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Juliana’s Attempt (18+)

Written by Dan Chucks

When you have Boo with an ego the size of a WWII submarine, and Bae with body the lovechild of Kim Kardashian and Idris Elba then we are up against a clash of amour-propre. It is Christmas day, and while couples all over the world hit the streets and parks to catch up with the love and fun, these two are locked up in a struggle for supremacy! Or ain’t they?

Idea of the Story:

I got the idea to write this story from a dearest friend I cherish quite very much (and whose names I would also be withholding). She had suggested I do a story on make-up sex between a couple after probably noticing that I don’t have a lot of stories that elaborate the sexual relationship of faithful partners. So here’s is the outcome my beautiful ladies and gentlemen! And of course, this story is dedicated to her (and I know she’d easily notice this once she sees the title). Happy reading guys!

Juliana tried again; letting her tongue swirl around the tip of my dick for a fourth time. But just like always, she got little to no response. My dick was limp; and looking even more unlikely to get hard! Her saliva was now some sort of little pond around the base of my manhood as well as my crotch; all from her lengthy sucking and licking.

She had really really worked that dick in every way possible. She’s sucked it, stroked it, beat it like a stick, and have even deepthroated it! All in its limp state. But yet got nothing. Absolutely nothing! the dick wouldn’t add an inch in its length or grit. It just lay in her hands like a dying squid – lifeless and inert! It wasn’t going to get hard. It wasn’t going to grow and double or triple in length. It wasn’t going to react to all those incitement and flood its veins with a burning rush of blood, thus rising to the occasion! It wasn’t going to get stiff; just like the plumbers steel bar. And then locate a bearded moist meat to plunder! It wasn’t going to do that! Despite all of Juliana’s effort.

She was hoping and wishing. In fact, she was desperate! Desperate in her search for rigidity and engorgement! She was awfully wet and all sticky! And I could even smell her all the way from where my head was sunk in a pillow! I could tell how much she wanted me, I could tell. But then, that dick isn’t going to add any inch, anytime soon!


While she toiled and laboured, I gloried! While she sort an evading erection, I basked in my all-conquering ego! I was some sort of demi-god; at least in my head. I wasn’t cheap. I wasn’t easy to pick up. I was Daniel. The witty bloke. The guy always with the axle! I had my way; my own way. And everyone was required to follow! I wasn’t cheap; at least I had said that before. So I ain’t cheap! Hommies don’t call me DAMON for no reason. They know I am the real deal. Because I don’t take shit from nobody, and Bae was likely getting to know that once again. She absolutely fucked up. In fact, she screwed herself, and she was getting the rewards for it! She deserved all she was going through! And I wasn’t feeling no pity for her. If just to say she hadn’t said the shit she said! If just to say she had kept her mouth shut! Probably, just probably, she wouldn’t have been in a position just as this one. Now she was being hard done. Hard done for her silliness. Silliness to Damon!

Next time she would never spill such trash from her mouth! I know most guys may probably not pick offense, but this was Daniel. Damon! She was always likely going to irk me with such gibberish! She was always going to grate me with such clusterfuck of a comment, and I was never going to take it! Not at all. Not Daniel! She may be right in a way. Given that the last time I actually drove her to her make-up class was some 24 days ago. So calling me an uncaring Boo wasn’t too far a description to how she felt. But then, Damon is never wrong, Never!! So he should never be questioned or challenged! It was either she bore, or she shut up! It was that simple.


Subsequently, as she struggled and desperately searched for the magic act, I lay where I was, wickedly smiling to myself! She looked pathetic in her effort. She had returned to sucking and licking! She had concentrated on the cap, slightly grazing it with her front teeth as she let her tongue rub all over the tip! She was working really hard, and kept pouring more spit. Something that ordinarily made me as hard as a rock.

But not this time. My cock remained as limp as it could ever get. It just flapped from one side of her hand to another without looking any bigger. That was likely very frustrating. And I knew I would have given up if I were in her shoes, but then Juliana looked rather ready to fight further. She kept on going. She kissed her way down the wavering pipe, and traveled straight to my balls, where she brazenly spat a lump of saliva on my saggy sac, before going on to take a testicle in her mouth. It felt really hot, but I held on; refusing it to get to me. I shut my eyes, and thought of my schedule for the next day. Okay, that was also going to be about her, so I quickly moved on from that one, and thought about January instead, and my resumption at work come 6th.

It was definitely going to be a happy day with everyone coming back from the brief Christmas break. I agreed it was looking good, so I moved on to family. Mum has called and stated she expected us home….oh, ‘US’, so there was Juliana in my thoughts again! And I had to open my eyes to see how far she was going, but then, met her with her butt high in the air while she faced me sucking and munching my balls! That view was wicked of course, and I needed to avoid it as much as I could! So I shut my eyes again!


I wasn’t going to succumb now after holding her out for so long. And her body was always going to be the achilles heel if ever I was to give in. Julian has an impeccable body! Pitch perfect! I always do tell her that she was simply the lovechild of Idris Elba and Kim Kardeshan! She had to be, given how unbelievably beautiful she was! She has a bit of a long face but with an amazingly suave jaw line that would definitely knock you out of your world! The almost visible line would then go on to link up with sweetly conspicuous cheekbones that are wonderfully planted high on her face! When she ever smiled (which she did very often), those cheekbones make you wanna meet God, literarily.

And I haven’t even mentioned her lips which are so full and curly and always looking like something you could chew endlessly! They are just luscious! Of course, they always opened up to an incredible set of teeth that will make any stingy dude part with a million squids any day, and she knows how to use them! Bae is beautiful! Her eyes; naturally shaded even without make-ups.

They are also lined out, thus narrowing out her lids and making her eyeballs appear lean and long; just like the Asian! They would then go on to receive the bridge of a nose that looks more English than African! Bae is a stunner!


However, goodness knows I was never going to date her if she isn’t! After all, I am also very handsome! But then, I just had to make the first move, to make sure I wasn’t going to lose a lady as beautiful as herself. And thankfully, she was without a guy, so we clicked just then. Or who wouldn’t click with Daniel? A 6’4″ demi-god with a physic only Greek myths can tell you about. I also have a handsomely-paying job and a fleet of other material things that make the ladies coo.

I am the real deal. So she was always going to ‘click’! Despite all her beauty! And even as I watched her body on that first contact, I only thought of how I was going to do dirty things to her in bed already! She was just too sexy! And needed to be subdued. Her choice for a low neckline tank top wasn’t helping matters either! The plunging neckline made a substantial portion of her cleavage spill out in the open and for boobs as full as hers, that was just certified temptation.

She is a 32D, with a curveline that makes her boobs look more like real elongated balloons than oranges or apples! And they never stopped bouncing within her clothes at even the slightest movement! Meaning I was in for a treat that very evening as we talked away into the night. A few times, she had the need to stand, and it always served as an opportunity to check out her backside. And boy! was she blessed there too!! It totally blew me away the first time I ogled it! Mainly because you could never tell she had a thing like that by just looking at her torso. After all, she is basically slim -even with the rather large boobs on her chest – and her arms are pleasantly slender.

Even her waist look small and tiny. But after that, there becomes a rather rapid swelling into a large fully round ass! Her ass in particular is just magical! While it drops out behind quite significantly – still forming a seamless linkup with her very thick thighs – it still audaciously flares to the sides; rather provocatively! I couldn’t really bear the sight of these things that night, and after brooding over a hard-on for most of the meeting, I was deservedly rewarded with a late-night fuck I still will never forget – on the same day!


Now, coming to fuck, she is easily light-years better than any other girl I have ever had! In simple English, she knows how to fuck! Like she’s is emphatically talented in matters of bedmatics! And it isn’t just about how sweet her fanny is (boy, her pussy is one hell of a sugar factory, really) but also what she is capable of doing to a guy in bed! She doesn’t just lie there and hope you would build her a love mansion in cloud 9; not really. She fucks you too! She moves, grinds, rides, fucks, humps, bounces, moans, groans, cries, creams…everything! She does everything! Just as you dream your own girl would do! And all those drive me crazy nonstop! She is also the sexually adventurous, liberated; always hoping and looking to explore. She takes risks, mostly with our fantasies, and it has never gone wrong, and did I mention that she tastes out-of-this-world down there too?! Oh dear me! What more can I say?!

Knowing full well how endowed she is, she has always used her succulent luscious body as a tool for seducing me! Of course she is basically a sub-nymph, if not a full one and she loves sex as much as food! Something she was never going to do without at all! And as soon as she was in the mood, I was hardly ever going to escape her. It is either she is using her bountiful boobs as a bait, or she eventually launches her real-arsenal (her glorious backside) when Plan A fails! She is just a handful!! But then, Damon was an adequate match! While I often succumbed to her unbeatable seductions, I still occasionally held my own. I was the guy after all, and just had to be in control! I had to be the one to decide when anybody was going to be in the mood and that is just it! In fact, we can just say that I love it when I make her beg for it! I love it when I see her fight and work to get me in the mood but haplessly fail! It just ices my cake.

Now was another time like it. She had pissed me off the previous night and while I keep citing that as my reason for refusing the sex, I do know down within me, that it was because of the immense joy her having to suffer for it was bringing me. Wicked? Maybe!


But then, all of a sudden, Juliana dropped my lifeless dick, and after muttering some inaudible words with a frown, began making it down from the bed! And that instantly brought my attention back to the room where we were. What was the problem? Was she done? Was she tired? Or has she given up? Quite funny really. Thought she was going to keep up with the ‘tough lady’ attitude she’s been giving me? Now she was probably seeing the senselessness in that! She had begun the morning by saying she was sorry though, for what she had said and wished to make it up to me.

But I had totally ignored her, refusing to accept her apology. While I knew she hadn’t exactly done anything wrong, since what she accused me of, was entirely true, Damon was never going to be seen as wrong.

Damon is always right! So she would have just swallowed it and bore! Confronting me was only going to hurt my ego and thus piss me off. And it just did! Now she was trying to bribe her way back to my good-side using sex. That was never going to happen.

I was happy she had tried and failed woefully! It was probably hurting her a lot, but I was more than glad it was doing so! She deserved every bit of what she was getting, and as she slid out of the bed, I laughed hard in my heart! Her yummy heavy ass jiggled endlessly, as she dragged herself off and it was a wonderful feeling to know the gigantic thing wasn’t enough to seduce me this very day.

It was indeed spectacular, and irrepressibly alluring, no doubt! And the clenching of her ass cheek muscles in a bid to move herself off the bed, only made the massive lumps of flesh look even more devastating! But then, I kept trying my best to hold the enticement out! I needed not to show any weakness now and I wasn’t doing bad at all really. I still watched her though; as she eventually got to her feet, with the thick broad butt heavily bouncing from side to side, and after getting off the bed, she instantly bent over to help herself with her footwear. Looking at that ass that very second she did so, should count as the greatest mistake of my month! Eventually!


I felt my dick twitch for a start! And how surprising that was. When I looked down at myself, I further realized that I wasn’t entirely limp anymore! I wasn’t exactly erect, but then there was a bit of mild stiffness about my cock. And it wasn’t hard to tell where all that was coming from. For when I looked up again at her to see her walking over to the bathroom, the way her mighty ass cheeks flapped about from side to side would only make my case worse! My dick throbbed once, and then twice! She was definitely getting me now! And her ass wasn’t stopping yet, for while it rolled literarily, it also wildly swayed, all on its own accord.

Her cheeks moved in unison, and danced like a duet! The fact that I was seeing it from the side wasn’t helping either, because I could now once again appreciate by how much the swell of the glorious mounds, curved away from her tiny waist, before eventually curling back in like an oversize sickle! I did instantly hit a brick fence though, when she got into the bathroom, and then bent forward a bit to get water on her face while standing over the wash-handbasin.

For this inevitably presented me with a slight spread of both her ass cheeks; thus further revealing her tight puckered virgin asshole, and then her thick meaty pussy lips! My dick wiggled! Before quickly jerking its way up my groin and onto my belly, in one single involuntary swipe of burgeoning erection! I had gone fully hard now no doubt! But yet, my eyes remained on Juliana’s partly-split ass cheeks! She had equally risen to her toe, to help herself to the face-towel hung above her, and thus propped herself up in the course. This would unavoidably force her ass cheeks to tighten out, and then look thicker, stiffer and tauter in the eye! They also looked larger and higher, with the thick swell of her pussy mound dropping low between them from behind! The view was just mind-blowing, and I somehow someway, I found my left hand on my dick the next moment! But then, I still got to find out soon, that I hadn’t even seen anything yet!

Danny has a blog (quite-lewd.blogspot.com) where he writes very erotic stories.

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