December 2, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Super Grace Inna Dubai! [S0602] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Super Grace Inna Dubai! [S0602] (18+)

They had a three-course meal, Grace ate the first spoon, and was surprised to find she was hungry too, all the excitement of the day had her nerves wired, so she had each course with vigour.

Money good o. She thought to herself, grinning at the Senator happily. Food and sex, in Dubai. She did not think anything could be better than this.

She was full, satisfied, and rearing to go twenty minutes after they first stopped in front of the fancy restaurant. She had eaten quickly, only remembering table manners when she caught the Chief smirking at her.

“Let’s go nau!” Chief was done eating, but he sat watching her like she was not dying to do bad things to him all night long. Nina told once, that men were suckers for pouting girls, so she did her best, and it seemed to work because Chief stopped smiling and called for their bill.

Outside, it felt colder and Grace shivered a little. The car pulled up to the curb and Chief gestured for her to get in it.

Immediately he joined her inside, she climbed onto his lap, and kissed him deeply, her tongue teased his until he was out of breath, and her hand slipped through the thin fabric of his shirt, massaging his chest as she devoured him.

He pulled away, his eyes narrowing in desire, and the breath from his lungs huffing out in excitement.

Grace was on to him now. He knew she was going crazy, but because she teased him a little on the plane, he was playing with her now.

“See ehn, we’re almost at the hotel, just a little longer.”

Wetin this man dey plan, like this? She could not figure it out, he was always on her like white on rice. The thought that he had a kinky night planned out at the hotel stirred the heat she felt building between her legs.

They stopped at two other spots before going to the hotel.

First, a clothing store, where Chief had her try on, and then buy multiple sets of sexy lingerie. They were unlike any she had ever seen before. Even Nina in all her finery did not possess some of the exotic pieces she picked out to try.

She modelled in sets of racy lingerie, enjoying his reaction. Everything felt so ethereal like straight out of a Korean drama, it was the happiest she has ever been.

When she stepped out of the changing room in a lace maroon set, with a matching garter belt and black stockings, Chief gulped. He took a swig of bubbly champagne as she turned around for his pleasure.

Grace felt she had come upon a strange power, keeping the powerful politician enraptured in her body.

She pursed her lips into a sexy pout, there was no one else around so she became forward with her erotic modelling, bending and running her hands over her body. When she was satisfied with the adoration in her captive audience’s eyes, she turned and returned to the changing room, returning after two minutes in a blue corset.

It took her longer than she expected to change into the sexy one-piece, she left the black lace stockings in place, Nina said black went well with everything. Where the two-piece lingerie revealed her curves enough to drive any man to madness, the corset left a little mystery in place, so her body was a promise wrapped in spicy lace.

They were buying everything, the Chief said so himself. Their week in Dubai was promised lavishness.

Grace hoped the hotel had thick walls, with all the fucking she planned on doing, their neighbours would definitely send noise complaints to the management every day and the thought of that made her blush sweetly.

Chief ogled her body in the lingerie,

“I’ve wanted to take you shopping for a while, I knew we would both enjoy the experience very much.”

From the size of the erection in his trousers, Grace doubted he was really enjoying the experience.
Her favourite pick of the night was a designer sheer striped elastic underwear and garter belt set in black.

Her body poured suggestively out of the bra and panties. Chief kept his hands to himself, at least until they made it into the car, then he was all over her.

“I can’t wait any longer!” he rasped out in between kisses. Grace was heady with desire, she had also waited long enough. She straddled him, trapping him in place so even if he suddenly decided he wanted to hold off till they reached the hotel again, there was nowhere to run.

She wanted to get fucked so bad, it was all she could do to not mewl at the sight of his hard erection. She ground her pelvis on his dick and moaned in glee at the feeling of her juices pooling in her panties, but it was not enough. With a hand, she pulled her panties aside and guided him into her warm, wet pussy.

He groaned hoarsely in her ear. The car moved through the city while she rode Chief all the way, to her first orgasm in hours. His hands cupping her ass forced her to grind into him ferociously. The driver spied them through the mirror, when he caught the Chief’s eyes, he quickly looked away, returning his focus to the road.

“Chief, yes! Faster!” Grace begged for it like it was all she needed, her quickly thrusting pelvis moved with a mind of its own, edging him to a powerful release. Her mind was going wild as her entire body erupted into millions pieces of pleasure, it was all so thrilling as they fucked driving through the most beautiful cities grace has ever seen.

She cried out throwing her head back as she came, she held on tight to the chief her beautifully manicured finger digging into his shoulders. He groaned deeply and pushed up into her shooting his warm seeds deep inside her, she had imagined his seeds swimming around inside her and her body shivered.

If this was a dream she never wanted to wake up, she could see herself living like that forever.

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