobs.

He moaned as she was trying her best to fit his whole dick into her mouth, she gagged, coughed, and drooled saliva down her mouth, ensuring it doesn’t stain her outfit. Frank got carried away with fucking her mouth until he couldn’t take it anymore.

Frank removed his dick from her mouth, grabbed her hands and stood her up, turned her around, pulled the slightly loose gown upwards, bent her over the backrest of the couch, and popped his wet saliva soaked dick at the entrance of her pussy.

His breathing became heavy as he plunged deep into her pussy, he pressed till the tip of his dick knocked on her cervix, and he still had a few inches out there. Not in the mood for some slow sex, he began pounding into her in such a way that he knocked on her cervix regularly, making her scream. The strokes were hard and fast and she was scrambling around the sofa for support before he pounds her into a collapse.

Frank wasn’t having it easy on her at all. He fucked her like she stole his money, he fucked her as he had never before. She could feel like he had broken into her cervix with the way he pounded her pussy. He held onto her pussy, and pounded her like she was moving to Canada the next day.

“Is that her?” A lady asked as she entered the living room from an adjoining room.

“Yes, this is Darasimi,” Frank said

“She’s even more beautiful than her pictures,” the lady said.

“Sit in front of her, I want her sucking your pussy” Frank told her.

She adjusted herself, and sat in front of Darasimi’s face, with cleanly shaved pink pussy.

Darasimi was in another realm, she was getting thoroughly drilled, Frank’s dick is too big and long, right now, she is a slave to his dick, and whatever he wanted, she obeyed.

Dara put her face into the lady’s pussy, and began to hit it. Frank didn’t take it lightly with her, he resumed the pounding, it was getting into the realm of hate fucking at that point. The roughness was doing wonders to her, this is the shit she signed up for.

She enjoyed how Frank fucked her like a little slut, she felt like his dick was the priest and she was confessing her sins to him through the continuous bombardment of her organs. No doubt, Frank has destroyed something inside her, but the more painful, the more the cums, and she left cream all over his dick.

“Suck that pussy, you fucking bitch!” Frank said

“Yes, Daddy!” Darasimi replied.
She sucked around the clitoris, and rested her tongue over the clitoris, and sucked on it like it was candy. The lady grabbed her head and rubbed her face all over pussy, as she was watching Frank destroy Darasimi’s pussy.

Frank brought his huge hand into the mix, spanking her hard on the ass while fucking her aggressively.

“Thank you, Daddy!” Dara said

Her eyes completely shut, in a different realm from where they were, eating pussy while getting pounded into infinity. This is the life right here.

Thank God, she decided to come get the flash drive. Frank’s drilling let her pussy feel like a well, and she didn’t mind the pussy she was sucking. Clean-shaven, and her vulva was so soft, she took her hands upwards and began to play with the boobs when Frank reduced the speed of the thrusts, but when he increased it, she was caught between screaming and munching on the pussy just in front of her mouth.

“Frank, fuck the shit outta this bitch!” The lady said

Frank and the lady stared at each other, while Frank decimated her pussy while she was getting her pussy eaten by the same girl. With the comment from her, he held onto her waist tighter, and continued to pummel the pussy, at this point, with the amount of destruction Frank’s dick is bringing. At this time, the elasticity of her pussy must have worn out. This dick is just too big, and not meant to be used like this.

Dara was eating the pussy in front of her, and it became wetter, then Boom! She squirted all over Dara’s face, the volume and pressure against her mouth and face felt like the force of a waterfall. As she squeezed her face so the squirt didn’t enter her eyes.

This lady is a fountain of squirt. On the other end, Frank was having a blast smashing in and out of her well-drilled pussy.

Frank is one of the few men who can totally dominate her unlike Remi, it’s not Remi’s fault, there is superior equipment. He continued to fuck her until he got very close, he pulled out of Dara, and she knelt in front of him, while Dara crawled in a fetus position, and tried to regain her strength, while the other lady milked his huge dong of all the cum Dara pulled out of him.

“You’ll need to go and change your outfit,” Frank said

“Thanks, Sherlock Holmes” Dara replied

Obviously, cum stains all over her dress.

“Are you still talking?” Frank said, laughing.

“I’m ready to go again, you know me now” Frank threatened

Frank ran his hands over pussy, indeed her pussy was very hot, and it looked like the elasticity had worn out because he could see a clear circular space inside her pussy.

“Laura, this is Darasimi, my colleague, she knows how to munch a box, doesn’t she?” Frank joked with Laura

“Nice to meet you, Darasimi,” Laura said

“She is my fiance, and we like to have ridiculous fun together,” Frank said.

She remained in the position for a while, then gained energy to stand up, and shake hands with Laura.

“I already copied the presentation onto a flash drive for you before you got here,” Frank said, handing her the drive.

They both disappeared into the bedroom, Darasimi re-arranged her clothes back, went to the bathroom to wash up quickly so see if she can still manage the outfit. The stains were conspicuous enough, she decided to go home and find a change of cloth.

Fuck, she felt thoroughly worn out, how in the world would she ever have enough strength to give the presentation. She got into her car, and drove back home, she parked outside the gate and then walked into the house.

She went to her building, the entire compound was silent, but as she approached her apartment, she started hearing faint moaning noises coming from her flat.

There is however a tiny space to see inside the apartment, she tiptoed towards it.

She bent in such a way that she could use the tiny space to look into the apartment and whatever was going on in there, what she saw was beyond shocking, she saw Niyi pounding furiously at Kenny’s big ass, Remi’s wife.


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