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April 21, 2021

Randy Lanre S01E09: The game is the game!
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Randy Lanre S01E09: The game is the game!

Lanre drove slower than usual as they headed to his house, his mind running through where any exhibit around the house might be or even worse, how to keep his tool away from her to wash off Carol’s scent, also at the same time trying to keep up the conversation.

“You should see this sexy bodycon dress I just bought” Mariana boasted
“Oh, yea! Something that sexy will cost you some dough” Lanre quizzed
“Don’t worry. It was neither my money nor yours” She said, smiling
“If it’s not my money nor yours. Whose money is it then?” He asked

“Uncle Kenneth bought it for me. I followed him shopping”
“Uncle Kenneth?”
“Thought he was in Portsmouth while you were in Leeds”
“Yes, he called me, I begged him for money”
“So, you then traveled all that distance to collect the money?”

“Lanre is there a problem?” She asked trying to stop that line of questioning
“Nothing, the thing is he bought me this outfit, and I was going to surprise you with it”
“Surprise me how?”
“That’s gone now! I’m angry you’re questioning my decision”
“I’m sorry, babe! I just… I’m sorry”

“Apology not accepted”
“Oh come’on! You can’t be mad at me yet. Give it a few days then you’re free to get as mad as you want” Lanre said smiling

“Deal! I’m getting mad at you in 2 day’s time then!”
“I like the sound of that” Lanre said

“You’re lucky I miss your dick”
“I’m the lucky one! Trust me! Hold on, what happened to the rest of my body. I knew you’re using me. This is the proof I have been waiting for, the confession. I’m writing my own book too” Lanre quipped

“Then you’ll be sued too regardless of the content” She replied as they both joked on.
As they arrived home, Lanre popped open the boot of the car, and unloaded the luggage, while the gateman assisted them in moving it into the house.

Mariana started getting handsy as soon as they got into the house, touching him everywhere, trying to undress him. Lanre knowing more kisses might expose the scent of Carol’s orifice in his mouth, he ran straight into the bathroom to have his bath.

He locked the bathroom door, knowing she will likely barge in, he took off his clothes there and put them on the rack.

Grabbed his toothbrush and began with his mouth, scrubbing his tongue and his mouth rigorously, almost bruising his gum.

“Lanre, are you in there!” She said as she tried to open the door.
“Why is the door closed, I can help you!” She teased.

“I wanna be prepared for you, babe. I’ll be out in a minute”
He rinsed his mouth and got into the shower, he looked down his dick and saw the red lipstick stain around his dick.

Mariana will totally lose it if she sees this. God knows he’s trying to be a good boy but it’s very tough with these wonderful ladies around. Someone has to make sure they’re fine.

He washed off the stain, while he was observing, he saw a strand of long hair in his pubic area, he thought to himself, this would have been a deal-breaker if she sees this.

He hurried washed himself off and eased back into the bedroom where his intended partner waited for him. He came out naked, with his dick anticipating the action that is about to begin.

As he entered back into the room, he saw her admiring her own naked body in the full-length mirror close to the wardrobe.

She looked lovely, a sexy goddess who was in his bedroom, the lady who made him wait for 3 months to have sex after they started dating. They have had terrific sex, it was totally worth the wait. She had been gone for a while, now it’s time for them to make sweet love.

She turned back at him, and walked seductively towards him, with her hands over boobs, cupping them herself.

“So, did you miss me,” She asked as she moved closer to him seductively.

“You have no idea, babe!” He said, enjoying the tease
“It doesn’t look like it, your dick isn’t impressed,” She said, almost arriving at him

She stood in front of him, at 5 feet 7 inches to his 6 feet 1 inch.

He brought his face down she brought her up to his. The memories of their sweet love filled the air, her hand pulling and tugging at his dick as their lips found each other. They kissed like they hadn’t seen in years, the kiss was soft, the longing for each other was evident.

In their minds, Lanre remembered his transgression against her, the romp with Maggy, Ella, and Carol, and that’s in the recent memory, he felt like a filthy rag himself.
Mariana remembered how she sucked and fucked Uncle Kenneth for the amazing bodycon, and the random guy she fucked in the toilet at the club, the brief affair they had before she came back to her fiancée.

The two of them were hiding secret lives, and sexual encounters despite been in a committed relationship with each other. Both of them, with their secrets, tucked far away,

She wanted to punish herself for her wrongdoing, she made him promise to stop sleeping around, they had Skype sex and Facetimed a lot but she was still the one who broke their pact, she thought to herself.

She even felt worse for herself as she had to abort a pregnancy while abroad, she still didn’t know who was responsible for it, either Uncle Kenneth or her club affair.

Definitely not a saint as she had demanded from him. She wanted him to fuck her like a little bitch she was, maybe she would feel better after betraying him so much if he manhandled her.

She kissed him deeply, pushing his head closer to her, then she disengaged, then leaped into his laps, with her bare ass in his hands, her arms were around her neck, their kiss continued, as Lanre wanted to take her to the bed, she pointed to the wall close to the bed.

Her back against the wall still kissing her, she pulled his dick underneath her and directed it into her pussy. The kiss had made his erection stronger, she stroked his dick back and forth, and with one of her hands behind her, she rubbed the tip of his dick against the top of her pussy, and then moaned intentionally into his ears, the desired result would be for him to get harder, and she got him right where she wanted him.

As she moaned the pleasure the tip of his dick was giving her, just rubbing against her clitoris, she was also getting excited, her pussy was getting wetter, then she brought the dick further downward, then inserted it into her pussy, she had a flair for the dramatic, as she moaned through his dick burrowing into her pussy.

As his dick entered fully into her pussy, she then realized how much she missed him.
None of the dicks she fucked was as big as this. She moaned more into his ears as his dick began the in and out movement of thrusting.

He began to pick up the pace, his athletic build helped me carry her weight sufficiently, as his waist began to pick up the pace, and she rested her head on his shoulder while he pummeled her with dick.

He moved her away from the wall to the center of the room, where he bent further toward the ground, she held onto him, the position made it look like she wanted to place on the bed but her arms held her tight.
He began to fuck her in this position, taking more from him physically than her. She wanted to be punished but instead, she is being treated like a queen, she orgasmed once at the wall.
The fast thrusts make her cum quickly, as Lanre had studied her body.

After they began in this position, he went into overdrive mode again, began slamming faster and faster into her, and then her moans became louder and louder, she held onto him like her life depended on it. She screamed her way to another orgasm in that position, when he noticed her pussy flooded more, then he began to shag her slowly.

She took one hand off him and he looked at her,
“I want more,” She said.

She got off him and assumed the position on the floor ass up in the air, side of the face to the floor, he got behind her. She took his hand and put it against her face, showing him how to press her face to the floor.

She wanted to be punished for being so bad while demanding him to be a better man. Lanre loved the position, he wanted to introduce some BDSM into their sex. Good thing! She wants it now.

He assumed the position behind her, dick first, one hand against her face on the floor, making him arch his body incline his body over her. He began to the work cut out for him, fucking her in doggy position, she kept screaming and fighting, he filled her so much, his dick was brushing against her clitoris from position.

“Spank me!” She said.

He began to sense something about her, definitely something new about her but this isn’t the time to unravel that. He continued, taking time from spanking her to pressing her face against the floor. The soft cushion of her ass against him felt divine.

Soon, he would bust his nut, and collapse over her.

They both collapsed, on the ground close the bed, allowing the A.C to calm their body temperature down.

“Do you wanna see the rings now?” She asked after receiving multiple orgasms from him

“Sure but how about tomorrow. I really wanna go to bed now” Lanre said
“Cuddle till you fall asleep?” Mariana asked
“Abso-fucking-lutely,” He said

“You’ve picked up a few things from your journey,” Lanre said
“You like?” She asked smiling at him

“Can’t say that I don’t ” Lanre replied, looking suspiciously at her
“I learned a couple of things from a sex therapist friend I met,” She said

“So, I have your friend to thank for your new sexual level” He joked

What Lanre didn’t know is that the sex therapist is the same person she had the affair in the U.K where he was hands-on in the course of the session.

He brought out the dark side of her forth which is about to shock Lanre!

Lanre thought the day ended well, he got away with it, at least for now.

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