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January 15, 2021

Sister Darasimi: Oh… Shit-Shit-Shit!!! [Episode VII](18+)
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Sister Darasimi: Oh… Shit-Shit-Shit!!! [Episode VII](18+)

She stayed under the slightly warm water as it rained down on her from her hair to the feet. The water should have been hotter than this but the warm heater in their bathroom has been lukewarm for a couple of days now, just like the water.

She stayed under the water like the longer she stayed, the cleaner her spirit, soul, and body will be, but there was no way her spirit would be clean from all this. It was plainly impossible for that to happen. She scrubbed as much as she could, her face, her breasts, her stomach, her thighs, she washed her buttocks and scrubbed hard, she was going for as painful as possible, maybe the pain will exorcise out the demon deep inside her who loves to put her through misery.

Everything has been going well for her lately, but it had seemed like the demon inside her was on vacation, what could have brought back the demon earlier today? She hadn’t slept with Franklin in a long time, because of how much his dick hurts her, but that’s what the ridiculous sex demon in her wants.

Forget the comparison with insecticide can, his dick was the size of a small yam. He tore into her as wildly as he could, instead of her to run, she would stay and not even complain, the fucking demon will make her moan inside.

Her thoughts were rudely interrupted when the water stopped sprinkling from the overhead shower.

“Jesus, the neighbors have finished the water again,” She said to herself.

“Niyi, please switch on the pumping machine, the water is out” She screamed from the bathroom to Niyi watching TV in the living room

“Okay,” Niyi responded.

Her thoughts had ended, she usually has her best thoughts in the bathroom, and this seems to be end of this one. With whatever happened today, her pussy needs to take some time out, peeing this night has been slightly painful for her. It’s best to stay away from fucking for now.

Niyi doesn’t look like he’s in the mood for any type of sex, it’ll be better to just delay been in the same space as him for now. She stayed a little bit more in the bathroom, got water out of the container, and washed all over for the umpteenth time.

As she was cleaning her body, she heard Niyi’s voice

“I’m going to bed, feeling very sleepy. You’ll have to stay up to shut off the pumping machine” That was his good night message. Darasimi was happy that their contact and interactions this night were short and infrequent. They’ve barely said 5 sentences to each other, she was happy about that.

She heard the closing of the bedroom door, she changed into a loose t-shirt and boxer short, made her way to the living room. She grabbed a Schweppes Virgin Mojito from the fridge, and let loose on the couch, switching on the TV, she went straight to the DStv Catch up to keep watching her stories. Her first stop was Insecure, the drama about an African American young lady’s life, love, and all her relationships.

She got used to Issa’s character and understood how much your life can be fucked up with or without that intention but at last, it’s easier to tell people, it’s complicated and move on. Despite how much she loved the show, she hated the Molly character, while not being a perfect person herself likes to point out other people’s flaws, such a fucking hypocrite. She was so disgusted about the character that she moved on from the show and went to watch Everybody Hates Chris that she had recorded. She binged about four to five episodes cracking up alone in the living room, she could see her mother is Chris’s mum’s character, and the staggering resemblance to African parents made it even funnier.

When she was about to switch to the next episode, everything went quiet and she heard noises like it was raining, she looked outside the window and realized that the water tank on the roof was full, she put off the pumping machine and watched one more show, before sleep came for her.

She managed to switch off the tv and other appliances and crawled to bed, backing Niyi. Everything seems okay and good. She had survived the day, and she was thankful for that except something else was brewing up.

Niyi woke her up as quickly as 5 am.

“Dara, wake up” Niyi said, tapping her lightly,

“Wake up, there is something we need to discuss” Niyi continued

She was still in her trance state, in between sleep, and in between reality

“Let’s talk when I wake up or on the way to work?” Dara said

“Nope, we have to talk now!” Niyi said

Dara still sleepy, turned to see him sitting up on the bed, full attention on her,

“Where did you go after parking your car last night?” Niyi asked

The lights in her head went on, full blare.

Oh.. Shit Shit Shit!!! Niyi saw her? What the actual fuck?! This Pastor has destroyed her life?! What in the world? What is she gonna say now?

“What?!” She pretended not to know what he was talking about, her mind running from place to place, is it better to lie or come clean?

Come clean? That the Pastor wanted to fuck her because he had earth-shattering blue balls?

“Last night when I parked?” Dara said

“Stop playing ignorant, and answer the fucking question” Niyi raised his voice

“What is wrong with you Niyi? Why are you shouting at me, you jealous bastard” Darasimi responded

“Are you kidding me? Just answer the fucking question” Niyi replied with a raised voice.

“I saw Ijeoma down the street, so I went to see her briefly” Darasimi replied, voice raised to match Niyi’s

“Oh my God! You lying cheating absolute lowlife nymphomaniacal bitch!” Niyi screamed harder, storming away from the room

“What the fuck did you call me?” Dara said, following him closely.

At this point, their house begins to seep into their neighbors,

“How dare you call me a lying cheating bitch?!, Niyi” Dara screamed at him

“How fucking dare you?” She continued…

“Because you didn’t see Ijeoma, I saw you and Youth Pastor drive away, where the fuck did Ijeoma come from?” Niyi screamed back

“Fuck you, Niyi.. Fuck you very much” Darasimi said

“You didn’t see Ijeoma anywhere, stop lying you fucking bitch” Niyi continued.

“You know why I know, I saw you drive off with him, and now you come here… lie to my face”

“You’ve been a trifling fucking bitch, but I didn’t think you’d lie, what is wrong with you”

Niyi furious, pointing and letting out his frustrations of Darasimi’s incessant cheating all out.

“You’ve always been cheating, and cheating and fucking cheating,” Niyi said

“I wasn’t cheating this time, I went to help him with something else” Dara had calmed down a notch lower.

There was a knock on their door, the voice coming from the other side of the door was Remi and Kenny. A slightly older couple who live just opposite them, Remi was a 40 something years old banker while his wife, Kenny was close to 40 as well, working as an Advert Executive with a creative agency.

“Please open the door, Niyi” Remi called out from outside the door

“How the fuck are you lying to me about something that I saw” Niyi continued

Niyi went towards the door, opened for the couple, who came in and began to talk to them.

“Darasimi, Niyi, couples always have disagreements from time to time” Remi began

“You’ll have to work through it all” Kenny added.

“Darasimi, come with me,” Remi said, taking Darasimi to their apartment for a heart-to-heart conversation

“Niyi, please take a seat, let’s talk,” Kenny said to Niyi who was still boiling at this point

Dara followed Kenny to their apartment, and sat opposite each other, Remi was sitting on the center table, while Dara was sitting on the couch, few steps away from each other. Dara still wearing what she wore to sleep last night, while Remi was wearing a long flowing Jalabia.

“I understand perfectly what is going on between you and Niyi. It’s not uncommon at all. Kenny and I have been at each other’s throats countless times, even till recently” Remi began to counsel Darasimi

“Even accuse you of cheating?” Dara asked him

“Of course, weekly she checks through my Whatsapp messages,” Remi said, chuckling,

“That never goes away” Remi smiled

Darasimi seemed to smile a bit. As they spoke more, she found Remi very charming, also good looking, there was a way his face lits up, and his lips look very nice, in fact inviting.

That began to stir up something inside her, as he continued to admonish her, it wasn’t entering her ears anywhere, rather she kept imagining scenes of him choking her up against the wall.

“You’ve got to be patient, plenty patient. We can be dramatic too, guys too can be dramatic but it’s important to always remember why you care about the other person” Remi said, he shifted forward and pulled back the Jalabia up to his knee, and that’s where the problem started for Darasimi.

She was already liking him, with his beautiful boy face, and now, adjusting his Jalabia just revealed that he might be packing like crazy. Under the outfit was nothing but his boxer short, which seems to be housing an anaconda.

Looks like Remi hasn’t lost all of his morning wood, as his dick was long and stuck to his left thigh, with the head of his dick peering out, if she can strain her eyes, she was sure she can see his pee hole.

Wow, she seems under intense pressure now, because she could feel a tingle down her loins, the shape of his dick interrupted her listening, and now to think it was almost erect was causing her different types of reaction in her pussy.

“You need to be a lot more patient” Remi said.

The demon inside her came out full-fledged, it loves drama and a side dish of violence. Without prompt or hesitation, she sat forward, and kissed Remi, taking his lower lip, and kissing them, her hands went directly into his space. She put on her hands on his thigh while the other went underneath his Jalabia to caress the semi-turgid dick. She massaged his dick while still in his boxer short, stroking it through the soft material.

Something definitely possessed her, and she couldn’t stop because she was enjoying too, the risque nature of it all made her crazy. The fact that Kenny could come in right now, alone or with Niyi to make amends was beyond a turn on for her, but compulsive.

She broke the kiss and began to kiss his neck, while bringing out his dick from his shorts, and jerking it off, using the side of her thumb to clean off the precum from the tip.

“What are you doing?” Remi whispered to Darasimi

She didn’t respond but rather sucked down on his huge dick, bopping hard on it, slobbing back and forth on it.

“Remi, we’ll be late for work o,” Kenny said as she approached their apartment.

Remi took off, heading straight for the bathroom, with his hard dick. Darasimi wiped her mouth with the shirt she was wearing, and swiftly on the floor, where her saliva was, the spot where she drooled while sucking Remi’s dick.

Kenny walked in, and sat on the same spot as Remi,

“Go and meet your man, Dara. It’s all about patience and understanding” Kenny said, smiling at her.

“It’ll be fine” Kenny assured her, as she walked her out of their apartment to Niyi

Darasimi’s heart was racing, they were so close to been found out, and it was beyond annoying that they were rudely interrupted, she enjoyed sucking him, such a big, beautiful black dick, especially the shiny head. The excitement was still on, but more importantly, the demon is rolling around in her consciousness, and the hitch in between her thighs had gotten severe especially since they just encountered a new dick.

Niyi was waiting in the living room, looking sober than his angry self.

“I’m sorry for calling you a bitch,” Niyi said, holding her head, kissing her lightly but she responded with vigor, harder than she had expected. She kissed him harder more, she started taking off her clothes, she yanked off the top and pulled the short down to her feet. She continued kissing him with the same mouth that just sucked Remi’s dick a few moments ago.

Niyi also took off his shirt like they were on fire and his shorts like there were soldier ants inside them. He sat on the couch and she sat beside him, her head inside his thighs, licking, sucking, and teasing his dick. The demon was back in charge, Dara has been subdued, the sex demon is out now.

She sucked on his dick like she had been starved for weeks or months, just yesterday she fucked four guys in a single day, and today, she’s on dick number two. He massaged her skull as she sucked him like she was apologizing for being such a fucking whore, a bitch, a disappointment in human flesh. She served him like a slave, as he spanked her, he pressed her head down on his dick till he felt she was about to choke, relieving her, she began to cough a little bit. She felt a little better.

This fuck could be an atonement for the sins of yesterday, she deepthroated him a few more times and got up, she gave him reverse cowgirl. She sat on his dick, backing him, and using the center table as support, she began bouncing on and off his dick, slamming harder than the previous time.

Definitely the best dick Niyi had given her, maybe they need to get into fights more, looks like Niyi is packing more than she had taken. Unlike previous times, Niyi’s dick was hitting her cervix more and that got the demon even wilder, while she was bouncing off him, he spanked her hard, and that sharp pain seemed to be what put her over the edge, as she threw her ass back more and more, eventually taking a break to grind her ass round and round at the base of his dick.

She was using his dick like it was pestle and her pussy was the mortar when pounding yam. She steered his pestle towards the left and punch her inner organ more and more with it. Niyi had blown his load long ago, but was still hard, as he watched her work like an Olympic athlete.

She used his dick to steer herself, left and right, like a maniac, she didn’t even care about the hurt, the pain was getting in there as much as the pleasure, and the demon wanted that. She continued to grind harder and harder until whitish substance covered his entire dick. It was like she was in a trance, a sex trance, all the attention in the world was concentrated in her pussy, and the intense drilling.

If her pussy was an oil well, they’d have found oil by now. She continued until Niyi grabbed her waist, and stood up with it, she changed position to allow Doggy position but that was it for Niyi.

He pulled out of her and pulled her body closer, hugging her with the sweat

“Looks like there is something inside you during sex” Niyi said

“Maybe,” She said, smiling, and kissing him. There is definitely one if not a legion

They bought went into the bathroom together to take their shower and get ready for work. Unfortunately, Remi’s dick was still on her mind.

That was weeks ago, now it is time to do something about this pregnancy, remove it or just push it unto Niyi, who will provide everything, and the one she cares for the most. This thing for sex will definitely ruin her life, she knew that for sure.

Her mother’s recent discussion has put matters into perspective, should she really remove the fetus or not. Her drive home was filled with this thought, but something else was waiting for her as well.

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