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January 15, 2021

Sister Darasimi: Meet My #1 Boy & Fellowship LOML, Niyi [Episode II] (18+)
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Sister Darasimi: Meet My #1 Boy & Fellowship LOML, Niyi [Episode II] (18+)


Sister Darasimi tells the story of how she met her loving boyfriend through a Christian fellowship in school, and stayed together all these while without her secret intact.

Story written By AuntyBisi & Deolu Oniranu

She looked at her wristwatch again, wondering how long she had to wait for.

Sitting down here lost in her wild thoughts weren’t helping her, she needed an escape from the memories that haunted her. She needed to get this done with so she could be free again.

Free to pursue her eventful sexual escapades. Her sexual pervasions bring her alive, it’s like a battery that jolts her up, making her feel like a fully charged battery. She saw sex as a conquest, taking over phallus and milking them for juices.

She was quite lucky in the number of times that she has been pregnant, not so much compared to the number of times she has had unprotected sex, she felt like the female James Bond, all that sex with almost no consequence to it, asides a few times that she has had to undertake this medical procedure.

Only if she was ‘’normal’’ like the average girl out there, only if she could control her incessant urges, only if she could stick to one partner, she wouldn’t be in this mess.

Her boyfriend satisfied her sexual desires as best as he could, but she was a fucking nymphomaniac or whatever fancy word it was called. She could never be satisfied. Her boyfriend Niyi, bless his gentle and beautiful heart had no idea what she was, although he would have suspected, after long hours of pounding, after he cums, she will still continue to rub her pussy tirelessly, sometimes disappearing into the bathroom with her pink rabbit, and the buzzing sound will be anything he could hear from the room while he tried to catch his breath.

He placed her above everything in his life, held her in high self-esteem, treated her like a perfect woman, but she wasn’t even half of the woman he thought she was. He dedicated himself to her, she appreciated all he does for her, but that insatiable demon inside her wouldn’t let her be great.

The thirst for bigger dicks, new dicks, fresh dicks.  There was a day that she saw a Pringles’ bottle and still drooling down there, imagining how that would stretch her pussy to the max, the pain and the absolute body wrecking pleasure that will do to her. She thought about buying and taking it to the Pastor’s house. That Pastor knew how to put down the dick.

The Pastor once fisted her and she cried in insane pleasure, his hand inside her, stretching the pussy, and fingers pushing against her cervix, she pulled her nipple up herself as she strangled her.

Niyi was a gentleman who complained about her red butt cheeks after a little spanking, something she doesn’t mind. She doesn’t even mind not been able to sit for a couple of hours, the pleasure that drives her completely off the stratosphere is what she wants. To be beaten, flogged, and fucked like a slave is what she loved most about the Pastor and her colleague but Niyi was too much of a gentleman.

She took a deep sigh, buried her face in her palms and sobbed lightly.

’’I’m so sorry, Niyi”

“I’m so sorry’’

I should have told you what I was and who I was. Her mind replayed back to when she met him.

It had happened on a fateful Saturday evening at the University’s chapel. She had been a member of this fellowship since her first year at the university. She had joined because of the never-ending supply of guys, guys she could manipulate into her wishes.

They attended the fellowship in droves, so it was quite easy for her to pick and choose any one of them.  She knew how to play her game right, so word never got out about her insatiable sexual desires.

To everyone, she was the perfect Christian lady, diligent in church, supportive to every department of the church, she never forgot the washing of Church chairs monthly. The Welfare department wouldn’t be able to function if she missed Church twice in a row.

In all her years of attending the fellowship, she had never met nor crossed paths with Niyi. It was like a mystery because she knew almost everyone who attended the fellowship.

The first time she saw him, she felt a non- sexual sensation, a feeling she hadn’t experienced in years, something quite unexplainable. She was going to get to the source of this attraction by having him in between her legs and on her bed. Let’s see if she still feels this way about him, after sleeping with him to her heart’s content. Let’s see how this will end.

Darasimi was so engrossed in her wild thoughts about the new guy, she didn’t notice he was walking towards her.

‘’Hello there! Whatever you’re thinking about must be good, your face is gleaming with excitement. My name is Niyi,’’ He said.

She raised her head down in shy embarrassment,

‘’OH! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I just saw you all alone by yourself, lost in thoughts and I thought it was gentlemanly to come over and talk to you, probably cheer you up. Trust me, embarrassing you weren’t part of the plan.

She was silent for a minute, raised her head up and she found herself looking into the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen. The beauty she was staring into got her tongue-tied when she finally found her voice, she replied,

‘’Oh! It’s fine! A girl needs to have some alone time.”

‘’I can leave if you mind. The last thing I want to do is to intrude a pretty girl’s personal space.’’

‘’It’s fine. You weren’t intruding. Are you new here? Because I’m sure I haven’t seen you before.”

‘’You keep a tab on people here?’ Or you happen to be the minister in charge of fishing out new people on here”, he replied sarcastically;

‘’Well you can say that again because I would have noticed you if you were a familiar face’’

‘You still haven’t told me your name…’’

‘’OluwaDarasimi, but you can call me Dara’’

‘’Beautiful name for a beautiful lady’’

‘’Oh please’’ She responded with a playful smile.

That was the beginning of their relationship which blossomed into a full-blown romance.

Niyi and Dara became inseparable, their love embodied perfection, also they shared the same taste for God and the church.

Niyi was an example of the perfect gentleman. He worshipped and loved Darasimi with all his soul. They continued their relationship until they both graduated from University. It continued all through the beginning and end of their youth service.  

Their relationship was beyond perfection. The sex was great. Communication was lit, they both completed each other BUT Niyi had no idea what his girlfriend was.

He had a job that made him scarcely available to spend quality time with her after they both graduated from school. Dara, however, is a master of hiding her secrets well.

She had people on the side that she had routine tonnes of sex with, the ones she dominated, and the ones that dominated her, the ones that are only good at eating her out, with a bib too. Although her favorites were two, the Married, Big Dick Dominating Youth Pastor, and her colleague.

Of course, Niyi was on top of the chart, Niyi was more than sex, he was also her life, she loved him more, the only other person she could claim she loved also was the Pastor, who coincidentally was first introduced by Niyi.

Somehow, either because of good she was or how lucky she was, Niyi never found out about them in school and Youth Service.

Niyi had some slight heads up one time they were having sex, and Niyi hit the right spot that brings out her demons, then she began the dirty talk.

“Fuck me like a slave, fuck me hard, Squeeze my boobs, Smash me hard, baby”

Niyi did as he was told but he felt weird throughout the experience. This wasn’t his Dara, she was more of a soft moaning lady during sex but there is demon taking over her body right now.

“Fuck me like a whore! Baby!!!”

“Fuck me like this is the last time you’ll be fucking me”

Niyi had a wild night too, but after it was all over. Dara apologized to him calling the situation rather spontaneous and didn’t know what overcame her that night.

That was the only time Niyi ever caught a glimpse of the demons residing in his girlfriend, but this is the demon the Pastor knew about all too well.

Their first encounter was, however… one that they both couldn’t have imagined.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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