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September 2, 2020

Housegirl Grace: Grace & The Annoying Market Driver

Housegirl Grace: Grace & The Annoying Market Driver

“What else is left na?” He asked grace impatiently 

“Smoked mackerel” She almost snapped at him, he was acting like he was the only one that had been walking around the market under the sun

“Haven’t you already bought like what two types of fish already” He complained looking at the nylon he was holding and hers

“This one is for today’s Efo riro, after we get the fish that’s all,” She said before turning down a steep alley 

“This is why someone can’t even enjoy having a car to drive around in peace, just to come deliver a message I have turned driver” He whined making her feel more impatient. 

This is exactly why she would rather go to the market alone than have any of the boys drive her to the market but even then they are way better than their whiny cousin; she doesn’t even know why her madam would pair her with; when she could have just paid for drop like she usually when Grace does the monthly shopping.

After she got the smoked fish, she was relieved it was almost over, they walked to the car in silence with him taking long strides while grace struggled to keep up. The drive home was going to be a tiring one;she could already feel it. 

It’s in moments like this that Grace wished she had an earpiece to listen to one of the many Abuja radio stations on her small phone and just let herself drift off into one of her fantasies, since her Oga fucked the shit out of her ass all she does is imagine all the other fun sexy surprises he had in store for her. 

She imagined them driving somewhere beautiful together where she could distract him while he drove; she imagined unzipping her Oga’s fly and pulling out his beautiful meaty dick. She imagined how she would suck lightly on the head while using her tongue to tease his peephole. 

Halfway home his phone started ringing pulling her away from her beautiful fantasy. He had to park to answer it. From the consistent yes ma and okay ma, Grace could tell this was not going to be good news.

“Ohhhhh my God” He groaned as soon as the call ended

“Which kind wahala be this now, this is just nonsense” He continued gripping the steering so hard it would break if it could

Grace wanted to sigh and ask him what the matter was but as she opened her mouth to ask he filled her in

“She wants us to drive to Yanya actually to get her Catfish” He spat the last part out

“All I wanted was to deliver a stupid message and continued on enjoying my day but now I have turn Uber food” he vented

“They’ll be acting like fueling someone car is enough like the car will just up and drive itself,” He said before hissing out loudly.

Grace sincerely felt bad for him but his nagging and complaining were making her head hurt slightly, she wishes she could shut him up like they do with crying annoying babies by putting breast in their mouth. 

The thought made her chuckle which made him pause in the middle of his rant

“what’s funny? Did I say something funny?” he asked

“Hmmm” she nodded trying to hold her laughter in

“No o, my pain is making you laugh” abi he said a bit lightly

“Oya tell me what you were thinking that made you laugh, I could use a good laugh right about now,” He said smiling slightly

“No o, I just think say if you be baby na to just put breast in your mouth so that you no go dey para too much” she answered smiling

He laughed and it was surprisingly lovely sound, he looked away from the road briefly to look at her and grace realized because of his annoying nagging she didn’t realize he was quite good looking. 

He was dressed simply in joggers and a simple t-shirt that fitted him well, he wasn’t big but he looks fit especially when he was carrying most of the things they bought in the market 

“So, you want to use nipple to shut me up eh ?” He said raising one eyebrow which somehow made him look sexier

“You no be baby,” Grace said smiling

“But I can be your baby,” He said in a sexy low voice that made the hair on her neck stand

“Park” She heard herself say. 

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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