If Mekwe is legal and Selling is legal, why is Selling Mekwe illegal? - 'Deolu #ONIRANU Bubble!
June 5, 2020
If Mekwe is legal and Selling is legal, why is Selling Mekwe illegal?


If Mekwe is legal and Selling is legal, why is Selling Mekwe illegal?

I didn’t come up with that title myself, it’s some sort of remix of what George Carlin said during a comedy stand up decades ago. If you’re looking for conscious comedy then George is your guy, check him out on Youtube.

The question is, “If fucking is legal, selling is legal, why is selling fucking illegal?”

It’s one of those things that I will never understand about us as a people, and I get the thing about it been immoral, and depending on who you speak with, there might be people who don’t agree prostitution is illegal because it has to do with two consenting adults.

The buyer of the service and the seller are all in agreement about what is about to happen, so what the fuck is the problem? Just like any other industry, it comes in all shapes and sizes unlike the American visionary, Henry Ford that said,

“You can have any color as long as it’s black”  when he was talking about the Ford T model in 1909 limiting people’s color options.

The modern game of sex-selling is multidimensional, and it caters to almost every type of demography and social class. Depending on what you can afford, there are grades from Ashewo to Olonsho, to Runz-girl, Slay mama to even the grandest Instagram model, it’s all the same thing.

The locations also vary, you can go the beach for say the cheapest ones, or other houses made popular over time, or they can also have to come to your house. The internet these days has blown everything up. If this is what you’re shooting for, then go straight to Tinder, it’s everyone displaying their assets there, also there are messages on their profiles saying “Here for Hookups”.

That’s just short and direct, so no need to form friendship or anything to sneak one round out of her. On Instagram as well, depending on if you know how that route works, although it seems that the Instagram models are more expensive.

Quick disclaimer, I’m not saying that all Instagram models and slay mamas are prostitutes.

My problem is why do we criminalize prostitution, a lot of men do it every other day. If men wouldn’t patronize them, they won’t be a market for it but sadly, there is a big booming market and here we are.

For a nation like Nigeria, that is so religious but not Godly, we’re the ones to quickly call out issues of morality in other people but not ourselves. Look at the case of our House of Rep. members who went to the U.S on an official assignment, and were “allegedly” accosting the hotel staff for sex, some even asked them to help them get some girls.

These are representatives of our nation, these set randy men are a typical sample size of Nigerians, one of the biggest hypocrites in the world, say something, do something else. We put our noses in other people’s business, without caring about our own shit.

It’s like a scenario I knew of when I was younger, about a mother who was liked to tell people about their daughters who she saw greeting guys meanwhile her own daughters are the ones been dragged off riding dicks.

These sort of people are like those cotton thread lanterns famous in the 90s, that would illuminate its vicinity not its lower part. It’s a famous adage that says, “Atupa o kin ri idi ara e”

Seriously, what is the big deal in legalizing prostitution then regulating it, let people who want to fuck, fuck in peace. Whether the government likes it or not, people will continue to do this, and they deny it when you ask them about it, it’s that simple.

It seems senseless that this is illegal, there are countries in the world that have legalized it, have those countries fallen off the edge of civilization, have all their morals gone to hell in a Birkin handbag? It’s not if people wanna sell sex, let them be, make laws to regulate the trade because guess what? It’s already happening every hour of every day. Like the role of the government in anything, set some of the rules, live and let live.

Have people carry health cards or something, and not make them easy targets for horny police officers to rip them off. Moreover, and again, these people are being patronized. Isn’t it?

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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