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April 22, 2021

Randy Lanre S01E04: The lump doctor’s morning from hell!
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Randy Lanre S01E04: The lump doctor’s morning from hell!

Lanre drove as fast as he could to get to the office, he needed to add a couple more slides to the presentation before the meeting.

He knew a bit more work needed to be done before he was ready and with the experience, he had working with the MD. The man pays a lot of attention to the details, a short stout man with a warm personality but absolutely randy with the ladies.

As they say, the devil is in the details, he will go through it all with a fine-tooth comb.

He got into the office and dropped his bag, set up and continued from where he had in mind from the trip to the office. He noticed Carol, said Hi to her when he rushed in, the time was a couple of minutes after 7 AM.

As he continued to outline the points on the notepad, the office still seemed deserted. Carol walked in and greeted him again, he could have sworn that he greeted her earlier, but he replied her warmly.

He was in a bit of a hurry to get on ahead, with his head bowed down focused on what he was scribbling on the notepad, he didn’t see what Carol was doing.

He couldn’t hear her until she knocked on the table then he looked up, and said

“Carol, I’m sorry, I was trying to write down the ideas for the presentation for the MD this morning”
“No problem, how was your night?”
“It was good, but then you surprised me with those pictures”
“I was just feeling very naughty, and since I’m boyfriendless”
“You decided to torment me by sending those lovely pictures,” He said with sarcasm
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen, I was just in the mood early this morning. That’s where I miss him”

“Things will get better, Carol. I promise. He will come back to his senses.”
“Thanks. But there was something else this morning that I noticed when I was taking those pictures. Did you notice anything?”

“I didn’t see anything other than those nice looking nipples. What was that? ”
He asked, trying to make sure that he wasn’t blowing her off especially since she has been having emotional roller-coaster since yesterday after the break-up.

“I think I felt a lump in breasts, I have been squeezing them to make sure,” She said
Lanre was dumbfounded but his facial expression remained the same, he doesn’t have any training in medicine or any related field. How could he know if she had lumps or not?

“Can you help me check? It’ll be really quick.”

The best reply would have been to turn it down, go back to work but where is the fun in that?

“Sure,” He said

She came over to his side across the table, she leaned sideways on the table while he sat on the chair. The risk of getting caught added to the thrill, they got away with kissing yesterday. The presentation or squeezing and caressing boobs?

Before this girl will carry these goods to some other guy in the office, funny enough, Babe never trusted Carol, here we’re. It was a no-brainer, he chose the boobs.

She was wearing a black V neck top, her skin tone and the color of the top was blindingly different. He raised his hand to her chest, and squeezed lightly, trying to enjoy it.

“You know they won’t bust if you squeeze harder,” She said
Roles have now been reversed, she is one giving instructions while he obeys, she is the boss. He squeezed harder, he began to get excited, she let out a soft moan, nodding at him, urging him to keep at it.
The longer they continued, the hornier they got, Lanre who had sex this morning before coming to work was managing to suppress a boner.

“You can’t feel anything abi, I think I should take off my top and maybe my bra” She suggested.

This is escalating quicker than he thought, he could stop her now, but he wanted those warm big boobs in his hands.

“Sure, but I don’t think it’s okay for us to do it here.” He said
“Sure, let’s use Emeka’s office, he’s on leave and he dropped his key with me. Moreover, nobody goes around his area.”

Lanre thought about it, this looks like a planned thing, no longer like a coincidence but he was done for it anyways.

He stood up, re-arranged his pants to hide the bulge and followed behind her, noticing her medium and very curvy shape of her behind. She opened the door, and they both went to the couch. He sat first and she straddled him, wanting to monitor how the bulge in his pants will grow.

She looked him in the eye, as she took off her top, and unhooked the bra. He stared at her chest and admired the big boobs staring back at him.

“Squeeze it now,” She said

Like he needed any further invitation, he ran his fingers over the nipples, a thing of beauty he said to himself as he cupped the boobs from the base with one hand. His second hand went behind and grabbed her ass.

She gave him a puzzled look and pointed at the hand on her ass. He started playing with her nipples and began to squeeze the warm adult fun bags.

Lanre couldn’t believe how turned on he was, he never really had anything sexual for Carol but all that has changed under 24 hours.

He grabbed ass harder, Carol brought down her lips and licked his lips before pulling his lower lips into her mouth for a kiss. He wanted to hold her head and return the kiss harder, squeeze both boobs hard against her chest, spank her and grab her booty but he had just two hands and only do them one at a time.

He kissed her more, squeezing her boobs harder, he smacked her ass and pulled a decent amount of it. Damn! Carol is wild, she slid higher into his underbelly and began rubbing his dick. He couldn’t get enough of touching and squeezing her boobs, she began to moan.

She got off him and removed her jeggings, knelt in front of him, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly, and brought it his veined monster, long and thick. She held it to her face and ran her hands softly all over it, spat at it and stroked it harder, she stood up and climbed it.

She lowered her pussy onto his dick and began to ride him, she put her head on his shoulder and whispered

“I used to touch myself to the thought of me riding you”

Those words made him hornier, she grabbed her ass and directed the play, held the ass slightly higher and increased the tempo of his thrusts, she got carried away, and sank her teeth into his shoulder while holding the back of his head in her hands, he stopped and patted her hair.

Her pussy became even more flooded, she bit him to suppress her voice during the orgasm she just experienced. He continued thrusting into her, just then they began to hear people’s voice inside the office especially close to Emeka’s office.

They kept mute for a while, sadly their love affair for today has to come to an end, giving him blue balls for the time being.

She got off and began to dress up, they devised the diversion that Lanre leaves first then Carol goes to the bathroom from Emeka’s office then join him.

As Lanre got back into his office, Nicholas came in almost immediately
“Lanre, the M.D will be here soon”
“Is it time already?”
“Check your time jo” Lanre checked and the time was almost 9 AM. What in the hell happened with time, it was a few minutes past 7 a couple of minutes ago.
“In fact, take me through the presentation, the updated one right now”
“It isn’t really updated, just one more slide than the one I shared with you”

“Didn’t you know the MD requested for it?”
“I heard but I was held up by something else”
“You and girls sha”

“He just parked,” Nick said as he peered from the window in Lanre’s office.
“The meeting will start in 5 minutes, I hope whatever you were doing was worth it”

“Thank you, just leave me for that 5 minutes,” Lanre said.

Within 5 minutes, he rushed to work and was able to add 3 more slides.

Carol came in said, “The MD and others are waiting for you in the conference room B.”

“Tell him I’m on my way,” He said and continued “We still have unfinished business”
“Absolutely,” Carol said

He went to the bathroom, washed his face and wondered why the past couple of hours have been as such. He put his game face on and went to the conference room to a small gathering of the M.D, one non-executive director and his personal assistant who happens to Maggy”

The M.D introduced Lanre to the rest of the room who didn’t know he was, and also introduced Maggy as the new intern that started work today. The daughter of his friend.

“Oh shit!” Lanre said to himself, Maggy had an ear to ear smile at him. Carol sat at the back with her legs open, also made sure to push down the V neck for him to see it all.

These things never get easier, do they? He thought to himself.

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