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March 5, 2021

Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 2] (18+)
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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 2] (18+)


Kunle is a naive teenager who is stuck at home most of the time with his adult maid called Blessing, she is his only influence and confidant. When he begins to discover new things about his body, he has no one to turn to than his horny maid. Read about their adventure and all the trouble they manage to get into.

Written by Armadillo Reezy

He woke up the next morning, trying to recall the events of last night and he knew it was way better than PES 2020, and with no coercion, he had to give it back to Aunty Blessing. 

Where was she sef? 

He thought and soon heard water splashing in her bathroom, oh, she’s taking her bath. Maybe he should go take his too, once he opened the door to leave Blessing’s room she called out to him and asked that he came into her bathroom, he didn’t see anything bad in it and he went back into his Nanny. 

In the bathroom, her ass was raised up as she was picking up her soap from the floor. He stood there behind her looking at her asshole and her pussy that was peeking at him, he just stood not knowing what to do and Blessing turned around 

“Loving what you see?” Kunle replied, 

“Yes” and Blessing replied, “Good”,

 “So, I won our bet yesterday, don’t you owe me something?” Kunle said, 

“I know I just don’t know where to start and we still need to get to the bedroom right?” 

“No Baby, we’re doing it here, now,” Blessing said authoritatively. 

It was the second time she called him Baby, not that he cared but, he was not going to make mistakes today. 

He went close to her and started to kiss her like he was going to die if he didn’t he also put his left hand to her right boobs pressing it all around gently before he started to tweak her nipple like he was tuning a radio searching for stations, she was moaning louder than yesterday and based on what he felt yesterday night, he concluded he was doing good. 

He also started to suck on the nipples too switching his hands and lips from one boob to another. 

“Stop, Stop”, Blessing told him, he was asked to lie down and he did watch with wide eyes as he watched her lower her pussy on his lips when Kunle didn’t make any move, she rubbed her pussy lips on his lips and moaned, 

“Come on Baby, you can do this, you promised to” 

Kunle remembered how she sucked his dick, so he made his mind up to do this to her satisfaction. He started to lick it as gently as he could but Blessing wouldn’t have any of that, she rubbed her pussy on him hard and fast and started to moan hard. 

Kunle had a hard time keeping up but minutes later, he got the hang of it and started to lick as hard and fast as he could, she was shaking now and started to release juices into his mouth, it had a musky scent and tasted salty. 

He liked the taste and kept licking as hard as he could to get more juices, during the course, his teeth grazed her clitoris and her moan increased by decibels, he quickly noticed that the area gave her more pleasure and he added pressure there constantly grazing it with his teeth, he bit on it and almost got drowned in juices that gushed out from the opening that led straight into his mouth. 

He swallowed fast but some still escaped out the sides of his lips. Blessing got off him catching her breath, 

“Did I do well?” Kunle asked her. 

“Not until you finish this last phase” replied the nanny as she grabbed the bathroom since presenting her ass to him. 

She used two fingers to open her pussy and asked him to insert his dick into her now dripping pussy. It went in smoothly and he stopped, Blessing asked him to pull it back it out and push it back in as slow as he could. 

He started to repeat this movement but he was too slow for Blessing so, she started to push her ass back at him and at her own speed. 

Kunle got the hang of it and started to match her pace-for-pace, soon he grabbed her waist for more impact, he started to slam in really hard and their water from the shower continually washed up their never-ending sweat. 

Blessing kept moaning saying words Kunle or even her couldn’t comprehend but he didn’t stop fucking her like his existence depended on it. 

Soon she pushed him back as she on the bathroom floor and asked that he mounted her. As he was sliding his dick in, she raised her legs up and rested them on his shoulders, he held her boobs for more balance and started hitting her pussy once more, the muscles in the pussy gripped his dick firmly but the juices she was producing made sure this movement was slick. 

He started playing with her nipples again knowing the kind of effects it had on her and he made sure to always almost totally extract his dick before slamming it back in as far as he could go, Blessing was at his mercy now, thrashing around the floor but there was no escape now. 

Kunle was not Kunle anymore, his hormones had taken over, Blessing screamed in his ear as she came very hard, her cumming pushed him too over the and as he crushed her boobs in his hands, he stiffed deep in her and planted his seeds in her. He fell on her trying to catch his breath and a well-satisfied Blessing gave him a well-done kiss.

Ever since then, Kunle shared his attention between his games and Blessing as they fucked times without number anywhere and everywhere in the house, she taught him new styles and showed him lots of ways of pleasing a female. 

One night after another steamy sex, Blessing asked if Kunle had tried fucking another lady apart from her, he replied no, as he didn’t see any reason to. 

“I want you to get a girlfriend, so the both of you can have sex, then I’ll take you to another level cause if you do that, you’ll be a bigger boy after that.” 

Kunle didn’t know what he’ll get from her but he knew it would be interesting so he quickly got to work and using the antics Blessing taught him, he was able to get Funke to be his girlfriend. 

Of course, being rich and intelligent made it easier. 

He invited her over the first time after they started dating a few months earlier, when she came over, they gisted for a while, he went in for a kiss and after kissing, they both made out for a while.

She laid back into the couch, as he climbed over her, they made out some more, he made to unbuckle his trouser, Funmi made it known that she had never done it before, but she was ready, and they should go all the way. 

Kunle freaked out quickly losing his hard-on, he began to sweat. For some reason, he thought Funmi had lost her virginity earlier, and he didn’t have to do that, considering he just lost his own recently. The evening went down the drain from there, two novices really who didn’t really know much, Kunle had a slight upper head due to his exposure with Blessing. She thought him other things, not how to disvirgin a lady

Funmi left shortly, he went in to tell his Nanny what had happened. Blessing just laughed and told him, Funmi being a virgin was perfect as she would be sweeter than her herself, she told him to be confident and just try again, she gave him some lessons on how to be a gentleman, and how to make it less painful as possible. 

Kunle never imagined that another lady would be sweeter than his nanny who had now started to deny him her coochie, playing psychological games with him. 

He invited Funmi over once again and this time around, he felt more confident and added more foreplay, but the penetration still was an issue, Funmi couldn’t take the pain and they stopped the whole thing again. 

She visited him the third time and then Kunle was dying from not having sex. 

His nanny had spiked his drink earlier on by putting some aphrodisiac in his drink. 

During their discussion, he was taking the drink in gulps and when he started to touch her boobs, she was into it, as she rubbed his hands. They began to kiss more, and the makeout became more intense than usual, he noticed he was hornier than usual, but he was also loving how Funmi was responding, and maybe they might be luckier today.

She was wetter today than she had previously been when his dick head finally went in, Funmi’s pain increased along with her heartbeat, Kunle wasn’t sure whether he should be doing this to her, but she edged him on, telling him not to stop, he felt pity for her.

Blessing who was watching the scenario from a hidden spot. Kunle pushed his dick in further, Funmi was wailing now but she made him promise not to stop, he pushed in again and stopped, after letting her catch her breath he started to pull out and push back in slowly. 

His dick was stained with a mixture of blood and Funmi’s juice. He kept on pushing in and out slowly, Funmi was only wincing now, with her eyes tightly shut. 

Kunle soon started to increase his pace and Funmi’s heartbeat increased but instead of her wails, she was moaning now. 

He was welcomed to this and once he tried to remove his dick it was Funmi that pleaded he shouldn’t. He was OK with it but he was glad about it, the pain has subsided, and she began to enjoy it a bit more, he kept pounding and soon it was all over. 

Kunle soon started to shake as he also came in her pussy as hard as he could. 

He lay there on her as they breathed hard on each other while the nanny was fingering herself in her hiding place.

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