February 5, 2023

Short Story: Just A Lil Quickie by Peter Grens

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Short Story: Just A Lil Quickie by Peter Grens

“Honey, how do I look?”

“Na wa o, if I didn’t trust you, I’d have wondered who you’re going to see looking so beautiful and nicely dressed. I’m just glad you’re mine alone.”

“Aww”….she said. 

You just know how to make my head swell.”

She turned around and gave him a kiss. He tried to linger on, but she quickly broke the kiss. She was already running late, and didn’t want to keep her friend waiting too long.

She turned to face the mirror as she made to pack her hair together. He came behind her and put his arms around her, his boner poking her ass through her gown.

She grinded her ass against his boner and laughed.

Oh, that’s how you wanna play?” he asked.

Then he took his hands from her waist and cupped her boobs.

“Honey, what are you doing?”

Shey you’re forming naughty by grinding on my boner?”

“Yes na, she laughed. It needed attention and I was being nice.”

“That’s the same way your beautiful boobs need some attention, and I am being nice too.”

He squeezed her boobs trying to put more pressure on her nipples through the fabric of her gown. She could only protest as her hands were still busy with her hair.

“Kai…leave my boobs alone na.”

Then he kissed her neck in addition to squeezing her boobs. She tried to protest but let out a moan instead.

“Ummm…ooohh…babyyyyy, please sto-oop.”

This he saw as an encouragement to continue with his assault, so he added his tongue to the mix, licking and kissing her neck.

“Baby please I a-uuhmmm begging you…oohhhhmmm”, she protested in between moans. She had unconsciously begun grinding at his boner again.

When she finished with her hair, she reached down behind her and fondled his boner. Now her moans became more obvious. 

Then she put her hand in his shorts and took his warm dick in her palm and began to jerk him off from behind her.

By now he could feel the erectness of her nipples through her gown. He reached one hand down under her gown and rubbed her pussy through her panties. She held his hand in protest and clamped her thighs on his hand, but she couldn’t hold on for long. 

His kisses and touch on her boobs broke her resistance.

Then she released her thighs and spread her legs a bit. Her panties were now wet from her arousal. He was now giving her a triple assault – kisses on her neck, massaging her boobs, and massaging her pussy through her panties. 

She was grinding her hips to his touch and was still jerking his dick. Then he tugged at the crotch of her thong, pushing it aside and then dipped his middle finger into her dripping wet pussy, while using his thumb to massage her clit. 

She almost immediately began to fuck herself with urgency on his finger. 

By now she had opened up her legs some more and pulled her gown up to her waist with her free hand.

“Oh baby…baby…ummmm” she moaned aloud.

He had her exactly where he wanted her – freaking horny!

She opened her eyes and looked at the mirror. The sight of them both getting naughty in front of the mirror turned her on even more. She turned around and kissed him deeply for about 20 seconds. Then…

“Arrrggghhhh….baby, please fuck me right now,” she said

“I thought someone was in a hurry to leave?”

“Getat! Finish what you started o. You know I just must have that dick of yours before I leave.”

Then she bunched her gown by her waist, bent over, placing her hand on the dresser stool, presenting her ass to him. He pulled his shorts down to his knees, pushed the crotch of her thong aside and felt her pussy. Then he held his dick and aimed it at her pussy. In one deft move, he was fucking away at her pussy.

Her moans were very audible and he was concerned that her friend might hear them from the living room, so he tried to place a hand over her mouth. She understood and clenched her teeth in other to stifle her moans.

He held onto her waist and began to thrust harder and faster. The sound of his groin slapping against her ass replaced her moans, but this time, they didn’t care.

“Ohh…yess…babyyyyy…yess…ahhhhh…harder baby.”

Then he announced “I’m comiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnggg!!!!”

Then he intensified his strokes like it was going to be his last fuck ever. After 20 seconds, he blasted very hot cum deep into her pussy. His body jerked as he came, and he had to hold onto her for support.

She stood up, took some wipes from the dresser table. Then she squatted a bit and cleaned off her crotch of the cum that dripped out of her pussy and on her thighs.

“Ain’t you gonna wash off?” He asked.

“No, I want to feel the warmth of your cum in me” she said.

Then she straightened her dress and powdered her face. She picked up her purse and kissed him.

“See you when I come back, baby.”

He smacked her ass as she left the room.

Her friend gave her a look and said “na wa o, how long will it take for you to just get dressed?”

She laughed and said “my dear, I am so sorry” as they left the house.

When they got into the car, her friend smacked her on her arm “Ashawo like you! Get dressed for us to leave, na prick you con go dey fuck inside. Me I con dey outside dey hear una soundtrack”

They both lauged hard.

“Haaaa!!! You mean you heard us? You sef, you no fit close ear? I dey suspect you say you come peep o”.

As her friend drove off, she sent her husband a WhatsApp message.

“You better get ready for me.

I did not have an orgasm from that quickie.

Rest and gym your dick

Because you’ve got serious work to do

Love you baby”

Written by Peter Grens

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