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January 15, 2021

Sister Darasimi: How the Hell Do You Do 4 in a Day [Episode VI](18+)
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Sister Darasimi: How the Hell Do You Do 4 in a Day [Episode VI](18+)


After leaving her mum at the hospital, her mind was still troubled as to who the father of the growing fetus in her tummy is. The issue happened weeks ago, when someone she had sex with four people in a single day, all of them without protection.

She went to see her mother after whatever happened in Dr. Chidi’s office, she opened the door gently, only to find her mother still wide awake, meeting her in the same arms crossed over chest posture.

“Mum, you’ve not slept yet?” Darasimi asked
“No o, I’m still awake, I don’t feel tired at all, they should just allow me to go home, I sleep better in my own bed,” She said
“Chidi, Dr. Chidi has said you can go tomorrow morning, they just need to watch you overnight to make sure you’re totally okay” Dara explained to her mum
“If you’ve had your own family now, seeing and playing with your wonderful children would have made my life more meaningful but no, you will be forming fine classy girl. Picking them and dropping them. Niyi should make an honest woman out of you” She replied
“This is why I don’t visit often enough, it’s always guilt tripping with you, as soon as I finished school, I should have been married immediately? Kilode?!” Darasimi said
“Is it until you’re in your 40s that you’ll know that” She kept going at Dara
“It’s obvious that you are fine now, no need for me to remain here,” Darasimi said
“Who begged you to stay? Go and settle down, I want to see your kids before I die. Do something about that” Her mother told her.

Darasimi feeling less than human, at that very minute grabbed her bag and headed out of the room, and headed home. Reminding herself, why she doesn’t enjoy visiting home.

Yoruba parents are bullies, they don’t care about whatever your life is, either you’ve found a partner or not, either you divorce or stay in the marriage, just marry and have kids, life will sort itself out.

That was their anthem, money for school fees, diapers, house rent, baby food? Don’t worry, the God that gave you the child will provide for it. Moreover, these kids always bring their means of survival with them, once they arrive, your way will open spiritually, and you’ll be able to afford all those expenses you’ve been worried about since. It’s the law of God, they keep forgetting that Nigeria was okay in the 70/80s when they were having kids even okay in the 90s up to some point.

She ranted in her subconscious as she drove home, the decision still hasn’t been made yet. This fetus inside her keeps growing. Having that child won’t be a problem but she doesn’t know who the father of the baby is. It will keep her mother shut until she wants to know the father of the child. She can always lie but is that the route she wants to take, or she can simply pin it on Niyi and everything will be fine. She thought about it as she drove home, Niyi is most probably going to be the father since he was the first to hit it that day several weeks ago.

The day started like any other day, her alarm went off as usual by 5:30 am, Niyi was laying by her side, in her natural state, she was sleeping naked, Niyi was backing her, also sleeping on his side as well. Grudgingly trying to wake up, she stretched around the bed and pushed her ass backward into Niyi’s groin, detecting an early morning wood from him.

So, it doesn’t go into waste, the always-wet Darasimi used that chance to keep throwing her ass into his morning wood, then took her hands to the back, and straight into his boxers to feel the monster, it was flag was flying at three-quarter mast. While still in her position, she removed his dick from his boxer short, and rubbed it against her pussy entrance a couple of times, opened up her legs slightly enough for the penis to find its way into her pussy.

She started using Niyi’s dick to fuck herself until Niyi woke up to her using his dick for her self pleasure, she was going at it pretty slow, hoping to build up pace as the dick bulldozed into her pussy in and out. She was meaning slow pace but Niyi waking up to been raped, grabbed her waist and put his face close to hers, and started controlling the stroke, and whispered
“Good morning baby, can you feel it?”

“Uh-uhn” Darasimi replied.

He held unto her waist and picked up the pace, giving some very much deserved morning dick, he didn’t last very long as he blew his load into her pussy, as she squeezed all the muscles in his ass, and he spurted his warm liquid deep inside her pussy. To the couple, it felt like the very best way to start a day, she took off from the bed first, jumping into the shower before another 45 minutes in front of the dressing mirror.

At long last, they were able to leave the house a few minutes to 7 am, she headed to her own way, while he went about his own way. The morning sex seems to do some type of magic for Darasimi, as her mood was better that morning than any other time in the past week. She parked her car close to her office friend/fuck buddy’s car.

Seems like he’s early to the office today, she said to herself. Usually, at this time, people aren’t around, because of their business, the office starts to fill up from 8.45 am. Franklin seems to be quite early today. I wonder what he is up to, she said to herself

She entered the office, and just as she had predicted earlier on, Franklin was the only one in the office on her floor, the cleaners were nowhere to be found. She dropped her bags on her desk and went about finding him.

“Franklin! Franklin” She called out to him in the open-plan office.
“In the kitchen,” Franklin said, as he was making coffee to begin his day.
“Okay,” Darasimi said, making her way to the kitchen in her high-heel shoe, on a tight-fitting jean over a silk short arm light blue shirt.
“How come you came so early this morning. Early momo is for people like us o. Latecomers are for Franklin and others” Darasimi said as she entered the kitchen, joking and laughing she found him switching off the electric kettle.
“See ehn, e get as e be o,” Franklin said as she approached him, for a hug

They gave each other a full-body hug, as Franklin grabbed a decent chunk of her ass, and spanked her afterward.
“What is your problem now,” Dara said laughing
“We’re in the office o” She continued
“But no one is here now,” Franklin said
“Warn yourself o,” Dara said smiling, as she left the kitchen

She went back to her desk, and started setting up her table for work to begin, he walked past her to also start the work. Everything was all good, her mind had left whatever happened in the kitchen, but suddenly the spank left some tingling sensation in her pussy, that itch needed to be scratched.

She stood up, went to Franklin’s desk, and whispered to him
“Let’s go to the bathroom”

It seemed like Franklin forgot why he came into the office, he abandoned everything he was doing before that point and dashed off to the bathroom as soon as Dara entered the bathroom.

Franklin closed the door behind and bolted it, and immediately launched at her, he went in straight for a kiss, kissing her full lips on the mouth, and holding her by the waist and drawing her closer to him, and for the second time, that morning grabbed and spanked her ass, this time harder than before. The itch grew worse, as she moaned into his mouth during the kiss.

He continued kissing her but this time, he took his hands and begin to strangle her as he kissed her, choking her as he kissed her, she kissed him harder back. He stopped, moved back from her, at this point she was backing the wash hand basin and mirror on top of it for dressing. He undid his zippers, and unbuckled his trouser, bringing out his anaconda.

His dick would have almost the same length and girth like a can of Raid, the insecticide. That’s what she was looking forward, there is a reason why fucks him once in a while asides been supremely horny like this morning. His dick was sure to hurt her, it was too big and too fat, but that dick fills her up to the brim. His rough stroke somehow triggers her to squirt.

Darasimi moved forward to handle the anaconda but he pressed her shoulder down, signaling for her to suck it.

“Franklin, you know its too big” She whispered.
“Try small now” He pleaded
“It will only go into one hole well, and you know,” She said
“Small… small” Franklin continued pleading.

She took her mouth to the cap of the penis, while her two other hands were around the shaft itself, stroking it back and forth, she did for about another twenty seconds then stopped. He got the message, helped her up, then bent her forward, making her hold the wash hand basin, he undid the zipper, belt, and buckle of the jeans. He pushed the jeans down to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties

“That’s my girl,” Franklin said

Franklin stroked his own dick, rubbed it back and forth over the pussy and took to the entrance of the pussy, and started inserting it into her already wet pussy, she grabbed the basins tighter as his dick burrowed into pussy, he took very gently, as he began to shallow-fuck her. He would take one-third of his dick, and thrust that much of it into her, as fast and hard as he could.

Not really going deep at all. She opened her mouth, and covered her mouth with her hand, she looked up and saw her face on the mirror while Franklin’s face was like he was in a trance, as his dick seemed to have put him in trance through the portal of Darasimi’s pussy.

A few moments later, he switched it up, and thrust deeper into her, that’s the reason why she came in here. The oversized dick that hung between Franklin’s legs. It was tearing into her, wreaking havoc in her pussy, making her pussy hurt like hell, but for the demon inside her, as that pressure mount of her pussy, somewhere inside her brain, a plethora of pleasure surged through her brain, as much as it was painful, she was also having an unusual type of high that made her yearn for more Franklin.

Luck for her, as humongous as Franklin’s tool was, he couldn’t last long enough to wreak permanent havoc on her pussy, he held unto her waist and blasted his semen right into her pussy, as he tensed up all over his waist down, and his semen dropped deep into her.

He cleaned himself up and left, while she went into one of the stalls, cleaned herself up, and wore back her jeans. She felt a bit awkward as she left the bathroom, for the next couple of hours, she walked with a limp, that’s what Franklin’s dick does to her.

But for what it is worth, all the itches and sensations are gone now, and her day can begin. She and Franklin continued in the office as nothing happened. That’s how she took two guys in the early morning of the day.

Her day went spectacularly well, until the evening when one of the directors came in, the one who got her this job, her side sugar daddy. He came in towards the close of business and disappeared into the MD office. The only voices they kept hearing was their laughter.

A few minutes before 5, the M.D sent out word for Darasimi to stay back. She knew what was up, and sadly, she has to wait. He has been very kind to her, getting her this job, the multiple cash credits into her account, bags, and phones, when he goes on trips, is too much to pass.

She stayed back, the entire office emptied out at about 6 pm. The Director came out, Engr. Abubakar,

“D for Dara,” He said grinning from ear to ear, one can only imagine he was grinning after remembering how Dara rode him like a horse the last time that they went out.

“My Engineer, how are you, sir? How is the family??” She asked smiling

“Stop calling me sir, my father is sir. My Engineer is fine” The short good-looking Hausa man said.

“Let’s grab a quick drink, shall we?” He went on to say.

“Of course sir, just give me a few minutes, I’ll be out soon,” She said

Engineer Abubakar left the office and went into his car where his driver was waiting for him.

She quickly texted Niyi that she’s working late, and she will get home late, Niyi in his usual understanding self, texted back “Ok cool. Hope you’re good”, which replied “Yea yea”.

She wrapped up, packed her belongings into the bag, and left the office, and miraculously, her pussy doesn’t hurt her anymore. Looks like all is great and working well down there.

They went to have drinks at the 4Points by Sheraton, it was an interesting time out. He enjoyed talking to her about life, work, religion and the afterlife.

Although a strong Christian, Darasimi explained she isn’t sure, and she cited Asa as the authority on Afterlife affair, everyone at the table erupted into laughter. They asked her how Asa became the authority she explained
“Has anyone here listened to Asa’s no one knows tomorrow?”
“Of course multiple times” One of Engineer’s friend replied
“Do you remember this line from the song?” She began, trying to sing out the verse she was referring to
“We’re waiting for you to remember o” Engineer said laughing as he drank his scotch.
“I remember now, it goes like this;” She started

“So if I die someday,
Will I be in heavenly places?
Singing hallelujah with an angel
On the piano or will I be
Just another contribution
To the earth, the tress, the grasses
As tomorrow slowly passes
No one know, no one knows”

“See,” Darasimi said after she finished wrapping up the Asa song

“That was a good voice, maybe start a singing career,” One of Engineer’s friends said
“Where did you learn how to sing like that” Engineer asked
“I’m the office Karaoke champion, that should count for something, also I’ve been in the choir all my life” She explained.

“The point of Asa’s song is that no one really knows. We’re all in a guessing game” She continued

“It’s been real, ladies and gentlemen. I’m turning in for the night” Engineer said
“Dara, would you like to walk me to my room?” He continued

“Sure sir, no problem,” She said
Everyone stood up, as the man took his exit, the rest also said their goodbyes in their indigenous languages.

The engineer shook everyone’s hand as he headed for the elevator, he pressed the elevator button, it opened and they both entered the elevator, she looked at the time, and it was around 8.30 pm.

“Why are you looking at your watch? I’ve got something special for you” Engineer asked
“It’s getting late sir, and there is work tomorrow.” She said
“Nonsense, you can take tomorrow off if you want. I’ll take to your boss” He offered
“There will be no need for that. I can manage” Dara said.

They arrived at their floor, and they headed to the room, he opened the door, and immediately started taking off his clothes as he entered the room. He was already nursing a little erection.

“I need to use the bathroom quickly sir,” She said
“Of course,” He said, as she went into the bathroom

She went in to clean herself, when she re-emerged, she emerged herself naked, knowing the task that was ahead of them, the Engineer brought out his bag, and opened it, in one hand, he had an expensive diamond necklace he brought from Egypt during his last trip, and the other wan envelope of dollars, stacked so visibly high.

You’re gonna have to choose one after this performance, she minced no words and got started, she kneeled in front of him as he sat on a couch opposite to the bed. She took his semi-hard erection into her mouth and gave him a sloppy head.

She sucked his dick like it was covered in chocolate, his stood here, rubbing her head, patting her like a dog, she sucked him so hard, she was trying to get his soul.

“Yooo—wa” Engineer moaned. He tapped her, she moved away, he walked over to the bed, with his dick standing at attention, as he laid down, she climbed over him and proceeded to give him the ride of a lifetime.

His dick was fairly useful, not so fat but definitely long, so, those deep strokes came in handy. She twerked and danced over his dick, he watched in amazement as this girl was taking him to another level.

She fucked him like she wasn’t going to ever fuck him again, he didn’t even let her know when he came, he came and blasted his seed into her pussy, making him the third person in a single day to cum inside her.

A few seconds later, he tapped her to get up, she went into the bathroom to get cleaned up, and when she came out, he handed her both, the chain and dollar filled envelope. The money looked like something he just received from her company because it had the logo of their company and was addressed to Engineer Abubakar.

She hugged him tightly, as they both rolled into bed, he let her go, and she kept them inside her bag and rushed to the car park to get her bag. She went through her phone and didn’t see any missed call asides the one from the Youth Pastor. She ignored it, dropped it, and zoomed off.

She arrived her street as she parked her car, about to exit and enter the house, she saw the Youth Pastor’s car flashing light at her, few blocks away. She recognized the car and walked over. He begged her to enter, which she did.

She had never seen him so desperate that she rushed into the car, and asked what happened?

“Niyi is at home, Pastor. Why are you here? What happened” Darasimi asked
“I need your help, we cannot talk here, let’s go somewhere else”, she dropped her bag on the backseat, as he zoomed off to a dark street around the area.

“I really need your help, my balls are quite full. I need to fuck, my pregnant wife isn’t allowing me” He began
“If I don’t get a release, I don’t know what I might do. You gotta help me” He continued
She laughed “I’ve got to help you?”

He parked somewhere hidden, killed off all the lights inside the car and outside.

“Darasimi, you’ve got to help me!” He kept saying

He started groping her, squeezing her boobs, trying to rub her pussy through the jeans she was wearing.

“Just relax. Let’s go to the backseat” Darasimi said

She put her hands on his laps to try to calm him down and could feel his erection inside his pants. They both exited the car and went to the backseat, she assumed the doggy position inside the backseat as she stood very close to a slightly opened door, she took off her jean and put her ass up, Pastor’s trouser hit the floor immediately, and his dick ramming into the pussy.

He pounded away for what seemed like 7 minutes, he must have been really backed up because dude maintained the same erection, speed and technique throughout, he busted his seed deep into her.

“Did you cum inside me?” Dara said

“I’m sorry, it was too sweet?” He apologized
“You wanna get me pregnant, impregnate your church member despite been married,” Dara said

“You’ll use pills after this, won’t you?” He asked
“Please drop me at home right now,” She said

“Did I say something wrong? I’m sorry” He said, they drove in silence till she got home. She got her bags and went into their compound.

She opened the gate and looked at the time, it was 9.30 pm. She got to the door, unlocked it, and found Niyi watching tv, looking unbothered.

“Hey babe,” Niyi said
“Hey love,” Dara said
“How was your day?” He said
“I need to shower first, I feel so dirty,” She said

She went to the room, undressed, threw the jeans into the wash basket, and entered the bathroom, opened the shower and stayed under the water, thinking about what type of fucked up day she had.

How in the hell did she have sex with 4 different people on the same day?

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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