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January 15, 2021

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Neglected Wife (18+)

Written by Vixen Banks

After four years of marriage my husband hardly ever seemed to notice my appearance though I spent a lot of time to make sure that I always looked good. I often have to be the hostess at dinner parties he throws for business associates and wanted him to be proud of me. Come to think of it I couldn’t remember the last time he’d complimented me about anything. I felt as if I was his housekeeper instead of his wife. I will not even bother to mention the lack of loving or sex.

The day my life changed was the one when he’d invited three couples for dinner. I made sure every thing was impeccable. The women seemed to have been cast in the same mold…boring! Two of the men were overweight but the third, Patrick my husband’s CEO, was really dishy. He flirted with me outrageously. After dinner my husband led the guests outside to show them the new fountain he’d commissioned and which had just been installed.

Patrick stayed behind. I was making sure the hired help had cleared the dishes away and stocked the bar before they’d left when he sneaked up behind me and slipped his arm around my waist. I could feel his hot breath against my ear as he whispered that he’d rather have me show him the bedroom than look at a fountain beside which he could show me a much stronger jet than any fountain.

I was shocked by his brazen lewdness and desperately tried to think of something flippant and clever to warn him off but I was tongue-tied.

If only I could stop blushing, I thought, as I felt my cheeks become flushed. He must think me boring and stupid! I should not allow him to hold me like this, it’s wrong.

He was pressing his body against my back and I became aware that a bulge was growing in the front of his trousers. My perceptions were blurred and my breathing had become rapid and shallow, as if I was on the verge of an anxiety attack. It made my bosom rise and fall rapidly as warmth, flooded through that intimate spot between my legs.

It had been a long time since I’d experienced anything like it and it was so shocking that it made me feel faint. I must have looked as if I wasn’t well as he walked me towards the sewing room. I felt as if my blood was boiling in my veins. I seemed to be growing weaker and weaker as he steered me into the room and closed the door behind us. I gasped as his hand boldly stroked my bottom as he turned me to face him. My hands fluttered against his chest, weakly trying to push him away, as his mouth pressed against mine. His lips were firm and so strong that I nearly wet myself with excitement. Again I could feel the impressive hard bulge but now it was pressing into my tummy and the heat powered through the material and made my stomach flutter, as my sex clenched in response. My mind was telling me to push him away but my body wanted him to hold me harder against him. I was helpless as his tongue penetrated my mouth and began to explore.

This can’t really be happening! This is Deji’s boss and I’m a married woman and this is my home. It can’t be happening! I thought.

It took me a few seconds to realise that he’d slyly unbuttoned my blouse, without me even noticing. I felt my nipples harden. The crotch of my panties became very damp as his fingertips brushed against the skin of my exposed chest. His hands seemed to be everywhere, undoing my bra and tossing it away, touching my bare flesh and leaving it tingling as if it had been scorched. His fingertips stroked my skin and I groaned hotly as his mouth stayed sealed to mine, his long tongue exploring my mouth. I was shocked rigid when his hands cupped my naked breasts. The already hardened nipples became hardened the more (if that were possible) and began to tingle like mad. Giving up the unequal struggle, I hungrily kissed him back. His hands swiftly moved down to my skirt and somehow it too disappeared leaving me naked except for lacy panties. His hand slipped beneath the loose elastic waistband and his fingers stroked my sex mound. Instinctively I closed my thighs but it didn’t stop him from slipping a finger between my labia. I felt the fingertip stroking up and down the shallow slit. I knew that I was lost and very wicked and that it was very dangerous to allow him such liberties. It might be so but it was absolutely wonderful.

What on earth is happening to me?

I hardly know the man but here I’m almost naked and allowing him the most intimate liberties with my body! You must stop him, woman, before it’s too late! I told myself.

I was woozy; my head was spinning in a dizzy haze, as I felt myself being gently lowered onto my back, on the daybed. I opened my eyes and saw that Patrick was bending over me. I closed them again not able to look my ravager in the face.

I shouldn’t be allowing him to do these naughty things to me. I must stop him before it gets out of hand, flashed through my mind as his fingers hooked into the waistband and tugged my panties down over my thighs then over my ankles.

Is it really me who is helping him by lifting up my bottom off the bed so that I’m left completely naked? I asked myself. It must have been but I still find it hard to believe.

He took off his trousers and underwear freeing his penis. It was so big that it was frightening. I’d only ever seen one, my husband’s, and it was nowhere as large as the one facing me. I was scared but at the same time mesmerized!

I’m…I think…think that I’m going to faint, faint! I thought, as my wide open eyes devoured the sight of his swollen member, swaying from side to side like a snake. He does desire me…not like Deji who doesn’t find me sexy anymore! He must do otherwise why is he so hard? I asked myself. I was ready to surrender completely despite a small inner voice telling me that I shouldn’t. My tummy was knotting up as he rolled me onto my front. He pulled my bottom upward, by grasping my hips, so that I ended up on my knees, my face sideways on the cushion.

I didn’t have the strength to roll away even though I realized that, in that position, I was obscenely displayed. I froze with shock, as his tongue licked a wet trail down the back of my neck. I felt my sex catch fire, hot then chilly surges swept through it making the swollen lips open and close. Feverishly my bottom wriggled from side to side, like a bitch on heat as his tongue reached the start of my bottom’s cleavage. Patrick knelt behind me, stroking his fingers along the inner surfaces of my thighs before easing my labia apart so that he could slip a thick finger into my sex.

I grunted, bobbing and weaving my bottom from side to side in response. I loved the slow teasing, itching sensation of having my vulva penetrated. It made me realise that soon he would try to push that big, fat penis into me and I felt a moment of anxiety.

What is it going to feel like? I wondered and I felt my sex flooding with more and more creamy juice, at the wicked thought. What are you doing, woman? Do you realise that he’s going to push that huge thing into you and screw you! I It’s going to make you an adulteress and there’s no going back once it happens! I know but I really want it! You know that you are ovulating and that you’re not on the pill. Despite my misgivings I knew it would be wonderful, it would be heaven to have him inside me and there was nothing on earth which would stop it happening. Is it wrong? Of course it is but sinning is always so enjoyable and it’s been such a long time.

It’s not really my fault but Deji’s! If he’d paid me more attention I don’t think that I would be so vulnerable. These and other thoughts cascaded through my mind as I tried to rationalize my wanton surrender.

His finger slide deep inside my vulva and scratched a spot just behind the entrance. Unknown to me, at the time, he’d located my G-spot. I was shocked to discover that I was moaning aloud and whimpering like a wounded animal as my passion mounted.

Where is the lady you profess to be? I asked myself, as I heard a babble of incomprehensible words pouring out of my open mouth. She’s being exposed as the slut she really is! That censoring voice in the back of my mind answered.

I almost screamed, as one of his fingers discovered my clit and teased it out of its hiding place. I weaved my bare bottom back and forth as I felt him rub his pulsing erection against the back of my thighs. He was still kissing the back of my neck and so many sensations, at the same time, were scrambling my brain. Desperately I tried to catch my breath but my lungs seemed unable to cope with the rising sexual excitement.

I shouldn’t be doing this! I should twist away and tell him I’m not that kind of woman! I told myself even as my body craved for more sexy sensations.

My bottom seemed to be seeking his hardness as if wanting to entrap it between my splayed buttocks. I desperately wanted to be skewered by the hard pole, which I could feel rubbing against my bottom. My body had long since overruled my mind.

He was definitively teasing me, probably sensing that I was helpless and would allow him to do anything he wanted. He was rubbing his erection back and forth in the depth of my bottom cleft till it reached my sex. He made sure that the rounded head pressed along my slit all the way up to my clit then back across my opening, along the ridge, to press briefly against my other hole, before following the cleft to the very top. As soon as it reached the top it resumed its downward journey, again and again. I could feel my vulva opening and sticky wetness dribbling out and being spread along my bottom cleft by his cock. The muscles in my buttocks were spasming.

I was no longer a lady just a woman desperately wanting a man to take away the growing itchiness in her cunt, which was driving her crazy. I was shivering and whimpering wantonly, my mouth was open and my hands were clutching the cushions as I bit on my lower lip to try to stop myself begging him to take me. I desperately wanted to do that but somehow was just managing to control the urge. I might have been able to control my vocal chords but was unable to stop my hand slipping under my tummy so that it could slide between my splayed thighs.

My fingertips felt his cock, pressing against my opening, and my juices covered the dome. My exposed vulva felt as if it was peeled wide open, stretched as far as it could be ready to accommodate the hugeness which was hovering only centimetres away. My fingertips traced the vein throbbing along the underside of his penis. My thighs were far apart and I must have looked obscene as I displayed my intimate parts so lewdly. I couldn’t see his face but I’m sure there must have been a gloating expression on it as he played with me, purposely dragging the seduction out until I was his to do with whatever he wanted.

He slipped his knees further between my legs. Before I realized that he’d stopped his teasing, with a powerful lunge of his hips which lifted my knees off the seat, Patrick drove his huge penis forward, spearing it into my open sex. The force of his thrust drove all the air from my lungs. I felt every inch of the hard rod of flesh push into my vulva. I gasped for air, moaning with delight, as the massive spear of hard flesh filled me more completely than I’d ever been filled before. For the first time in ages I felt sexy and complete and never wanted it to stop. He must have been twisting his hips because his penis was corkscrewing as it tunneled deeper inside me.

It was a fantastic sensation and I was drowning in a fog of lust. I was uncontrollably wallowing in the lust which was being created in my sex by his large member. It was the most wonderful sensation in the world. I wished that it would go on forever and damn the consequences!

Patrick’s fingers dug into my hips, holding them firmly, as he plunged his rod into me again and again. His lips were sucking on my shoulders while one of his hands grasped my dangling breasts. By this time I no longer cared that I was married, that I was committing adultery and that I could get pregnant. All I cared about, at that precise moment, was being so deeply skewered by a man’s thick endowment and that it was the most fantastic sensation in the world, one that I never wanted to stop.

Patrick had me in his clutches, and I loved feeling free to indulge my senses because I’d surrendered responsibility for my actions to him!

I could feel his fingers hooking into the flesh of my left hip as I wriggled my bottom. Every nerve end, in my skewered body, was aware of his touch. He pistoned his penis into me, again and again, wringing all kind of incredible sensations from my sex. It felt almost as if I’d never had proper sex before because it was so different to the sex I’d enjoyed with Steven.

I could feel his pelvis pressing against my buttocks, flattening them, as his hips moved back and forth driving his manly rod as deep as it would go into my sex. His penis made squelching sounds as it tunneled deeply into my sheath. It was heaven having something so thick and hard sawing in and out of me. Giving in to the lustful emotions, which were gripping my mind and body, I clenched my vaginal muscles in an effort to try to trap the seesawing rod inside me forever.

My mouth was wide open as I became more and more breathless. I’d never felt like this. It felt almost as if I was a dormant caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly, at last!

I cried out loudly, in frustration and anger, when I felt him withdraw his penis entirely from my clenching pussy. I was soaking wet with my vulva bubbling with sex juices. I had never felt so wet. From my mouth came begging sounds as I obscenely weaved my bottom trying to entice him to resume his penetration. My mind was a jumble of contradictory thoughts. He turned me over, onto my back and his hands grasped me behind the knees, spreading them wide apart.

I was watching him, through blurred eyes, and saw that his handsome face was flushed and sweaty and that he was breathing through his mouth. He licked his lips. His eyes glittered with predatory lust as he stared at my exposed vagina. I could see that his erect penis was jerking against his stomach; a drop of clear liquid glistened on the tip. He pushed my legs right back then leaned forward so that the tip of his penis could trail in the pool of my vaginal juices, which was oozing out of my open vulva.

I whimpered, straining my hips upward in a silent plea for him to impale me again with his massive penis. He grabbed my wrists, pulling my arms up over my head. I felt the sweet tingles of anticipation sweep wildly through me as the head of his penis kissed my clitoris. My heart was beating erratically, my breathing was shallow and my nipples seemed so hard that they felt as if they were going to explode like overripe fruits. I was his willing prisoner.

He stuck his tongue out, and licked my nipples. I arched my spine, pushing my breasts up to make it easier for him to suck them. I moaned, as he sucked a nipple into his mouth, my mouth falling open with wanton desire. I thrashed around, crumpling the cushions, as the edge of his teeth gently nibbled on the sensitive bud. He snarled, as his teeth tugged the nipple, stretching my breast into a long, elongated pear-shape. It was ecstasy and pain at the same time.

I moaned passionately as his hard penis slid wetly along the slit. He centered the fat head then lunged forward into my exposed vagina. The world, around me, seemed to be obliterated by an incandescent, white light as I felt an explosion tear through my body. I snorted, through flared nostrils, as I felt the huge orgasm sear through me like wildfire. It was nothing I’d ever experienced before, so quick, so huge, and so all-enveloping. I was aware that the hard penis was lodged really deep inside me because I felt the head pressing hard against the neck of my womb. The way my body was scrunched up under his, made those intense spasms all the fiercer.

I felt absolutely conquered!

I discovered that, by tensing the muscles of my vagina, the sensational rubbing by the head of his penis against the neck of my womb was magnified. It felt as if my vaginal walls had become welded to his hard rod so that he and I had become one being, like Siamese twins.

My clit was pulled tightly down each time his fleshy rod slid inside me. I felt my body responding to the wonderful friction by becoming extremely sensitive. In a way it was madness, sheer wild, crazy sexual madness engulfing my mind and body!

I was babbling and jerking like a crazy woman as the sheer delight of his rhythmic screwing. Lustful excitement rushed, like wildfire, through every nerve in my body. I felt as if my entire being had become a gigantic vulva which responded to the minutest movement of his penis. I pressed the soles of my feet hard on the seat so that I could drive my pelvis up to meet his thrusts. I called out his name as he flicked his hips faster, building up the tempo.

I looked down and his penis was blurred as it seesawed in and out of me like a piston. I weaved my hips from side to side, lewdly wanting more of the ecstatic sensations yet, at the same time, fearing for my sanity as I became lost in a maelstrom of almost unbearable pleasures. It was clear to me that I was going to orgasm again, something which had never happened to me before. I could feel it and instinctively knew that it was going to be stronger than anything I’d ever experienced before. I was certain and I was scared but, at the same time, nothing on earth would have been able to stop me from seeking it. I whispered his name lovingly. I dug my nails into his back, opening my mouth for him to kiss.

His tongue ploughed deeply inside my mouth as his huge penis ploughed deeply inside my vagina like a a raging bull. I twisted my hips, from side to side, to make my sex twist around his plunging rod. It was pure, unadulterated pleasure. My clit was swollen and felt as if it was burning about to explode. It pulsed with a raging itch which jolted cries of unspeakable lust from my throat. In a small way I knew then how a man must feel just prior to his ejaculation.

The intensity was almost too much to bear and I screamed as I tore my mouth away from his. I could feel the huge penis rasping against my clit as his body crashed against mine again and again. I was only seconds away from losing consciousness when it exploded!

For a time I was crazy, insane, yelping, crying, screaming, twisting and writhing as the huge flames of ecstasy swept through me as I climaxed again and again. It wasn’t one orgasm but a series of orgasms which melted into one. I felt as if my whole body, and mind, had been caught in a whirling maelstrom of exquisite sensations which penetrated every pore, every nerve end, every muscle, every cell of my body and mind. It was pure ecstasy as I’d never experienced before and, for a brief moment, I did black out as my mind relinquished its hold on sanity.

When it was finally over, I fell back and just lay there, limp and drained, my lungs straining for air. I was aware that his penis was jerking around inside my slack vagina. He was stroking my cheeks gently. It was the finest most intense sensation that I’d ever experienced in my life. I felt like a reborn woman and absolutely wonderful.

Eventually reality started to trickle back and I reminded him that the others would be coming back soon and that he’d better get dressed. What I really wanted to do was to beg him to make love to me again as soon as he was able. He kissed me lightly on the lips, while pulling his penis slowly from my still-gently-spasming vulva. I shivered as I felt my pussy mourn for his departing penis. I lay there quietly, aware of every inch of my body, which had been sensitized to new heights by his exquisite lovemaking. He finished dressing and, rising swiftly, I rushed to him and plastered my naked body against his and kissed him on the mouth.

I whispered, in his ear, that I would be waiting for his call. I felt my cheeks reddening furiously as I offered myself so unconditionally. At the same time I could feel a slow trickle of cooling juice seeping from my swollen vagina which made it even more obscene. Even after he’d left I could feel the sensation of his body against mine and his penis still seemed to be stretching my vagina.

I had a quick wash but perversely did not douche, dressed, repaired my make-up and was in the lounge, talking to him when the others came back. My husband gave me a half-hearted kiss on the cheek, not even looking at me before returning his attention to his guests. Any qualms I might have had about the lewd things I just did with his boss disappeared as I looked at him and saw that he was so absorbed in himself that he didn’t even see me.

Patrick has visited me many times since and we have met in many places at many times to indulge our lust. I feel no qualms about cheating on my husband any more as he has even gotten more absorbed in himself.  The sex with Patrick gets better and better and now I feel like a real woman!

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