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January 15, 2021

Sister Darasimi: Meet the Troubled Passionate Church-Going Nymphomaniac [Episode I] (18+)
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Sister Darasimi: Meet the Troubled Passionate Church-Going Nymphomaniac [Episode I] (18+)


Sister Darasimi is the beloved Deputy Choir Mistress with a life she wants hidden from everyone. Find out more about her intricate life choices and her intense addiction to sex.

Story written By AuntyBisi & Deolu Oniranu

Sister Darasimi is a senior chorister who coordinates the choir activities when the choirmaster isn’t around.

She is well respected among the choristers as well as the entire church, standing at 5’11, with a caramel body tone, and quite the intimidating body statistics, she had an impressive physique that had a lot of men in the church hoping to get a date out of her, but for the ones she doesn’t fancy, she has a nice way of turning them down without it getting embarrassing.

Everyone knew how much dedication Sister Darasimi has to the things of God, she would show up for almost all church services and Christian events, help out in other departments even without being asked. To the untrained eyes, she comes off someone with a devoted attitude to seeking a deeper connection with her creator.

If you’re someone who studies people very well, she’ll come off as someone is doing all of this either to apologize for something she has done or is still wallowing in sin and hoping to change her ways with help from God. Her addiction is one that needs divine attention, it has gotten her into trouble a lot of times, but not yet in the church of God where everyone seems to think of her as an angel with only a few people with evidence that she isn’t.

This particular choir practises, she had coordinated everything, going through the needs of the choir members before their special ministration for the next church service.

For the next part of the song, she rearranged the choristers in the way she felt would give their performance a resounding presentation.

‘’Okay guys, let’s take it from the top again’’

On my mark, 1, 2, 3, go

The choir team all began to sing at once in a melodious tune. Their voices resonated with the musical instruments that were being played in the background. What was more beautiful was the voice of Sister Darasimi. She sang along with them as they did a cover of Tasha Cobbs ‘’Break every chain’’.

‘’Good job everyone, good job! I’m impressed, and I’m sure that with this beautiful rehearsal we just had, Sunday Service is about to be lit, to the glory of God, and the migraine of the devil.”

Cheers and whistles broke out among the choir members.  After the excitement had died down, she continued;

“Alright, guys, that will be all for tonight, I want you all to practice your notes at home so we can give a perfect performance on Sunday. Thanks a lot, guys, I love you all. And lastly, as Apostle Paul said in Acts 20:32, I commit you to God, and  to the word of his grace which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.’’

“Please go straight home o, I love you guys!”

‘’We love you too’’ They responded.

‘’See you on Sunday, everyone, Bye’’

She picked her bag and walked away quietly quickly before anyone could engage her in small talks. She walked to her car, got in and drove off into the night.

However, she didn’t take her advice that she gave freely to the rest of the choir. She went elsewhere to do a task that the Bible frowns upon, because of her earlier misgivings which have brought her to this point where this is the only option to save face.

Her hurried footsteps down the halls of the clinic showed someone who was in a hurry. Whatever she had to do, she had to do it quickly. Who would have thought in a thousand years that she will be visiting this clinic, and for that reason too? She had gone through lots of trouble to find a discreet clinic that could get things done with utmost secrecy and privacy.

She settled into a chair outside the Doctor’s office while patiently waiting for her turn.  Her mind wandered to the events of the previous month. Who exactly had put her into this dilemma? Who the fuck exactly? She silently cursed to herself.

The events of the previous month had passed hazily leaving her more bewildered than confused.

She had let her insatiable appetite land her in this mess. But she couldn’t help it even if she wanted to, she had no say in this matter. She loves to have sex, and she loves to have a dick in her pussy every goddam time.  Sex was like food to her hungry soul. It was quite irritating knowing that she will never be fully satiated.

Her array of dildos and vibrators in her secret compartment in her bedroom were merely snacks. They couldn’t replace a meal, but due to her constant appetite, even a snack can be as appealing as a meal.

She had countless sex with anonymous people. She has lived the sexual fantasy of every girl in this world. From threesomes to multiple orgies to being gangbanged to BDSM, she had lived it all. Although she constantly feels she needs to hold back her sexual urges, she just couldn’t even if she tried. Too many places to count, in the church, in the public toilet, outdoors on her car, in the cinema, on the staircase, under the staircase, on the elevator, in a night bus, while she’s on a call, once she gets the scratch, it had to be dealt with.

The doctor’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

‘’Hello madam, please do come in’’

She raised her head to see the doctor looking at her with a faint smile on his face.

‘’Oh wow! What a handsome man! She exclaimed to herself; I wonder if he has a big dick to compliment his looks.”

She went inside the office, took a seat and waited patiently.

‘’Alright, ma’am. How are you doing today?”

She could barely hear a word he was saying. She had let her mind drift to wild thoughts about the gentleman seated in front of her. Wonder how his dick would taste on my tongue of if it would hit her cervix, how fast can he thrust? What type of meat he’s picking, the long or fat, or both…Jesus? Wonder how his manhood will feel in the walls of her vagina. All she could think about was bending over and busting it open for him to take her all in without showing mercy.  

She momentarily forgot why she was there.

‘’Sorry, ma’am, can you hear me?”

‘’Oh, sorry. I was lost in thought!’’

The doctor paused for a minute before he continued,

‘’I was asking you if you still want to go ahead with this, I know it’s none of my business, but you don’t appear to be a young girl or an underage who’s trying to save face. You look more than capable to me, so what prompted this decision, If I may ask?’’

Darasimi took a deep sigh before she replied;

“Doc, my life is like a circus, this part of my life is hidden from a lot of people. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a major life crisis, but my sex life is undergoing a major crisis.”

The doctor raised a comical eyebrow;

‘’Can you please explain what you meant by your sex life undergoing a major life crisis, I do not seem to understand. Can you tell me more” He said shifting in his leather chair, settling in to hear the story behind this lady’s travails?

“Well, the truth is that I don’t know who the father of this fetus breathing inside me is. I don’t. And to make matters worse, my boyfriend is out of town and has been before this “immaculate” conception. So apparently, he’s not responsible for this. She pointed to her belly; So, you see why I must get it done and over with before he gets back.

‘’Okay! I Totally understand. But what about the father?”

‘’I think it’s better if we skip that, and just get this done with.”

‘’Alright ma’am, Kindly wait outside for few minutes. You will be called on shortly.

It isn’t like she didn’t want to say more to the doctor but she cannot place who the father of the baby inside her is, the last couple of weeks have a sexual rollercoaster for her. There was a day she had sex four times in one day, with four different people, she cannot exactly place whose baby this is.

She exited his office, and go back to his office for the nurses to finish arranging the operating table for them to abort her pregnancy.

She might not be able to place who the father is, but she sure as hell, enjoyed the sex with the Youth Pastor, Pastor Dipo, popularly called Pastor D, one of the naughty reasons that drew her to him.

On that orgasmic day, she knocked softly on his flat and waited. Pastor D’s wife is abroad to deliver their first child, a strikingly handsome man, he is the toast of many of the sisters in the church, both married and unmarried, but someone an affair began between the both of them, and this day, she had a dick appointment. He answered the knock

‘’Come in” a familiar deep baritone voice answered from inside’

She opened the door and let herself in. He raised his head and let out a soft whistle when he saw her. He motioned to her to lock the door behind her.

‘’Who do we have here?’’

“Come here you sexy little thing and give me some little warmth to spice up this ministration I’m about to bless you with’’ He said pointing to his dick.

They turned to face one another and didn’t speak for several seconds. Then he put his hand on her cheek and bent down to kiss her. She turned her face upward and their lips met, then parted. Through his trousers, His erection strained against the wool and nestled against her abdomen. The closeness to her just gave him a hard-on, some people just ooze sex from the pores of their sex, one of such ladies is Darasimi.

‘’Oh! How I love the sound of that, I love how you use Pastor talk to seduce me, how do you want to bless me,” she walked towards him, placed her hands on his chest, while slowly unbuttoning his shirt. He lifted her, cleared his table and placed her on the table, while her hands fumbled with his belt.

‘’You are temptation straight from the devil’’, He breathed down her neck.

‘’Oh really! She replied in a husky voice, why don’t you show me how you plan to deal with this temptation?’’

He reached out for one of her round breasts and placed his mouth on it. He sucked at her nipples greedily while his other fingers teased her other nipple. She let her head back and let out a soft moan of pleasure. He gently parted her thighs and let his fingers make their way easily inside her warm wet pussy. He pleasured her with his fingers while still sucking her boobs.  He moved his hand down further until his fingers slid in deeper and were engulfed there. She gasped and trembled as his two middle fingers began to move, slowly at first, then in a faster, tighter, more circular motion.

‘’Oh God! Oh Jesus! She whispered; Her breathing became unsteady and her moans became louder. Suddenly, she let out a cry and her fingers dug into his shoulder. Her knees buckled as wave after wave of almost unbearable pleasure washed over her.

With his arm around her waist, He held her upright as she gasped, the orgasm seeming to peak, retreat, then peak again. She thought for a moment that she was going to faint.

“That was incredible,” she said, then kissed him deeply. “I didn’t know it would happen – well, so quickly.”’’

I’m just starting with you, you have no idea what’s in store for you. I’m going to deal with you the Devil is going to call me and plead on your behalf.’’

He parted her thighs and laid her spread-eagled on the table. She gave a soft gasp in anticipation of what was about to happen. He buried his head in between her thighs and slowly parted her pussy lips with his tongue, He kissed her there, gently at first, then harder, his mouth engulfing her and his tongue finding her most sensitive pleasure point.

The taste was musky and warm as she began to grind herself against his mouth and chin, gasping and sighing as another climax began to build. Instinctively, Louisa lifted her legs into the air to give him better access, and his tongue began to work faster and more frantically. 

As the point of no return approached, she touched her breast and squeezed the tip with one hand while the other hand reached below and grabbed his head pressing him further into her. When her orgasm came, it was even more mind-shattering than the first had been. As it peaked then exploded, she made a noise that was something like a scream, but somehow more primal, from deep inside her chest. The convulsions continued for as long as his tongue continued to work.

“My God, I can’t stand anymore.’’She screamed out.

He raised his head with her pussy juices dripping from his mouth.

‘’Are you blessing me with this Dick or not?’’

‘’Don’t be in a rush. I’m here to minister to you. He replied with a smirk on his face;

He brought out his hard rock penis, and she could feel the head part her swollen pussy, she paused for a second then let out a loud gasp as she could feel his hardness filled her. She began to rock back and forth, slowly at first, then faster as his hips bucked to match her rhythm. His hands reached up to caress her breasts as they jiggled and bounced. She grabbed the side of the table to steady herself for the explosion that was just seconds away and told him she was getting close. She wrapped her legs around him, pulled him closer and a few minutes later, she could feel his warm seed inside her. He collapsed on her in exhaustion.

They both laid there in silence while inhaling the stench of sex their bodies had made. until he broke it by asking;

‘’Did you enjoy being blessed by me? How was our ministration, pointing to himself and his dick?’’

‘’I was under the anointing the whole time, I could feel the gates of heaving showering the blessings of your sperm inside me.’’ She replied;

“You need to stop cumming inside me,” She said, holding his dick, and slapping it

He stood up, dressed and waited for her to get dressed too.

‘’I was preparing for Sunday’s sermon when you came in, I need to get back to it now seeing that I’m more inspired than ever.

‘’Aren’t you the just the Son of the Devil?’’ She replied with sarcasm. I do hope your wife satisfies as much as I do. I’m sure she does, seeing that you have all the ladies in church throwing themselves at you.

He pulled her closer by the waist to draw her close; ‘’But I chose you little devilish woman to satisfy me.’’

‘’She reached out for his penis and whispered in his ears,

‘’I need to go now, I’ll be at the front row in church on Sunday, so I could get a good view of this. She proved her point by squeezing his cock softly.


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