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September 3, 2020

Housegirl Grace: Grace & The Annoying Market Driver II (18+)

Housegirl Grace: Grace & The Annoying Market Driver II (18+)

“Park?” he asked like not sure he heard or imagined

Grace smiled coyly before biting and nodding her head, he stared briefly at her before facing the road and putting on his trafficator. That made her smile grow and she was glad they were on a wide double lane road and were far away enough from the city to not be caught up in a traffic situation. 

He drove off the road and parked on the extreme side of the pedestrian lane, she watched him take a deep breath before turning to her

“Are you like for real?” he asked his eyes trying not to dart away from her

“Uhm, yes, like I say you no be baby but it fit work for you too plus today actually stress you and e fit help relieve the stress,” She said feeling proud she pronounced the word perfectly just as she’d heard her Oga do

“Yeah, I guess we could both relieve some of today’s unexpected stress,” He said

“Such an unexpected day” he added quietly

Grace heard and laughed a bit at it, she smiled up at him before turning over and sliding down her seat. She squatted on the floor of the car with part of her upper body resting on the chair. She wasn’t very comfortable but she could manage.¬†

Looking up at him she smiled as she watched him breathe deeply but her smile got even bigger as she saw the bulge that was evident under the fabric of his joggers. She tilted her head towards her as they locked eyes and he quickly winded up the glasses before locking the doors and taking off his seat belt, he stretched all the way to her seat and reached out till he touched a button under the chair that made it slide backward giving grace more space. 

He moved slowly and smoothly from his seat to the passenger seat, he placed his legs on either side of grace so she was seated in between his legs. He rubbed his palms up and down his thighs before leaning down slightly to look at grace

“Hello there,” he said smiling at her

“Hiii” she said before giggling

She leaned in and pushed herself forward before surprising him with her lips on his, she intended to just kiss him slightly but his soft full lips surprised her which made her deepen the kiss. He smiled and the moment his lips slightly parted Grace slid her tongue into his mouth. His mouth felt so warm and tasted quite good too, it made grace want to taste more. 

She kissed him deeper and harder enjoying how nice his soft lips felt against hers, she wanted to taste more of him she thought as her tongue played around in his mouth. Reluctantly grace pulled away and opened eyes she didn’t realize she closed, she took a deep breath before looking down at his crotch. The smile returned to her face as she stared at the tent formed in his trouser, she reached for the band of his trouser her smile increasing as she saw it was a band so she didn’t need to untie anything.¬†

Grace pulled the trouser with the boxer grinning as he lifted off to help her pull it down smoothly. Looking down she bites her lip as she stared at his beautiful dick, it wasn’t the biggest dick she had seen but it was averaged size and it looked smooth, his entire crotch area was smooth which made his dick appear even bigger and nicer

“Hello There” she said to his dick mimicking him

He chuckled and she smiled, she stroked his dick liking how full it felt in her hand. He moaned softly as she gripped lightly around the middle of his shaft and stroked him upwards. 

Precum glisten on the bulbous head and she quickly clamped her lips around the head and licked off the Precum with her tongue, his body trembled slightly and leaked more precum as her tongue brushed over his pee hole. She groaned softly as she licked off the salty-sweet Precum, she opened her mouth around him slightly and took more of him.

“Hmmm mm” he moaned as she sucked hollowing her cheeks

She moved her mouth up her down his length while stroking the base with her lips clamped softly around him and her tongue laying flat against him

“Ohh fuck your mouth ah fucking amazing” He moaned out making her bop her head up and down faster

One hand pressed firmly on the seat beside him while the other was firmly on her head as she bops up and down slurping on his dick, she felt the veins on his dick swell and throb as his body tensed and stilled

“Holy fuckkk I’m gonna aghhh” He cried out as he shot loads of warm salty-sweet cum into her eager mouth

He watched transfixed as she swallowed making his dick jump in excitement

“Fuckkk, I want you now” he groaned pulling her up.¬†

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