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April 18, 2021

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Lust Lane (18+)

Written by @dannybrownz

I felt on top of the world that morning, the babe of my dreams just called me saying she was bored and wants to hang out for the weekend, I had to check my call log to be sure I wasn’t imagining things, thoughts had rushed through my head so fast I was getting drowsy, “who could be pranking me?” I said aloud.

My roommate replied me stupidly and said “I look like Aston Kutcher?”

“No be your fault, the garri wey you don dey drink don soak your brain finish” I replied back while I packed my box for the weekend, who says no to this kind of offer, I AM OUT!!!!.

I wanted to step out to withdraw some cash when I heard my phone ring, I Picked up and heard “Hey, it’s me Ada … This is my other line I will be in your school in 5 minutes to pick you up, so please keep your phone on” and then she hung up, at this point I was in heaven I was already imagining how this weekend was going to go down.

I got to know Ada some months Ago from Twitter and I had never met her personally before, I knew that her dad is rich and she has been working in Mobil after her youth service programme earlier this month, I always pictured her to like far older guys but because we were around the same age didn’t mean I shouldn’t try so I started bugging her inappropriately online and she felt I was being silly until we started sex chatting in the DMs.

She sent me a picture of her last month in a short cartoon print Body Con skirt and a sports bra and I jokingly replied her saying “I would like to see you ass move like Jelly as I fuck your brains out” expecting her to say her usual “LOL” but she said “we could arrange that”,and that is how she agreed to come pick me in school when she is in town.

I heard my name being screamed on the PA system saying my sister is here to see me and I went out to see why my sister was coming to see me at this wrong hour when I saw ‘Bae’ looking like Ayamatanga .  She never said she wanted to murder but she did that day, my boys were wailing like dolphins from upstairs as we walked towards the car and entered. “at least I tried to dress down not to pull attention”  she said as she threw me the car keys and walked over to the passenger’s side, winking at me as she entered the car, I was startled but I got in and drove off.

We had just left my school gate when she told me to pull over; without asking I just did, then I heard “bring out your cock”.

I was still processing the request when she forcefully zipped me down and brought out my ‘gun’ (hehehe) she looked shocked.

“I didn’t even think it would be as big as this!” she exclaimed

“Na so we see am … and na so you go take am my dear” I said trying not to smile, I kept looking ahead like I was talking to the windshield, I felt her smile and I asked if I could continue driving she nodded as I was about to launch off I remembered my dick was still out of my pants

“Errm Ada, are you not going to put it back?” I asked

She leaned towards me like she wanted to open the door, reclined my chair back a bit, put the car gear on park ‘held my gear with her hands and put it on Drive’ “EKWESU!” I exclaimed as she engulfed her mouth around my meat pack.

“Oh myyy … ”

The feeling it gave me made me step on the Gas pedal ,

“What sorcery, what dark magic and evil art is this” were the thoughts in my head, I could still hear her choke herself trying to put a large amount of meat in her mouth, I was about to climax down her throat and I passed her signals but she didn’t stop sucking.

She kept gagging it into her mouth and soon after I had to let it out, my body was jerking as I released in her mouth and on her face,  I wasn’t sure I could even feel my legs after that, so I waited to regain consciousness then I drove off.

She took out tissue from the Glove compartment and spat the ‘Ogi’ that I feed her (hehehe) and cleaned herself up with this constant evil smile on her face.

I thought to myself ,what have I entered? 

“Where are we going” I asked

“To an apartment in 1004… We’ve got it for a week”.

Ehn!!  I only planned to leave school for the weekend, what have I entered?

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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