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September 3, 2020

Housegirl Grace: Grace & The “Helpful” Neighbour (18+)

Housegirl Grace: Grace & The “Helpful” Neighbour (18+)

Saturdays are hardly ever any fun for Grace but this particular Saturday was even more annoying, from when it started it has been a cascading stair of vexing events and activities. 

She got woken up quite early because someone didn’t close the kitchen tap properly, in fact, they barely close it and before daybreak, the entire kitchen floor was flooded, it took about an hour for her to completely scrub the water away and the floors clean.¬†

Like that wasn’t bad enough, the stupid gas that she’s only seen go empty once since she started working there decided to pick the moment she was halfway into making yam and tomatoes sauce for it to finish.¬†

Grace hasn’t felt a strong need to shout and curse like she did at that moment but to add salt to injury she had to go fill the gas since her madam declared she can’t drive to go fill because she did not have much fuel in her car.¬†

Mumbling curses and swears, she dragged the empty big gas cylinder downstairs and down the road till she found a tricycle she could ride till she had to drop off at the fueling station. After waiting in line she finally filled the cylinder halfway and was glad to be on her way home, if she did not have work she had to do at this point she would like nothing more than to go crash on a bed as soon as she was indoors, maybe she can cop a few minutes in the bed she thought as she knocked on the door. 

When no one answered after a while she knocked again harder but again no answer, there was no sound or even movements coming from inside. Grace did not want to believe that they possibly went out but the more she knocked and called out the more it seemed like the house was empty. 

At that point, she didn’t even know how to react she felt boiling rage but also a need to cry at the same time; all she wanted was to be able to at least sit and rest under a fast-moving ceiling fan.¬†

When she got tired of knocking, she decided to go downstairs to confirm that the car was not in the parking area, leaving the cylinder she went downstairs grudgingly and went she was on the ground floor she peered around for her madam’s car and like she feared it wasn’t parked anywhere.¬†

She sat on the small wide stairs that lead to the front area of the ground floor not knowing what to do or feel, she was angry because they left without calling her to tell her where they went and where they might have kept the spare keys then she remembered she didn’t carry her phone when she went to full the gas

“Ohhhh, which kain wahala be this” she groaned as she palmed her face.

She was groaning to herself when the footsteps of someone heading close to her made her look up, it was one of the neighbors on the floor below theirs. 

He is usually quiet and is hardly ever out of his room Grace only recognize him because she saw his face once while he was entering his room and she was going upstairs, she palmed her face and went back to her silent mumbling. She heard him stop right beside and had to fight not to groan out loud because she wasn’t sure she could communicate properly with the way she was feeling.¬†

“Are you alright?” she heard a quiet voice ask

She shook her head no but didn’t say anything¬†

“What happened?” he asked¬†

She felt like going “Ohhhhh” feeling exasperated, she wished she had nodded yes she was fine instead, looking up she saw he was intently watching her and she realized he was still waiting for her to answer. She took a deep breath before saying¬†

“I go buy gas but as I come back they don lock house,” She said¬†

“Oh that sucks, I think I actually saw when they went out not too long ago,” he said¬†

“Is there no place they like to drop spare keys for times like this?” He asked softly¬†

She nodded her head no and looked away hoping he would just understand and leave because explaining was just making her even angry when she heard his soft quiet voice again she was surprised 

“Did you hear me?” he asked

She nodded no hoping he won’t think she was stupid since she mostly answered him by shaking her head like an agama lizard.

“I said would you like to come and wait for them inside instead of out here in the sun,” he said¬†

She sat there not knowing what to say before finally nodding her head again when he raised his eyebrows, she stood up and silently followed up the stairs to his room. 

The first thing she felt was the cold air, his air conditioning was blasting and she instantly felt like she needed a blanket,  he showed her to the sofa opposite the massive flatscreen TV. 

He offered to make an extra cup of tea for her before disappearing into the kitchen. She watched the tv not really understanding what was going on, as she tried to rub her sides because of the cold she felt something tucked on the side of the sofa, picking it up she examined it. 

It was black and smooth and she thought about how she has never seen a torchlight that looked that fancy; it even had a cover to protect the glass, she opened the top to check it out better but was shocked at what she found. 

It was bright pink and looked like a vagina.

“Ewoo! Na wetin be this” Grace marveled as she turned the weird torchlight round

The body looked like an ordinary expensive torchlight but the inside was something else, she stuck out a finger and slowly inserted it into the pink vagina

“Chai!” she exclaimed

The inside felt soft and smooth just like the inside of a vagina only that it did not feel exactly like the real thing and it was also a bit dry not like a vagina that is always wet. She felt a presence and looked up to see him standing there, she immediately felt like a child caught doing something she’s not supposed to be doing but looking at him; he looked just like how she felt.

“I I bin em think say na eh torchlight I just eh I just” she tried to explain

“it’s okay,” he said

He reached out and took it from her no meeting her eyes, he took the cover and covered it before making to leave

“na wetin e be,” she asked stopping him in his tracks

He went dead silent as he stood there but not completely facing her

“um its called um” he started¬†

He cleared his throat and looked towards her but not really looking at her

“um it’s called a fleshlight” he said sounding breathless

When she didn’t answer he stole a glance at her and saw her staring at him with a clueless look

“like um a fake um” he stuttered while gesturing slightly towards his groaning

“um a um a fake” he stammered

“Puna” she blurted out

He nodded looking down at his feet

“Why” Grace asked before she could stop herself

She didn’t want to make him uncomfortable but she was really curious, he took a deep breath and put his palm on his forehead slightly covering one eye.¬†

“well, um the thing is I’m always you know very busy and all so I don’t have time for women you know,” he said¬†

Grace could understand that but she still didn’t see how someone could prefer the fake thing to the real thing no matter what. 

“You uh you don see the main thing,” she asked not looking him in the eye

“um yeah yes it’s just been a long time I guess,” he said looking uncomfortable¬†

“do you wan to see,” she asked biting her lower lip, feeling like Mother Theresa, offering help to the needy.

“wha” he asked looking unsure if he heard right

She lifted the skirt of her gown slightly and looked up at him her lower lip still in her mouth before nodded slowly 

“you mean you mean,” He asked pointing at her inner thighs

“yes, you fit see the real thing,” she said¬†

“My real thing” she added

He nodded over and over but was moving away from her, she was confused until she saw him stop at the light switch and turned on the light. Grace couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her which made him smile too; he had a cute almost boyish smile

“I guess I wanted to see properly,” he said smiling shyly¬†

Grace nodded her head while smiling coyly before she reached under and pulled her Pant down, she lifted the skirt of the gown completely to her waist before she slowly opened her legs her eyes never leaving him, she enjoyed how his eyes followed her every movement and how transfixed he looked at her pussy glad she always lower her pubic hair.

He made to walk towards her but stood instead 

“um can I like can come closer” he asked her

She smiled and nodded her head “yes”¬†

He walked to her in two long strides before going down on one knee so he was at the same level with her pussy. Grace felt her pussy start to get wet as he gawked at her exposed pussy

“Gawdamit, I almost forgot how much better the real thing is” he announced¬†

His face was so close to her pussy she could feel his breath on it and it was turning her on, she was sure her pussy was dripping juices. 

“Touch am,” she said¬†

The sharp intake of breath made her pussy tingle, he looked up at her and she nodded her head. He reached out with his fingers and ran it all over her pussy lips, he made a deep sound in his throat as he felt how wet she was

“Damn so wet” he announced as his fingers rubbed up and down her sopping wet pussy¬†

He pushed in one finger then made the deep sound again as his finger disappeared into her pussy making her moan softly, he moved his finger in then out then in again before he moved inside of her. 

He was enjoying the small moans that were escaping her, so he pushed in deep before pulling out his finger. and replaced it with one more finger. He pushed deeper into her and got rewarded with a louder moan, he moved his finger around inside her till he felt something a spot that was a bit spongy that which made her moan even louder and also made her inside grip him even tighter. 

He moved in and out grazing the spot each time, noticing her clit was now filled with blood and was now a big swollen little knob he decided to give to give it a little attention. Using his free hand he rubbed her clit in circles while he pushed in and out of her dripping pussy. 

It’s been so long she was fingered that she almost forgot it could feel so good, his fingers were doing all sorts of things to her and soon she was grinding on his fingers as her orgasm began to build.¬†

“cumming I’m I’m oh ahhhh” she cried¬†

She squeezed so tight around him as she came hard her legs spasming, when she was done trashing around his fingers he pulled out of her with her juices pouring out 

“holy fuck that was mind-blowing” he exclaimed as she tried to catch her breath¬†

His fingers were definitely her new plaything, she thought as she stared at his fingers shining with her juices.


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