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January 15, 2021

Sister Darasimi: Unleashing the Beast & Stupid Uncle Jide[Episode IV](18+)
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Sister Darasimi: Unleashing the Beast & Stupid Uncle Jide[Episode IV](18+)

Darasimi has always been close to the church from a very young age, her father was an Elder in church while her mother was a Deaconess. Her childhood was mixed and immersed into the church, she felt that was her calling, and drove hard into it.

Asides from routine church services on Wednesday, she was still in church, at least twice during the week, then with her mum on Saturday where they clean the church and the surrounding. 

At 14 years old, in senior secondary school, she wanted more than anything to join the choir, but somehow her parents were taking her serious on that, she had spoken to the handsome, and gentle choirmaster, Uncle Jide about joining the choir, and he had accepted but her parents didn’t want her near that place.

Uncle Jide is a nice guy, not married, rumors around that he’s dating the lead singer, Sister Nike, whose chest is something else, her breasts feel bigger than her entire upper body frame, with a tiny body to follow. Uncle Jide is nice, and like several other girls in the church, she was also crushing on him hard. He always smiled at her and paid special attention to her despite those big aunties always begging for his attention

It was all rumors but it was common knowledge that Uncle Jide had bedded so many women in the church but no one had proof for it. Sister Nike was different because they are seen together a lot, so there might an atom of truth to it. Uncle Jide would never do such a thing, such a holy fellow, they were mainly jealous of his voice, and because many people like him.

During the worship song session, Darasimi is usually lost in the sweet sonorous voice of Uncle Jide, and fantasizing about him smiling at her, and playing with her. She was so drawn to him that she thought she might just kiss me if they were ever alone in the church quarters or anywhere. She was so drawn to him, such a kind and naturing man, always advising her to face her studies and pay no attention to men.

All this was in her head, as she walked to the church one Saturday evening, against her parent’s wishes, she was going for the choir practice. As she strolled the street, alone, her mum was out of town, she was accosted by Chidi, her neighbor who has been writing her love letter.

“Dara! How are you?” Chidi said, a slender, good-looking boy 16-year-old.

“I’m fine, Chidi. I’m late for choir practice” She said, increasing the speed of her walk, he tried to catch up with her as much as he could.

“Let me walk you to church” He offered, she wanted to turn him down, the conversation he wanted to have isn’t what she was in the mood for, he was going to ask about the love letter, asking to be his girlfriend

Darasimi knew he would continue to disturb her, seeing as he hasn’t let down for once for over 3 months, sending her love letters almost every week. Foolscap sheet of love scribbling. She knew that he seemed to like her, but as a good Christian girl, she didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

But Chidi will not stop, he will continue to pester her, within her mind, she knew nothing will ever happen, she was never going to go to his house, neither will she bring him into her house but so she can rest in peace, she told him, yes, she has heard.

He couldn’t believe his ears.

“Are you serious, Dara?” He asked, elated, smiling sheepishly from ear to ear.

Darasimi only wanted to get him behind her, so she can go see her choirmaster crush in church for the rehearsal that her parents forbade her from going. She looked back, and Chidi ran back home.

She continued to the church, where the choir rehearsals had already begun, she went to the back of the group and sat there. She watched as several female choir members threw themselves at Uncle Jide who just smiled and carried on as nothing happened.

It was time to arrange the members for tomorrow’s performance, he looked around, and asked everyone to stand up, he began arranging people, and luckily, he called her to be on the front row, and this is just her first time in the choir rehearsal. She was overjoyed, as other choir members watch as she went to the front of the assembly without even spending a month in the choir.

She didn’t even protest, she planned to turn off the mic in tomorrow’s service, and lipsync the songs they had rehearsed. The rest of the choir practice, she felt like she was floating in the sky, nothing could touch her.

As the choir rehearsal drew to a close, Darasimi went beside the church through a narrow pathway that can take roughly two smallish people. Just coming out of the other end of the pathway from the bathroom was Uncle Jide, heading in the same direction was Darasimi.

He was almost halfway into it while Darasimi was just getting into the walkway. She offered to wait for him to come, but he told her to keep coming, there was space but it was little.

She backed him as their bodies collided in the narrow walkway, and somehow he brushed his dick against her soft big behind, and she could feel something strong brushing against her ass.

When they both got to opposite ends of where they were heading, Uncle Jide called out at Darasimi

“Wait for me o. I want to tell you something” He said

“Okay sir” She was even more pleased that she would spend extra time with him when all those stupid aunties are gone.

She waited patiently as he took time to explain every other’s person role to them until the only person left was Darasimi.

Instead of speaking to her there and then, he asked her to help him arrange things so he can lock up the church, and he can walk her home. Super happy, Dara followed the plan.

As they were walking home, he kept on quizzing her about school, and boys. Encouraging her to shun the attention boys are giving her because some parts of her body are developing. She smiled sheepishly and continued walking with him, then he stopped and said,

“There is this book on singing that I have, that you need to read” He explained, 

“It can help you to be a better singer, it helped me a lot” He continued

“Really?” She asked joyfully,

“Yes, but it’s at my house. We can go and get it now” He said

“She didn’t think twice before saying yes,” She said, forgetting he could just bring it to church for her tomorrow. In her mind, if she can read it tonight, maybe it will help her singing tomorrow.

“Sure, let’s go” She detoured away from Darasimi’s house to Uncle Jide’s house.

“What about your mum? Isn’t she at home?” He asked about her parents

“They went to my big sister’s wedding in Epe, they will be back in the night” She responded.

They walked around, talking and laughing, she felt like her birthday with Uncle Jide spending all this time with her, telling her about his time in school, how he learned how to sing, occasionally, she saw his checking her ass out but she didn’t think much of that.

They got to his house, he opened up the door, a single room, the apartment looked okay, the bed was on the floor, the tv and DVD were also on the floor, it looked decent, but it wasn’t dirty at all. It was quite tidy.

Instead of getting the book for her, he settled into the bed not before he switched on the TV and DVD player, he reduced the volume of the TV. 

She asked, “Uncle Jide, what is that? What are you watching?”

“Darasimi, the movie is for adults, it’s not for small children like you?” He said smiling

“I’m not a child o, show me jo” She pleaded with him

“Are you sure?” He asked her,

She nodded. He pressed play on the remote and the screen was filled with a lady sucking some guy’s dick, she was busy gorging the dick, up and down, and playing with the balls.

“See, it’s not for kids,” He said,

“Haaa, it’s blue film,” She said naively

He moved closer to her, putting his arm around her, she was fixated on the screen with the lady sucking the guy’s dick. She didn’t say anything but she could feel some feeling brewing up inside her. He was drawing her closer to him, and stylishly let his hands down, to cup her boobs.

Big boobs for a 14-year-old, he continued pressing her boobs, and somehow she was enjoying him pressing her boobs.

She has been silent for the last two minutes, he asked her

“Do you want to try it too?”

She nodded instead of replying. He was quick to unbutton his trousers and bring out his dick, she looked more at the video, and tried to mimic the motions of the girl in the video.

She kept feeling like she would throw up each time, she takes the whole shaft in her mouth, then he began training her.

“Focus on the head of the dick, that’s where the pleasure is, you can use your hand to stroke back and forth the rest of the shaft,” Uncle Jide told her.

She heeds his advice and continued, and it seemed like she was getting a hang of it, and perhaps starting to enjoy it, when the movie then turned to the girl laying down with her legs spread in different angles, waiting for penetration.

“Should we try this one too?” Uncle Jide asked, whose erection at this point was towering.

“No, I’m not ready yet, Uncle Jide,” She said

“Don’t worry, it won’t pain you” He tried to reassure her, but she wasn’t ready for it yet.

She pushed her gently to the bed, and began to unbutton her jeans, and taking them off, along with her panties.

“Uncle Jide, No!” She protested

“Don’t worry Darasimi, it won’t pain you.”

He got it off her, and pushed down his own trouser, knelt before her on his bed, pointed his penis in front of her pussy, and rubbed it over and over.

“Uncle Jide” Darasimi began to protest amidst her moans, it felt so pleasurable, him rubbing his dick over her pussy and tirelessly against her clitoris.

“Uncle… Jide!!!!” She kept moaning, and then he pushed in his dick into her pussy, pushing and retrieving it, using his hand to cover her mouth, he lunged in, and she screamed into his hands, tearing through her hymen.

He kept on thrusting into her, as he wanted, while she was writhing in pain, there was a lot of pain but so was pleasure. It was a mix for her, as he continued, he was thrusting into her rough but she was started to enjoy it. The pleasure more than the pain. The brutality of it all was making her feel pleasure.

He thrust and thrust till he brought out his stained dick, and poured his semen over her belly.

He rushed into one of his closets, brought out tissue paper, and began to wipe off her belly, her inner thighs that had been stained. He cleaned her up, and she got up, refused to say anything to him, dressed up and left.

Luckily for her, her parents weren’t home when she got home, she threw away the soaked panty and took her bath, as she was about to sleep, her parents arrived, she greeted them, and managed to hide her awkward walking steps. She disappeared into her bed and replayed all that happened earlier with Uncle Jide.

She liked him so much, and felt like this will bond them forever, and also the sex wasn’t bad, she felt pain alright but there was also an abundance of pleasure, especially when he was thrusting into her. Uncle Jide took her virginity. She couldn’t report him, no one will believe her.

Everyone loves Uncle Jide including her, moreover, her parents told her not to join the choir, how would she explain that she went to his house. She knew it was a secret she had to keep forever.

Weirdly, she wasn’t angry at him, the next day, the whole family didn’t make the service. 

After the service, Jide rushed to their house, to know what was happening, he met her outside and asked what happened, she explained that mother and father were purging all night because of something they ate at the party. 

“Uncle Jide, your secret is safe with me,” She said to him.

He had to leave town for NYSC later that week, and the rush for that excitement again rushed into her. She began to crave more excitement, touching herself to sleep at night, fingering herself, finding cucumber.

Chidi was back to disturbing her again, talking about how his parents are out of the town for 3 days. Darasimi made some calculations and followed him home the next day.

She didn’t let him relax as soon as he closed the door, as she tore the clothes off him sucked him for a bit, and sat on his dick, she rode him like a sex-starved nymphomaniac, rode him like a crazy person, there was also no protest from him. 

She rode him to her satisfaction and her first-ever orgasm from her 16-year-old boyfriend, not Uncle Jide.

The way her body broke down and re-assembled again with the orgasm while fucking Chidi was lifechanging, she felt like a transformer, she became addicted to that feeling, thanks to the rapey choir-master.

The genie is out of the bottle now. 

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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