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October 21, 2020

Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House III (18+)

Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House III (18+)

She couldn’t get sleep especially when they turned her on and left her all hot and bothered, she thought as she laid on the bed and spread her legs.

Their manly scent still lingered in her room, she thought as she took a deep breath and pulled off her t-shirt. 

She shimmied out of her skirt and pant loving all the space her new bed provided. Her legs spread apart and she pictured all three of them watching her. She took one finger and swirled it in her wetness before using it to rub her clit in lazy circles

“Ahhh Yesss” Grace half moaned half sighed

Grace caressed her skin imagining Vincent trailing his smooth fingertips lightly on her body. Grace’s hands glided everywhere before they landed on her huge tits. She imagined what it would feel like if Stephen grabbed them with his big strong hands and moaned softly. 

The air condition chilled her skin making goose pimples to break all over her skin; she loved every bit of it. She squeezed hard just like Stephen would have and moaned loudly, she immediately bites down on her lip to muffle her moans; she wouldn’t want anyone walking in on her touching herself on her first day although the thought turned her on even more.

She played around her sopping wet opening before sliding in a finger, she squeezed her hard nipple and pushed in another finger moaning softly. 

Squeezing her legs shut she started to slightly grind against her fingers as she moved them in and out slightly. Her free hand placed with each boob before settling on her favorite, she rolled her nipples between her thumb and index finger moaning gently.

Bending her fingers, she found her G-spot in two seconds. She stroked it gently and moaned softly. She started to grind faster, always grazing her g spot as she moved. Her back got arched off the bed as her finger fucked herself faster and faster till she cried out as her orgasm hit her like an explosion. 

She fell back on the bed slowly coming down from her orgasm high. Grace was still very horny but there was no way she was going to go find one of the brothers or all of them to fuck her brains out, not like she would know where to go find them in the massive house even if she wanted to. 

Grace heard her door creak and quickly sat up grabbing her boobs trying to hide her nakedness but the door didn’t open and no one walked in. she took a deep breath and crashed back on the bed before breaking into a hysterical laugh. When she was done laughing at her own paranoia. Grace reached down and felt her wetness, she was still very turned on and very wet. She took one look at the door wanting to close it but feeling too lazy to stand up and close it. 

She dragged one of the pillows and placed it between her legs before she flipped on the bed so she was laying on top of the pillow between her legs. She wished she was straddling one of the boys instead of her pillow but horny situations call for drastic measures, she slipped her hands between the pillow and her to cup her wet pussy. 

The hair on her body was on ends and she had a strong sense of being watched but the creak at the door wasn’t enough for someone to successfully peep through. The thought of someone watching made her want to perform but with the position she was in especially with her fingers lightly touching her clit, all she wanted to do was grind the hell out of the pillow. 

Her free hand rubbing her hardened nipple she started to grind on her fingers. The soft sheets felt so good against her skin as she moved on the pillow. Inserting one bent finger she buried her face in the sheets, she imagined someone watching her and it was so exciting. 

Her movement started to get faster as she pictured the boys taking turns to peep and her movement got faster. She rotated her hips and it felt so good she moaned a bit loudly. She did it again then ground. 

Her orgasm was building and she craved the release. Grace pinched her nipple and cried out as the sharp pain sent a shot of pleasure to her stomach, her movement got more erratic as she fucked the pillow faster and faster. 

Her hands went everywhere as she craved to be touched. She imagined how hard and veiny the boys’ dick would look if they saw her juices covered her fingers and soaked the pillow. She came hard screaming into the sheets as her body shook uncontrollably. 

She let herself crash into the bed enjoying how her body buzzed with the aftermath of her orgasm and thought about how she loved the chief’s house. 

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