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September 2, 2020

Randy Lanre S01E05: No such thing as a coincidence

Randy Lanre S01E05: No such thing as a coincidence

“Maggy?” Lanre said surprised
“You know each other?” The MD said, looking at both of them
“Yes sir, we met at a conference some weeks ago” Lanre replied.

Maggy stood there giggling, anxiously waiting for the presentation to begin. She opened up her notepad, with a pen to start taking down notes from the presentation.

Lanre continued as he plugged the HDMI cable into his laptop to begin the presentation.
He stood there wondering how all this will end.

There is Carol, who is already down for whatever that he needs to tame into shape. Maggy has never really been a problem till now. Ella is almost bat shit crazy when it comes to his dick.

His babe is being mysterious about when she is coming back to town, hoping to catch him in the act, she is also bringing the engagement and wedding ring he sent her money to purchase. He’s gonna be off the market soon.

His deadline at work is also crazy, it’s all happening and its really fast. He was jerked back to reality when Maggy’s phone fell to the ground. She picked it up hurriedly and he began the presentation.

45 minutes later, he got the last slide and the discussions continued about the presentation, he stood there listening to his MD and the director who knew someone in the company they were proposing a partnership with.

“Lanre, this is good. I commend your work on this despite the short interval” The MD said
“I agree, it’s exemplary work” The Director added
“Thank you sirs”

“However, there are some slides that we need to speak more about, especially the ones about the company and their staff. How come you never wrote yourself at the end of the presentation?” The Director asked

Lanre couldn’t respond directly to that because the MD had told him not to put his name, the Director doesn’t even know that he won’t be the one to do the presentation on the D-day.

He smiled and moved on.

“Come by my office in a couple of hours and let’s do the budget slide together, okay?” The MD told Lanre as he exited the room.

Maggy walked up to him as he was leaving and asked “Please can you show me where the bathroom is?”

“Sure, come with me,” Lanre said.

He knew she was about starting something, knowing the naughty little Ms. Thang.

As they got into the hallway, Lanre asked

“Why did you have to work here?”
“I need the experience, and there was an opening here”
“There was no opening”
“They told me there was one. Maybe they created one”
“Oh, yea! I’m sure they did because the MD has been complaining of too much stress, he wants to reduce the staff stress”

“Is the company distressed”
“No, Maggy! It’s normal for companies this size”

As soon as the hallway was clear, she grabbed his ass as they walked
“This is the real reason why you chose here right.”

She nodded, grinning ear to ear like a little child.

They arrived and Lanre pointed to the female bathroom.
“Enter with me! I’m scared” She said acting like a scared little girl. He knew what was at the end of that endeavor, Maggy just wanted some action, she would take any that she can get but not right now.

He just had sex with Carol before the presentation, he arrived in the room after dousing himself in perfume to remove the smell of sex.

He laughed as she went into the bathroom and he headed to his office.
He got there to see a very happy and satisfied Carol sitting at her desk. She smiled big at him, he wondered what the deal with women flashing him their full dental front today.

At least Carol got shagged. Maybe, that’s the problem, she hadn’t gotten any since her boyfriend traveled. She didn’t look to him like the dildo type of girl, you never really know anyone.

As he was about to enter, he stopped briefly and said

“Please, can you call the MD’s office and make an appointment with him sometime today. Need to meet with him about the presentation this morning”
“Yes Boss,” She said as she winked

Lanre entered into his office, telling himself, Things are about to become so awkward in this office.

As he dropped his laptop, he saw a big smoothie bottle on his table.

“Carol” He called out, wondering who brought this here
“Did you get me a smoothie or how did this get here”

“Someone delivered it here, there is a note inside it”

Lanre looked into the small closed envelope beside it, he opened and saw a signed XX with Ella written underneath it.


Seems like a nice gesture but knowing how devious Ella can be, she could have spiked it with something else. Not the sleepy pill kind, maybe ground some Viagra into it. He observed it from where it was.

“Thanks, Carol,” He said, hoping that would discharge her.
“So, we have not spoken about what happened earlier today,” Carol asked

Oh boy! Lanre said under his breath, and he tried to be diplomatic about it.
“It was good” He begun
“Good?! ” Carol queried
Looks like she is the dramatic type, Lanre was already regretting falling for her charms and doing whatever he did in the morning. He quickly rethought what he said before.

“It was really good, it was special, babe” Lanre rephrased
Carol smiled, clutching her hands over chest,

“That’s how I felt too. I’m so happy it happened, maybe I can move on from my ex now”

How do I break it to her that it’ll only be a side thing even if I still wanna shag her.

“I know you have a girlfriend and I know she doesn’t like me. I’ll be fine with the side chic role. I just need steady dick, I wanna start studying for my CIM Exams, good sex can improve grades.” Carol said

His jaw almost fell to the ground, something told him this will still end badly. While their awkward conversation ensued.

Maggy came into the office and said
“Mr. Lanre, can I speak to you for a quick minute”

Carol left, leaving only the two of them,
“What do you want, Maggy,” Lanre said, as she sunk into his chair
“Nothing just came to find out what you’re doing,” She said

“That’s funny, very funny,” Lanre said, “So, where is your desk?” He asked

“It’s on the other wing, so you won’t be seeing so much of me until I miss you,” She said

That should have been a relief for him but he didn’t see it like that.
“How much space is under that table, can I crawl there, I’m thinking of hiding under there, and blowing you while you work.” She said, assessing the table and its design

“What is wrong with you?” Lanre asked laughing,

“Good thing we don’t have cameras here, you would have been caught on the tape saying that,” He said
“Then the camera would have caught you and that your assistant, sparks are flying everywhere. It’s clear you guys are shagging each other”

“Is there something that you cannot say, Maggy?”
She shrugged, as she was about to leave, then turned back and asked

“Why is Ella raving on and on about you? Are you shagging her too?”

Lanre laughed like a crazy person as he tried to push her out of his office. At the door, he saw the Director shook his hand for the fourth time or so today. It’s also not normal for that many handshakes in one day.

“Good, I found her here, I spoke to the MD, he’s also very impressed about your work. I think Maggy should intern with you. It’s a great idea. I’m off now. Maggy, play nice with the gentleman.”

He wanted to protest that decision, the little brat will destroy everything, and her libido is way too high for him to constantly have her around.

The Director headed towards the door, as his phone began to ring.
“Today has to end very soon,” He told himself as the Director and Maggy headed out for the day.

As the went back to his seat, his phone began to ring, the number was quite familiar but the owner is out of town.

“Hey baby, guess who’s plane just landed?” The excited caller said
“Lemme guess?! You!” He replied with sarcasm
“I have missed you so much, I’m coming to your office straight away,” She said
Of course, he knew who it was, it was his girlfriend.

I cannot catch a break today, he said to himself.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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