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Orgasmic Jewelries: 5 fashion accessories ladies can use as sex toys

It's amazing when you buy something for one reason and it can be used for another wonderful purpose.

Isn't it great that some of the female fashion accessories can be used as sex toys? Find out which ones here.

Jewelry have been known to be a turn-on for people who receive them as gifts, and gifts are certainly special. They’re personal gifts, who would have thought that some of those gifts could be used secretly as sex toys.

Here are ideas of fashion accessories that can work wonders on the receiver as compiled by Harley MacMillen, Cosmpolitan

1. Crave Vesper

This necklace is so cool, it’s a very sleek accessory that also has an external vibrator, you can rub it on the clit, no use inserting, and it gets better, it’s USB rechargeable.

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2. Unbound Simple Bangle Handcuff

Aint they just adorable. You can use them as light restraint during foreplay. Isn’t it super exciting?

3. Crave leather Cuff Bracelet

Bracelets are cool, and can also server as cuff, for the BDSM minded, these are pretty bad-ass, they’re leather and stainless steel cuffs.

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4. Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Whip Necklace

This is quite ingenious, the neck accessory that double serves as a literal whip, it can useful for pain and pleasure.


5. Unbound Massage Ring

This is a clever massage ring, you can use it for tension-dissolving foreplay around your partner’s knots and other parts of their body.

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