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September 4, 2020

Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House IV (18+)

Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House IV (18+)

It was crack of dawn, Grace was already up and ready to face her first day. 

She was so excited she barely got any sleep. Usually, in her madam’s house, she would have already started sweeping before cooking but here they had someone who does it. She wasn’t sure if she should go to the kitchen or go find Ms. Janet. 

Grace was about to go look for the boy’s quarters when she heard three quick knocks on the door which grace quickly jumped up to go answer. Ms. Janet was standing there in another crisp polo shirt tucked neatly into her jean trousers.

“Good Morning ma” Grace immediately greeted bending a little

“Morning Grace, hope you slept well,” she asked

“Yes ma” She answered nodding

“Good, ready for your first day?” She asked

‘Yes ma’ Grace answered nodding trying not to smile

“Good, let’s go I’ll show to the kitchen and introduce you to everyone,” she said

If Grace could skip, she would be hopping and skipping in excitement behind Ms. Janet but instead, she focused on keeping up with the woman’s fast pace. Despite it being quite far from her room the house was already alive with activity, as they passed through the living room, a lady who was mopping with a type of mop Grace had never seen before took out her earpiece to greet Ms. Janet.

“That is Happy, she is one of the housekeepers,” Ms. Janet said to Grace

“Happy meet Grace she will be joining the cooks,” She said to happy

Grace wondered how many cooks they had if they all wear Polo shirts as she took in Happy’s appearance of Polo shirt on jeans but she didn’t tuck in like Ms. Janet and

“Welcome,” Happy said

“Thank you” Grace answered feeling a bit awkward

They left Happy who put in her earpiece and continued cleaning before they went through the hallway and Ms. Janet opened the door to the kitchen. 

There were three people already in the kitchen working; a man wearing white like the cooks she sees in movies frying something with a hairnet, on the other side was another stuff and the woman was stirring what looked like a big pot of spaghetti. 

There was also a boy wearing a Polo shirt and jeans bringing out plates out of something that looked like the oven in her madam’s big gas cooker.

“So Grace, these are some of our cooks, that is Gabriel our main chef, and the other cook is Madam Ayo and that’s Afeez,” Ms. Janet said gesturing to each of them.

“Good morning” Grace greeted in their general direction

The man looked at her and nodded then continued his stir-frying, the woman said welcome and the boy too.

“Gabriel mostly handles all the intercontinental dishes while Madam Ayo handles the local dishes and food for the staff but since you are here, you will take over the local dishes from her, she will tell you everything you need to know” Ms. Janet said

“Okay ma” Grace answered

“It’s ready right?” Ms. Janet asked as he poured the content of the pan unto a plate before taking the plate to the center counter that held a simple but beautiful tray containing covered plates, a flask and small containers with milk and milo

“Good! Grace carry the tray carefully and come with me” Ms. Janet said

Grace felt so out of place but she carried the tray and walked slowly behind her, they walked up the stairs to  the next floor and kept going till they got to the floor Ms. Janet told her was for chief the previous night

“Usually, its either Chief’s wives or me and the chef that brings Chief’s food to him but today he asked that you bring it.” Ms. Janet said

Grace was glad Ms. Janet couldn’t see her face because she couldn’t stop smiling sheepishly; she impressed the chief. They stopped at one of the doors and Ms. Janet knocked twice before opening the door

“He likes to have breakfast in front of the Tv so place it on the center table, be careful okay,” She said

“Yes ma” Grace answered

Grace entered and walked into the living room that was bigger than it appeared, there was a nice comfortable sofa arranged in front of another big tv screen with a small glass table in the middle. 

She walked towards it not seeing any sign of the chief, she felt a little disappointed but was glad because she wasn’t sure she looked good enough to grace his presence. Just like downstairs, there was a minibar in Chief’s living room. 

She got to the center table and gently lowered the tray after she dropped it she heard some movements but when she looked up there was no one there. Her curiosity got the better of her as she went over to the bar and leaned over the bar slab to investigate. 

As she looked around a loud slap reverberated the room before she felt the sting on her bum, she yelled and turned around to come face to face with Chief who had a mischievous grin on his face.

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