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Ifunnaya, The Babysitter IV (18+)

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Ifunnaya, The Babysitter IV (18+)

“No, she would say ‘now Kemi what do you expect to happen when you go out with men wearing that kind of dress.'” Kemi was giggling a little.

Ifunanya smiled and said, “Would she make you get changed into trousers, a jumper and sensible shoes?”

Kemi was laughing now, “Yea and iron undies to keep the naughty boys out!”

Ifunanya said through giggles, “And a sign saying ‘No Entry!’ Trespassers will be de-cocked! “

Both girls were in a fit of giggles now and, for a few seconds, Kemi forgot all about her terrible night with Ubong. Unfortunately, this release of emotion, even though it was laughing, brought tears back to her eyes. Kemi raised her hands to her eyes as if she was hiding her sobs from the young girl who was slowly rubbing her neck and shoulders.

Gradually Kemi’s tears subsided and she focused on the feeling of being touched. Neither of the women spoke a word, the only sound was the occasional quiet groans of pleasure as Ifunanya massaged the tension away. She had moved behind Kemi on the sofa and now her breasts and stomach pressed against Kemi’s bareback. To accommodate her position she was knelt down with one knee on either side of Kemi.

Knowing that her breasts were only separated from Kemi’s skin by a thin piece of material was making Ifunanya feel quite excited. As she rubbed the exposed shoulders and neck of her newest friend she began thinking about the current situation. Her own legs were apart with nothing covering up her most private area, her breasts pressed up against Kemi’s sexy, and bare, back and Kemi herself wearing only the skimpy black dress with nothing beneath. It was making her hotter every moment.

“How do you feel now?” Ifunanya asked.

“Better now,” Kemi replied dreamily and now totally relaxed. Her body had gone limp and she settled back against Ifunanya’s young body. The 19-year-old babysitter leant in close to her temporary employer, her head drooped down to the base of Kemi’s neck, and her lips agonisingly close. Then Ifunanya went for it, her hands went to Kemi’s shoulders and stroked down her arms and then pressed her firm young lips into her beautiful neck, sending a shiver through the older woman’s body.

Kemi knew she should protest but she felt powerless, even as Ifunanya continued kissing her neck and up toward her cheek and ear. Eventually, she had the strength to at least look at the girl, she had to lean back and turn her body towards Ifunanya to see her, as she did she met the piercing eyes of her friend’s daughter. She had meant to turn around and tell her to stop but Ifunanya wasn’t going to give up. Just as Kemi’s lips parted Ifunanya moved in and suddenly they were kissing and, to Kemi’s surprise, her own impulses (or perhaps an inner desire) took over and kissed the young girl back.

For a moment they shared their first kiss, and then Kemi came to her senses and pulled her lips away from Ifunanya’s and leant away. Her intention was to say ‘no’ but as she moved her head away Ifunanya’s hands ran up her bareback, her neck then when they reached the back of her head she pulled Kemi back into their kiss.

For a moment Kemi tried to pull away but then she couldn’t help the fact that she was enjoying the experience. She allowed Ifunanya’s tongue to part her own lips and enter her mouth; they tasted each other as their tongues clashed together.

Ifunanya’s hand trailed down the older woman’s body, down until she felt the warm skin of Kemi’s thigh, it was the feeling of being touched in such a sensitive place that brought Kemi back down to earth and she pulled away from the girl’s lips.

“Ifunanya I can’t,” Kemi couldn’t deny that the feeling was amazing. Different, but amazing all the same.

“It’s ok,” Ifunanya whispered, her lips were millimetres away from Kemi’s ear. “Relax; let me make you feel better. Let me treat you the way you deserve.”

Ifunanya stroked her face gently then put a finger under Kemi’s chin to bring them face to face again. Kemi’s mind, and heart, was racing but her body was betraying her, she wanted to stop, but oh god she wanted to carry on and allow this experience to unfold. It’s wrong, she told herself time and again, but if it was really wrong why did she like it?

Ifunanya carried on kissing despite Kemi’s mild protests; first, she kissed around her ear, her cheek, right along her jawline and back towards the corner of her mouth. Kemi couldn’t help herself at this point, her walls were breaking down and she stopped thinking. All that mattered now was the moment, the feeling and it was so good. She turned back to Ifunanya again and this time it was Kemi who instigated a passionate kiss. This, finally, was the green light as far as Ifunanya was concerned, she felt the beautiful woman kiss her and a shiver ran through her body.

Their kiss was becoming more passionate, more urgent now. Kemi’s hands were in Ifunanya’s hair, she combed her fingers through it and pulled the younger woman in closer as if trying to become one with her. For a moment she pulled away to catch her breath and to regain some kind of control over herself. The separation was short-lived and soon they enthusiastically resumed their first real lesbian encounter.

Now that Ifunanya was in no doubt that both of them wanted this to happen she once again let her hand drift down Kemi’s body. She felt her way down to the exposed skin of Kemi’s chest and slipped her hand inside the delicate fabric of the dress to take hold of an ample left breast. Kemi shivered at the young woman’s touch, her body suddenly aching for further stimulation.

It had been so long since she had felt desired, or even lusted for this way. She still struggled to believe any of this was happening although the growing warmth and moistness between her legs begged to differ. She wanted to speak, to say things to her new lover, but deep down she knew that the time for talking was done for now.

Kemi was turned on in a way she had never been before, even her sexual relationship with Osaze was no comparison. She didn’t want to stop kissing; she kissed Ifunanya’s lips, her cheeks, her neck and her fingertips.

Ifunanya moved her hand away from Kemi’s breast and began stroking the inside of her thigh instead. Even though Kemi knew what was coming she still shuddered and moaned when Ifunanya’s fingers lightly brushed against the moist lips of her exposed pussy.

Ifunanya was just as excited when she felt the moistness on her fingers, even more so when she felt Kemi’s reaction to her touch. Ifunanya was in uncharted territory as far as she was concerned having never experienced this before, she trembled slightly as the adrenaline built but she wasn’t going to stop now.

Her hand closed over Kemi’s wet lips and rubbed up and down, knowing from her solo experience how sensitive the area would be and how pleasurable it could be, but she didn’t allow any fingers to slip inside those lips just yet, choosing to tease the sensitive area first, building up the tension until her lusty partner could take it no longer until she begged to be fucked to a thunderous orgasm.

Kemi was breathing deeply, she felt Ifunanya’s soft touch around her most private area. She slightly lifted her left knee as the fingers probed and stroked under the little dress. No man had ever touched her so gently or teased her so exquisitely; it wasn’t just the feeling of being touched, it wasn’t even the feeling of Ifunanya’s soft tongue probing her mouth.

It was the whole scene itself; she was having an incredibly erotic experience with a beautiful 19-year-old babysitter, it was like she was in a scene from her secret and very private DVD collection.

Ifunanya broke the kiss and then broke the silence, “Are you still OK with this?”

“I’ve never…I mean yeah it feels good, really good…but I’ve never done this before, I mean…I have done it of course just never with…y’know…with a girl,” Kemi was rambling and she knew it. The fact was that she had become worried. She worried during sex all the time, scared of doing something wrong and letting her partner down.

“It’s OK,” Ifunanya said, her soft voice almost becoming a whisper. “I’ll take care of you. All you need to do is lay back and relax.”

Kemi leant against the back of the sofa and half-closed her eyes, focused simply on the experience and nothing more. Ifunanya reached around her neck to undo the clasp and, after a bit of fiddling, pulled down the top of the dress and fully exposed the beautiful breasts she had been thinking about all night.

Ifunanya had been on her knees on the sofa for a long time and they had started to ache so she moved her right leg out from under her and placed her barefoot on the floor, while she was getting more comfortable Kemi moved as well so her left leg was on the floor and her right leg up on the sofa.

This movement caused the dress to ride further up her thighs so only a tiny part of it covered her bare pussy. Ifunanya accommodated by leaving her left leg under her and putting the right one over Kemi’s so now she straddled her right knee. They had giggled while trying to sort their legs out and get comfy; it was harder than it ought to have been, mostly because of the alcohol making its devious way up to the girls’ minds.

It was now, after they eventually settled, that Kemi realized that Ifunanya was going commando as well as she was. She felt the younger woman’s moist pussy on her leg; just above her right knee. The feeling of Kemi’s warm skin on her cunt added hugely to Ifunanya’s own arousal and before long her juices were moistening Kemi’s leg.

Ifunanya sat with her back straight for a moment, just enjoying the feeling of skin on pussy, and then she relaxed and brought her head down to Kemi’s level and planted another hard kiss on those smiling lips. They parted with a little smooching sound after the brief, but intense, kiss. Ifunanya rose slightly and put her hands down flat against the armrest on the chair to brace herself and then, literally, slid her pussy down Kemi’s leg and rested it on her knee. She resisted the urge to keep sliding up and down for the moment because her movement had left her head over Kemi’s bare chest.

Without another thought, she brought her lips down to her right breast and ever so slowly teased the erect pink nipple with her tongue. The feeling of Kemi’s hands stroking the back of her head told Ifunanya that she was doing a good job, sometimes she heard Kemi gasp or felt her shiver when she took the sensitive nipple in her mouth and gently sucked, licked and very softly grazed her teeth along with it. Then Ifunanya set about giving the same treatment to the other breast.

Kemi was enjoying herself so much, she had never experienced this much foreplay for a start. She had learned through her own experiences, and the experiences of her friends, that a lot of men could be quite selfish. There were exceptions of course but the impression she got was that some men thought a quick kiss, brief tit fondling and a quick pussy rub followed by a minute and a half of penetration was all that was needed to turn a woman on to the maximum.

And they wonder why their girlfriends either don’t have orgasms or just fake them!

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